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This member is not an actual "member." It is an account created to handle Giffie-Pet requests. Any messages sent to it will not be replied to.

The Giffie Fairy (Giffie-Pet Store <img25*0:stuff/Fox2Cute.gif>)

Member #54591 created: 2009-10-15 02:00:49Simple URL:   

Name: Giffie Fairy

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Elfpack Badges:
I am the mystical delivery fairy of the Giffie-Pet Staff!

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Treasury Inventory:
This is Friction, the Fire-Bellied Newt.
Worker-Pet at the Giffie-Pet Store

The Giffie-Pet Store won 3rd in the Best Wiki Award!


This is an account made for the Giffie-Pet Store. For more information, see Owning a Giffie-Pet for basic care and FAQ's.


Please send all Giffie-Pet requests to this account!

All requests sent to other staff members will be deleted. Questions, however, should be directed to [Bookwyrm], or other Giffie-Pet Staff members.


Please follow the following example for requests:

I would like the (name of animal) pet with the name (give pet name).
Example: I would like the llama pet with the name Drama Llama.


Tips & Rules:

<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1312066661.png> Make sure to name your pet or your request will be ignored.
<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1312066661.png> Rudeness is not tolerated and will not get you a pet.
<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1312066661.png> Do not request more than one pet. Only one pet will be given at a time.
<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1312066661.png> Do not request an Exotic or Unique pet unless you have a Rare or Unique pet ticket! Such requests will be ignored.
<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1312066661.png> Don't send in requests for pound pets, please read the Owning a Giffie-Pet#Giffie-Pet Pound Procedure.
<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1312066661.png> Do not request a pet that isn't in the store, or one that has no stock available. Example: If there are 3 white bunnies in the store, and a name beside each number, then there are no more white bunnies available.
<Limg:stuff/aj/28425/1312066661.png> Please be patient for the delivery of your pet. Your request will seen and the deliveries made when possible. Do not put the giffie-pet in your presentation! This will prevent you from receiving your giffie-pet!

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Giffie-Pet StoreGiffie-Pet Pound

Age: 23Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 31

Gender: both

What do you do?: Being lazy

Place of living: Travelling around

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: tentacle monster

Height: 80

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