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Welcome to the Giffie-Pet Pound, where the poor unwanted giffies get left by their careless owners who don't want them anymore. :(



Please be sure you have read Owning a Giffie-Pet before asking how to do something! If you still need help join the forum at <joinforum:195:pets> (Giffie-Pet Chat and Question Area)

The Giffie-Pet Staff are willing to answer your questions in the comments or forum if you need to know something that isn't covered in the wiki.



Store Update!

We're back open for business! Enjoy.



To request your very own pet from the pound, edit this page using the 'ADV EDIT'
button to add your username link (your username in the [] tags) below the pet
you'd like to adopt. Then, sit tight and the pet will be delivered to you shortly.
Thank you!

Also keep in mind that you cannot change a pounded pet's name without a Name Change Token from the Tog Shop!


Dylan the Brown Rabbit
Adopt me:

Matt the Fruit Bat
Adopt me:

Snuffy The Bulldog
Adopt me:[Elf_Person]


Drop Offs!

When dropping off a pet, please put a username link (your username in the [] tags)
on the list below. If you have more than one pet, please specify which pet
you would like removed. Thank you!


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2007-10-25 [headbangLOVE]: haha i know you do

2007-10-25 [erinnn OMG]: lol

2007-10-25 [Master Of Duct Tape]: awwwwww are you tired of high school?? hehe.

2007-10-25 [Andy8178]: Am I in college? Wow... I could swear that the classes feel exactly the same as grade school classes -_-

2007-10-25 [Master Of Duct Tape]: they do. 

but less work actually in college classes. =D

2007-10-26 [Andy8178]: This is true.

2007-10-26 [headbangLOVE]: gah i hate you all. 
except sam and erin =]

2007-10-26 [Master Of Duct Tape]: hahaha.  because everyone loves me =P

2007-10-26 [Andy8178]: :(

2007-10-26 [erinnn OMG]: =D

2007-10-26 [Master Of Duct Tape]: =]

2007-10-26 [headbangLOVE]: hehe =]

2007-10-29 [Andy8178]: Quiet Ducky.

2007-10-29 [erinnn OMG]: oh my...

2007-10-29 [headbangLOVE]: wow...

2007-10-30 [Master Of Duct Tape]: ...

2007-10-30 [Andy8178]: :P

2007-10-30 [Master Of Duct Tape]: no. no :p  


2007-10-30 [Andy8178]: Yessum! :P

2007-10-31 [Master Of Duct Tape]: no.

2007-10-31 [Andy8178]: Mmmhmm

2007-11-27 [Master Of Duct Tape]: little cute fluffy white bunny.... death..?

2007-11-27 [erinnn OMG]: some people have issues...

2007-11-27 [Bookwyrm]: Perhaps it was the red eyes...

2007-11-27 [erinnn OMG]: hmm.... good point...

2007-11-27 [headbangLOVE]: yeah im thinking it was the red eyes also

2007-11-27 [Master Of Duct Tape]: I hardly noticed the red eyes....

2007-11-28 [Bookwyrm]: -grins- I didn't notice them at first, but I've been delivering them for a while now and it finally caught my attention that they look slightly evil. XD

2007-11-28 [Master Of Duct Tape]: meh.... maybe a little... 

2007-11-29 [Schrei]: if something happened at one point where it was inevitable that you left without notice and were unable to get back in to send your pat to the kennel... is there anyway you'd be allowed to get another one? *sighs* I miss my pet...

2007-11-30 [Bookwyrm]: Yes, you have to petition to [Big Brother]...there's a little questionnaire that you send in...but I can't remember where it is, so mayhaps you can just send him a message explaining why you were gone. :)

2007-12-04 [Lex]: so yeah im dropping Dylan off.. but i really want that butterfly... :( i feel bad... but i have a puppy at home already... he should fine a good home... =] hes a good dog...

2007-12-06 [Schrei]: Thank you Mothyr Witch

2008-01-12 [Andy8178]: Mayhaps? :P like... Maybe + Perhaps? :)

2008-01-12 [Bookwyrm]: Yes. Mayhaps. ^_^

2008-01-26 [Andy8178]: Awesome! :D

2008-01-26 [Bookwyrm]: Yes I am. ^_^

2008-01-28 [Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]: awww my owl found a good home! *tears up* i will miss it...

2008-01-28 [~*ICEFIRE*~]: ill take good care of it for u......

2008-01-28 [Pockyhead! (The one and only ^.^)]: Thank youuuuuuu!!! ^.^

2008-01-28 [~*ICEFIRE*~]: yep......i love owls there my fav bird!

2008-02-18 [~*ICEFIRE*~]: so happy i was getting worried about the little

2008-02-18 [Andy8178]: I think it's funny when people get attatched to little pixelated animations :P

2008-02-22 [~*ICEFIRE*~]: well thats because alot of us actually care about animals of anykind! weather it be real or on a computer screen. not so sure u do though.....XD

2008-02-22 [Andy8178]: Nah, not really... How can anyone care about anything they don't have to take care of :P

2008-02-25 [Bookwyrm]: -is about to get really mean with people who don't use username links-

2008-02-25 [Master Of Duct Tape]: hahaha

2008-02-25 [Andy8178]: Eh?

2008-02-26 [erinnn OMG]: uh oh.... dont get her angry...

2008-02-26 [Master Of Duct Tape]: i won't =]

2008-02-26 [Bookwyrm]: -grumps at non-link people- :P

2008-02-26 [erinnn OMG]: hahaha no no. no grumpy. being grumpy makes you like my grandpa. and even though we all love him to bits, we do not appreciate his grumpiness lol

2008-02-26 [Bookwyrm]: But I'm adorable when I'm grumpy. XD -is being an egotistical bitch at the mo'-

2008-02-27 [headbangLOVE]: haha yes erin your grandpa that listens to the news on full blast at 7 in the morning and still cant hear it. 

2008-02-27 [Master Of Duct Tape]: hahaha

2008-02-27 [erinnn OMG]: well if your adorable then you can be ALITTLE grumpy lol

2008-02-27 [Andy8178]: non-link people?

2008-02-27 [Master Of Duct Tape]: people who don't put their name in brackets, so "Master of Duct tape" instead of "[Master Of Duct Tape]"

2008-02-27 [Andy8178]: Oh... Lame

2008-02-27 [Bookwyrm]: 'Tis annoying, because I have to fix it every single time. x_X If I don't, they usually change their names, and I have to search through page-changes to find the link...sometimes I'll just delete their names rather than go to the trouble though. XD If they won't go to the trouble to link to themselves, I won't go to the trouble to find them. :P

2008-02-28 [Andy8178]: Why should you?

2008-02-28 [Bookwyrm]: Because I used to be nice. XD

2008-02-29 [Andy8178]: That was... Before you got married? :P

2008-02-29 [Bookwyrm]: Nah...before I started dating. :P

2008-03-27 [Andy8178]: lol ohhh, before puberty... Gotcha ;)

2008-03-27 [Bookwyrm]: More like, before I started giving a damn about anything outside the pages of my books. XD

2008-03-28 [Andy8178]: My answer describes your situation better =P

2008-03-28 [Bookwyrm]: You answer is wrong. :P

2008-03-28 [Andy8178]: My answer uncovers your LIES!

2008-03-28 [Bookwyrm]: Your answer is a lie. :P

2008-03-28 [Andy8178]: Your life is a lie =P

2008-03-28 [Bookwyrm]: And that's the beauty of it! ^^

2008-03-28 [Andy8178]: Haha, let me get your opinion on something?

2008-03-28 [Bookwyrm]: Mayhaps...depends on what opinion you're asking for. :P

2008-03-28 [Andy8178]: A girl is dating this guy for three months, and the guy is mad at the girl because the girl is best friends with her most recent boyfriend

2008-03-28 [Bookwyrm]: Am I supposed to be giving my opinion on the guy, the girl, the ex, or the situation?

2008-03-28 [Andy8178]: The situation

2008-03-28 [Bookwyrm]: Well I don't know all the details, so I can't give a fair opinion at all. In truth, the guy has every right to be upset to a degree...I mean, I can say if my husband had an ex-girlfriend that he was best friends with, I'd be overly-jealous and irritable when they were together. But I'm overly-jealous over all women. So I can't say that he is wrong, or I'd be a hypocrit. However, the girl also has every right to keep whoever she pleases as her friend. As long as she is sensitive to her man's feelings, and does her best not to cross any boundaries, a compromise can be made. Personally I would only be comfortable being around when they hung out together, and I think that's a perfectly reasonable request. But that is up to each couple and their own personalities. To each his or her own, as they say. :D

2008-03-28 [Andy8178]: A good opinion on both sides... Well the reason I ask this is because my friend is the guy in the situation... And he feels as if it's an unfair situation to be in... He finally got her to move the rest of her stuff out of his house, so he feels really really uncomfortable, but he really likes her... So he just wanted some input

2008-03-28 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you. ^^ I always say to try to compromise. You can't take it all without giving a little back, and you can't give it all without asking for a little back either. ^^ Hope that helped some.

2008-03-29 [Andy8178]: Yeah, I needed a female opinion... I mean, I could have told him that, but I am a little biased ya know?

2008-03-29 [Bookwyrm]: -grins- Understood. ^^ It's hard not to be. ^^

2008-03-30 [Andy8178]: Not hard to be biased? I know this, I'm biased with a lot of things *grins*

2008-04-08 [Andy8178]: It's quiet... =(

2008-04-08 [LittleAssassin]: Pizzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ♥ :D

2008-04-08 [Andy8178]: Okay...

2008-04-08 [Bookwyrm]: Ew, no pizza...veeeggggggieeeees! ^___^

2008-04-20 [Andy8178]: Vegan. *pouts*

2008-04-20 [Bookwyrm]: Actually, no. x_X Wish I could be, but I'm extremely allergic to soy products. x_X I like pizza occasionally, but my grandfather burned me out on it. Every football season we'd have it every weekend...all weekend. T_T And I found a human tooth in a slice of pepperoni pizza once...-shivers-

2008-04-20 [Andy8178]: ROFL SUE OMFG SUE!!

2008-04-20 [Bookwyrm]: XD I wanted to! But Granny said no...

2008-04-20 [Bookwyrm]: [bbbbb]--Requested their pet to be removed to the pound as they are leaving Elfpack. :)

2008-04-20 [Andy8178]: You know... The media would have eaten that story alive!!!

2008-04-21 [Bookwyrm]: -kicks you- I was just noting that so that if any other staff-workers wondered why I put their name up there instead of them, they'd know. -_-

2008-04-21 [Andy8178]: Noooo... Talking about the human tooth you retard

2008-04-21 [Bookwyrm]: Oh! XD See, I'd forgotten about that.

Yes, but you see, if I'd done that, they would've shut down my grandpa's favourite pizza place. XD And that would've made home-life unbearable.

2008-04-24 [Andy8178]: OMG You still ate there!? WTF

2008-04-25 [Bookwyrm]: I didn't. He did. XD

2008-04-26 [Andy8178]: _>

2008-05-16 [Andy8178]: Gross

2008-05-21 [shinobi14]: Deliveries complete.

-Danny, Giffie-Pet Staff

2008-05-23 [shinobi14]: ZOMG! It's empty!! :O

2008-05-23 [Andy8178]: Someone abandon their pet so I can laugh at the torment =D

2008-05-24 [Bookwyrm]: Someone kick I can laugh at his torment. =D

2008-06-19 [Andy8178]: *laughs at the lonely Rabbit*

2008-07-10 [XxbekahxX]: im droping off my pet..give him a good home

2008-07-10 [Bookwyrm]: Mmmkay...

2008-07-18 [zoloftzantac]: *pets poor lonely Dementia and brings her some catnip*

2008-07-20 [Cosmic Symphony]: Yay! I was worried that no one would want her.

2008-08-07 [Zenolia Rose]: I have a question....

2008-08-07 [Bookwyrm]: -listens- How may I help you?

2008-08-07 [Zenolia Rose]: How do I get a pet???

2008-08-07 [Bookwyrm]: The Giffie-Pet Store gives clear directions on how to do this on the main page. :) All you need to do is go to the store area and find a pet that you like listed there. When you've found it, message me with what pet you'd like and the name you'd like them to have. Then you will have your pet when deliveries are next made.

2008-08-07 [Zenolia Rose]: ok, thank you so much.

2008-08-07 [Bookwyrm]: You're welcome. ^_^

2008-08-07 [Zenolia Rose]: So...Whats everyone doing?

2008-08-07 [Bookwyrm]: Trying not to fall asleep. :P You?

2008-08-07 [Zenolia Rose]: lol, im doing nothing. talking to my bf.

2008-08-07 [Bookwyrm]: Sounds nice. ^-^

2008-08-07 [Zenolia Rose]: Yeah, but hes not responding to me. And its pissing me off. Alittle.

2008-08-07 [Bookwyrm]: -kicks him- Respond, buddy! :P

2008-08-07 [Zenolia Rose]: *laughs*

2008-08-07 [Andy8178]: Dork.

2008-08-07 [Bookwyrm]: Andy, -pats you- yes you are, but we still love you. ^-^

2008-08-07 [Zenolia Rose]: *laughs more* I know you didnt call me Dork.....

2008-08-07 [Bookwyrm]: Nah, he was probably referring to me. ;)

2008-08-07 [Zenolia Rose]: Well, if he called me a dork....Right back at cha. *Smiles*

2008-08-08 [Andy8178]: I don't think anything I said implied I was calling myself anything.... lol

2008-08-10 [Zenolia Rose]: oh....ok. lol

2008-08-13 [zoloftzantac]: I don't know what to say about seeing [~*Astarte*~]'s name up here, I haven't heard from her in a while. I guess at least Saku will end up with a great home. :(

2008-11-16 [Zenolia Rose]: Question, can we have more than one pet?

2008-11-16 [tears of blood]: my friend wants to know howlong itll b until he cet he hve the signed on for

2008-11-16 [shinobi14]: [Zenolia Rose], normally no. Only in special cases are certain people allowed two pets. Sasha has two pets, I believe.

[tears of blood], I will care to that right now. =]

2008-11-16 [Zenolia Rose]: ALright. Thanks.

2008-11-21 [Bookwyrm]: -updated page to reflect deliveries made by Danny-

2008-11-21 [Andy8178]: Can I have 2 pets? I have a unique giffie ticket =)

2008-11-21 [Bookwyrm]: Nope. :P Just the one. You can get a unique pet to replace your current pet or just let your ticket rot/give it to someone else. :P

2008-11-21 [Boomnesss]: arnt you allowed to have another if you win it in a contest?

2008-11-21 [Bookwyrm]: -shakes head- Only three people have two giffie-pets, and that's because they won a contest to allow them to own two giffie-pets. No one else is allowed this or their prize would be void.

2008-11-21 [Boomnesss]: since I won in the poetry contest id have to give up my ferret for the prize?

2008-11-21 [Bookwyrm]: -nods- Yes, unfortunately.

2008-11-21 [Boomnesss]: ok

2008-11-21 [Boomnesss]: poor Saku the ferret :(

2008-11-21 [Bookwyrm]: She has been through many homes. :/ I was half-tempted to give up Jon to take her in. But I can't give up Jon. :P

2008-11-21 [Boomnesss]: she is very cute^_^

2008-11-21 [Bookwyrm]: Yes she is! ^_^

2008-11-21 [Boomnesss]: hm...hard decision.....*bangs head on wall*

2008-11-21 [Bookwyrm]: XD Well don't fret, if you decide to find her a new home I'll make sure she finds a good one. ^_~

2008-11-21 [Boomnesss]: ok ^_^

2008-11-24 [shinobi14]: Thanks Traci. <3

And yes, I remember Saku. =] Lovely ferret. ;)

2008-11-24 [Boomnesss]: yeah...i think I will keep her

2008-11-24 [Boomnesss]: i didn't see a unique that I absolutely couldn't live

2008-11-24 [shinobi14]: I gave up a baby Panda for my Giffie. I love her. =] Lots. <3 Ever since I first saw her, I wanted her. And now I have her!!! =D

2008-11-24 [Boomnesss]: ^_^ awwww! a baby panda! lol ^_^ i dont think id be able to give that up

2008-11-25 [Bookwyrm]: XD Oh, I totally forgot you had Saku, Danny. I was talking about someone else. Wow, Saku really has been in a lot of homes! :P

2008-11-25 [Boomnesss]: ^ think i'll keep her for now^

2008-11-28 [Andy8178]: I want to keep my newt! and get another =) It can be a regular pet, I don't even want a unique

2008-12-01 [Bookwyrm]: Can't do it though. ><

2008-12-02 [Andy8178]: How can I get another? Set up a contest, and I'll win it!

2008-12-03 [Bookwyrm]: Talk to Jon about it. XD He's the one who created the last one. :P

2008-12-03 [Andy8178]: JON! Contest =)

2008-12-30 [shinobi14]: Andy, you'll have to persuade another person to set up the contest for you, because the organiser can't take part in their own competition. >.<

2008-12-31 [Andy8178]: That's why I'm asking Jon. Duh!

2008-12-31 [shinobi14]: AAAAAAHHH!! *slaps self* Sorry. <img:sh-gif.gif>

2009-01-01 [Bookwyrm]: o.o Andy...whatever you just did, do it again! -wants to see Danny slap himself again- XD!

2009-01-04 [Andy8178]: Rofl

2009-01-04 [Bookwyrm]: Dooo eeet!

2009-02-09 [Andy8178]: Use logic to make Danny slap himself? I'll try but that opportunity doesn't present itself everyday :P

2009-02-26 [shinobi14]: I know. =] He means that the kind of logic doesn't come to him often enough. XD

2009-02-27 [Andy8178]: No smartass.

2009-10-17 [Bookwyrm]: Picked up the drop-offs, and took the name off Daz since the person hasn't been on in well over a month. :)

2011-07-30 [Bookwyrm]: OMG.

This page is next. I would do it now...but...headache.

2011-10-14 [Bookwyrm]: Done. Also, since we never have a lot of pets in the pound at once, there's no sense in separating them by species. They can all chill out together. The pound is a safe place, they don't eat each other here. :D

2011-10-15 [Stephen]: Hahaha, make sense.

2011-10-22 [Stephen]: Perhaps the pets here should be delivered. o3o

2011-10-22 [Bookwyrm]: Yes, they should.

2011-10-22 [Stephen]: How's the other delivery person doing? If he's not around, I can do it.

2011-10-22 [Bookwyrm]: He's not around right now at this moment. I'd appreciate it if you could because I'm fixing up the retired pets page. :D

2011-10-22 [Stephen]: Sure! I'll do it right now. :)

Can you please PM me the link to the page with all the pet delivery things, and the default message?  (That should be in the board room, I think.)

2011-10-22 [Bookwyrm]: Yes it should and yes I can.

2011-10-22 [The Giffie Fairy]: Done!

Feels weird not seeing the priv-4 options on memberhouses. xP

2011-10-22 [Bookwyrm]: You ish godsend.

2011-10-22 [Stephen]: <3

2011-10-22 [gypsy_soul]: thank you guys for returning my peeka home

2011-10-22 [Morgoth]: You're welcome! :D

2011-10-22 [Stephen]: xD

2013-04-20 [kittykittykitty]: Giffers delivered :3 I also found little Dylan in a box outsite the Giffie offices front door... awww

2013-04-20 [lulu dinobot]: Thank you. Awwwwh. Poor Dylan. I'd take him too if I could :")

2013-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: Me too, so 'dorable <3 Damnit I need another giffie-slot, gotta save my togs! I'd probably get a ferret though.

2013-04-21 [lulu dinobot]: I got bit by a ferret once. Terrified of them now haha

2013-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: Eeep D: I thought ferrets were generally quite placid things. You must have found a fierce one.

2013-04-21 [lulu dinobot]: I always get bitten by rodents :( my sisters guinea pig attacked my foot.

2013-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: Maybe you just have tasty feet!

2013-04-21 [lulu dinobot]: It was a crazy little guy, maybe he thought they looked nommy :/

2013-04-22 [Stephen]: You have more than enough Togs to get another slot, Kitty. ;3

2013-04-23 [kittykittykitty]: Nommy guinneapig-approved nibbled feet > gross feet for sure!

Toggery Card Store dat expensive card! No togs left for kitty :c

2013-04-23 [lulu dinobot]: Well, he died not long ago, I can't help feel that my feet are to blame :/

2013-04-23 [Stephen]: What card do you want, Kitty? xD

2013-04-23 [Stephen]: Neevermind, leave it to Kitty to buy one of the most expensive cards. x3

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