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So you've read Owning A Giffie-Pet and you're still confused. We're here to help!



Q) How do I get a giffie-pet?
A) First, read Owning a Giffie-Pet. There are tips on how to get a pet from the store and the pound. If you're still confused, ask! The Giffie-Pet Staff are here to help. We don't bite. Well, most of us don't. :P

Q) Do I have to feed or play with my Giffie-Pet?
A) The short answer is no. However you're welcome to use your imagination and pretend. You can even roleplay with your giffies if you like! Just logging in regularly is enough to make your giffie-pet happy.

Q) Can I have more than one giffie-pet?
A) Each member is automatically given one giffie-pet slot when they join Elfpack. You can win or purchase more "Giffie-Pet Slots" so that you can have more giffies, however. They can be won from official contests or purchased with Togs (more on Togs later). You can earn a total of four (4) extra Giffie-Pet Slots, so you can have a maximum of five (5) giffies total at any given time.

Q) How do I get another pet if I don't like my current one?
A) First you'll need to take your current pet to the Giffie-Pet Pound. See Owning A Giffie-Pet#Giffie-Pet Pound Procedure for tips on how to do this. Once your pet has been picked up from your house and placed in the Pound for adoption, you may request another pet. HOWEVER, once you drop off a pet you must wait a period of one month before dropping off another pet. We discourage members from regularly "trading in"and pets.

Q) When will I get my requested giffie-pet?
A) [The Giffie Fairy] checks it's inbox at least once a week. Providing that your request was valid and your pet has been reserved, the Fairy will make deliveries as soon as there are at least five (5) pending deliveries. Please be patient, however, as the Fairy--while magical--is a very busy being, and it may not make deliveries immediately. :)

Q) How do I get those Exotic and Unique pets?
A) Exotic pets can be obtained with an Exotic Pet Ticket, while Unique Pets must be purchased with a Unique Pet Ticket. These can be won from official contests or purchased with Togs.

Q) Can I rename a pet after I've received it, or a pounded pet?
A) If you've earned or purchased a "Giffie Rename Token," then yes you can! Previously once a pet was purchased from the store it could never be renamed. Now, however, we have heard your pleas! You can redeem your "Giffie Rename Token" with [Bookwyrm] at any time. These can be earned from official contests or purchased with Togs.

Q) Some people have special text around their pets, can I get that?
A) With a "Special Blurb Token" you can modify the text that comes with your pet. There is a limit of fifteen (15) words with a single pet, and an additional five (5) words per additional pet. "Special Blurb Tokens" can be won from official contests or purchased with Togs.

Q) Someone has stolen/modified/altered a giffie-pet and used it in their description/wiki! What should I do?
A) Report them to the Guards, please. We will take care of the issue from there. Thank you for keeping an eye out!

Q) The store used to have a lot more links, where are they?
A) Once upon a time we did have a very extensive list of pages associated with this wiki. The main ones necessary for regular users are easily found in the navigation buttons, though there are a few open to the public that you might have to search for to find. For simplicity, we'll post all of the public links below.


Giffie-Pet StoreGiffie-Pet PoundUnique Giffie-PetsOwning A Giffie-PetGiffie-Pet StaffGiffie Help

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2011-10-15 [Bookwyrm]: And then this page. :P

2011-10-15 [Stephen]: xD

2011-10-22 [Bookwyrm]: the moment I really couldn't think of any more questions. Halp?

2011-10-23 [Stephen]: I think you about covered everything. o3o

Maybe cover trading off pets, or getting rid of pets. Drop-off limits. BTW, with 5 pet slots, should the drop off limit be upped? Like, 2 drop offs per pet slot or something? xD

2011-10-23 [Bookwyrm]: No drop off limit anymore.

Just a "if you drop off a pet, you have to wait a month to drop off another" thing. The limit was put in place to prevent people from picking a pet up, immediately dropping it off because a "cooler" pet restocked, and requesting another. I think the new rule covers that problem.

Good ideas otherwise, though define "trading off" for me plox?

2011-10-23 [Stephen]: That's what I meant. Trading in one pet to get a new one. xD

Maybe something on how the delivery system works, too. I know people have asked WHEN they get pets, and I told them when I was on the fairy they're delivered when a number of requests pile up at once.

2011-10-23 [Bookwyrm]: Yeah, I'll add that all when I'm next on the comp. :D

2011-10-23 [Stephen]: Cool. ^_^

2011-10-23 [Bookwyrm]: Okay so I couldn't wait til I was on the comp, so I went ahead and added that before I forgot. Everything look all right?

2011-10-23 [Stephen]: I think it looks fantastic. I have no idea what else to add, either. x)

2011-10-23 [Bookwyrm]: Well we'll add stuff if stuff gets asked lol.

2011-10-23 [Stephen]: Makes sense. x)

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