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"Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for
being you. Never apologise for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you're right and you
know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one. The truth is still the truth."
~ Mohandes Gandhi

..And even though I was banned in part for "speaking and exposing the truth", I WILL still always "speak the truth"!!!!
Because I know, ONLY those who have something to hide, will object. The main or real reason I was banned? I was banned on
2011-08-25, because of what one of my nearest and dearest friends, Hans, wrote in my website's guestbook, but just like with
the little, red heart placed in my badge slot, and the owner of Elftown refuses to admit it, he also refuses to tell the REAL truth.
Why? I suspect for the same related reason on both counts, because anyone who does a kind gesture, simple but yet so mean-
ingful and thoughtful, but refuses to "say" they did? One would have to ask "why".

The message in my website's guestbook by Hans:

..And I have PROOF and will be PROVING "with data" that I was still active and on Elftown at the time of Hans writing this and still
so, shortly after I allowed this comment of Hans' to be posted in my website's guestbook, because my guestbook comments have
to be approved to be viewable by the public. But not only these facts do I have data to verify, but I also have copies of corres-
pondence from other Elftown members, including one, now former, crew member, asking me why I was banned and these corres-
pondences all took place within an hour or less AFTER the time of Hans' comment being put through in my guestbook, making it
visible to anyone "watching both my site AND my guestbook on it". All of this aforementioned "combined data" PROVES without
doubt that [Hedda] banned me BECAUSE of Hans' comment AND it also PROVES just how closely [Hedda] monitors and keeps track
of EVERYTHING "pertaining to me"! WHY?

Question: If he had placed a little, red heart in the vice mayor's badge slot, would he have denied doing it then?

What is tragic here, is that a person who did something nice, apparently is afraid for 'some' reason to claim he did!

With other data I've documented and saved, such as the request of Keith Urban's song from my AOL account WHEN and WHILE I
was OFFLINE, the unwarranted, unwanted surveillance based on GBs of data collected, the little, red heart in my badge slot and its
removal, and the banning right after Hans' entry in my guestbook, are all related. There's a connecting factor and I think this factor
is what others have so diligently tried to deny being possible. It is because of this conclusion, that what I want more than anything,
is to be afforded the opportunity to understand the "why". But I cannot understand if I'm not given the chance TO understand. It is
the truth, what's really behind it all, that will set everyone involved FREE. EVERYONE involved!


On Sunday, 2009-02-15, at 19:12:17 (14:12:17 My time, EST), the day after Valentine's Day, [Hedda] delivered to me the Inspector's Badge on When he placed this Inspector's Badge in my badge box, he also added a little, red heart with it.

Now, THIS wiki-page is NOT intended to make anyone look bad. It is simply intended to show the actual events as they unfolded surrounding this inci-
dent, which does also prove without any doubt WHO put the "additional" little, red heart in my badge box (slot) the day after Valentine's Day,
2009-02-15 and this is just ONE incident with which I intend to prove that "I" am not the liar as I am being accused of being and backed up by factual
data, which also will prove that I'm not imaging anything OR making up conspiracy theories, as I am also being accused of.

Yes, [Hedda] denied placing it in there, told me that I did, but yet, [SilverFire] insisted she did. Maybe she thought she did, but what is included here
on this page, now reveals the TRUE "additional heart placement" person's identity, which also proves that "I" have been telling the truth all along and
neither [SilverFire] or I put the little, red heart 'in question' in my badge slot on 2009-02-15.

I said that I KNEW [Hedda] had done so. I said I had proof. I said that I have witnesses when it was placed in my badge slot. But no matter what I
said, crew members, past and present, insisted on telling me that I was lying, making stuff up, paranoid, mentally sick, etc.. because I didn't have any-
thing to substantiate what I was saying, or so they assumed. They attacked me, telling me to just accept that [SilverFire] put the heart in my badge
slot, but I can't "accept" something when I KNOW it's not the truth.

I did begin to bring out factual evidence, so the crew could see that I did have proof, but then [Hedda] threatened me in a private message to basically
shut my mouth or else he would permanently ban me from the site.

Since [Hedda] eventually banned me anyway from Elftown, just after Hans' comment in my website's guestbook, and since the banning
banner he placed over my house, which is displayed all over the Internet, slandering my name, saying I am a liar and that I make up "conspiracy the-
ories", AND because of this, [Hedda] is also denying me access to "my OWN works", thousands and thousands of works of mine, I think it's past due
time to bring out some evidence that proves who IS lying and who IS NOT. When accusations are made against another person who has data and evi-
dence that proves otherwise, then the person or persons making the accusations are bound by, at the very least, ethics, to rescind their accusations.

I am not looking for payback or to punish anyone involved. I've been placed in this situation where I have no choice but to defend myself and my repu-
tation and my work. Since the owner of is not willing to negotiate and communicate to work things out amicably that would be mutually ben-
eficial, then I have no other option available to me than to present the facts that substantiate and back up my conclusions. Data presented trumps the
notion of "lying and conspiracy theories".

Besides, if a person has been given an option to end a situation from a person willing to work things out "mutually beneficial", and from a person who
is being falsely accused, so the ordeal could be dealt with, an end put to it, and then so all parties involved could move on, but the person given this
opportunity is the one stonewalling such, then "who" is to blame? Who's the one acting immaturely? Who's the one acting like a spoiled child because
he's not getting his way? One can't keep slapping another in their face and then expect the one their slapping not to retaliate!

A person who owns and operates websites that accepts people to become members, should have some level of intelligence and maturity then to com-
municate "with" people, not stick their head in the sand, expecting everyone else to fix a problem "he" instigated, which is exactly what he did. I went
to him at the very beginning to resolve ANY problem that may have been brewing, but he chose to tuck his tail between his legs and continue with his
"game playing". So if ANYONE is to blame for things getting out of hand and escalating to where they did and have, the blame lies squarely with him!
..And projecting the blame onto the one who he's subjecting to "unwanted surveillance", does not exonerate him from being held accountable for his
actions. To have the person he's subjecting to "unwanted surveillance" still be willing to let him off the hook, if only he would be honest and forthright
with the person he's subjecting, is not an every day occurrence. Most others would want his head served on a silver platter!


Earlier on 2009-02-15, I had gone to my diary to make an edit for my badge slot as a
secret diary entry. (I almost always used my diary as a "work place" and when I was
satisfied with my edit, then I copied and pasted my work where it was intended to
ultimately wind up.)

Once I got the editing done the way I liked, I copied the text, and then I went to my
house and my badge slot and pasted it in as a new edit. Once done, I then took a
screengrab of my newly edited badge slot. I made it a habit to take a lot of screen-
grabs, because I was always being subjected to bizarre incidents occurring with me
on Elftown, like things being moved, removed, or altered in some way. No one else
seemed to be experiencing all the strange and weird incidents, but I was, constantly.

Screengrab of my badge slot after this editing of it taken at 2009-02-15 11:47:13
(My time, EST) and 16:47:13 (Elftown's equivalent time). 


Please notice: The placement of the little, red hearts as "I" placed them. There is a
little, red heart in the middle on the bottom line of the links, like this:

Saint Valentine Painters (leaf) Saint Valentine Poets* [] Donors of Writing (leaf) Photographers


A little later, I went back to my diary page, and this is when I noticed that there were
blue and red colours showing in the text of the secret diary entry I had just recently
made (the edit for my badge slot), just ONE of those strange and bizarre incidents
that I was constantly experiencing. I thought how really odd this was. I looked
through previous entries of mine, specifically 'secret' entries, but this was the only
secret diary entry that had red and blue colours showing. I screengrabbed this oddity
at 12:06:27 (My time, EST) and 17:06:27 (Elftown time) to have evidence of what I
had witnessed.


But it bothered me. So I thought that perhaps [Hedda] should know about it and I
decided to send him a private message, in which I included this screengrab.

Please note that this image I sent [Hedda] corresponds with my badge slot I had
just edited. (See previous image.)

..And here are grabs of this private message I sent to [Hedda] (left) and the PM I sent to him, plus the follow-up conversations that go with it, begin-
ning at 12:31:56 (My time, EST) and 17:31:56 (Elftown's time):

Please note: The time when [Hedda] responded was AFTER he
had already been to my badge slot and guestbook. (See below,
the screengrabs of my badge slot and guestbook just after he
was in my badge slot and my guestbook.)


After this, I went back to showing those who were at my house a bunch of stuff that I was working on, because I always had a bunch of stuff I was
doing and working on for the site. Hans was one of the people who was at my house at the time.

Then I noticed I had a new guestbook message. So I went to my house to see who it was from. Even though the last visitors' list had been changed
as to how it worked, I still did this, likely from habit because I always had done this in the past before this change had been made.

When I arrived at my house, however, my last visitors' list had NOT changed. Curious
if someone had been to my badge slot, because I wasn't expecting any replies to any
diaries, I scrolled down to look at my badge box.

The very first change I noticed was the "additional" red heart, to the right of the one
I had in the center of the bottom row of links. Next I also noticed the added link. Then
I saw a new badge, the Inspector's badge. I screengrabbed my newly changed badge
slot. Time grabbed: 14:15:09 (My time, EST) and 19:15:09 (Elftown's time).


Please notice: The placement of the little, red hearts as "I" had placed them were
like this:

Saint Valentine Painters (leaf) Saint Valentine Poets* [] Donors of Writing (leaf) Photographers

Now, the bottom row of links reads like this:
Saint Valentine Painters (leaf) Saint Valentine Poets* [] Donors of Writing (leaf) Photographers [] Masters of Inspection

Since whoever had done this didn't click the "add me" button to add their name to my
last visitors' list, I went to my guestbook to see who was just in it. It was [Hedda].
Time he was in: 19:12:17 (14:12:17 My time, EST) Time screengrabbed: 14:17:19
(My time, EST) and 19:17:19 (Elftown's time).


Needless to say, I was delighted to have received a new badge, but a new, little, red
heart, too, well, I was REALLY happy, and I couldn't hide how delighted I was. Hans'
nose became a bit bent out of shape over it and he demonstrated a side of himself I
hadn't ever witnessed before. He was actually jealous!

So then I tried to minimise what [Hedda] had done and said that he had probably
thought another heart was supposed to go there, but Hans didn't buy it. Since I have
witnessed so many other things obviously done by [Hedda], I couldn't be sure 'why'
he had and eventually I would have to find out.


So then I decided I needed to do another badge slot edit, since the new heart place-
ment by [Hedda], kinda' threw off the symmetry of the other hearts I had already in
my badge slot. I went to my badge slot, copied exactly the text as [Hedda] had edited
it, and then went to my diary page again and made another edit in a secret diary en-
try, which I screengrabbed once I had it edited again the way I wanted it. Here's the
screengrab of this edit. Time taken: 14:24:36 (My time, EST) and 19:24:36 (Elftown's


Please note how I kid around with [Hedda] in my secret diary. I did this sort
of thing a lot.

At the very beginning, the very top, I wrote:

"Originally upgraded... *winks*"
At the top of my edit area, where I decide to move just the heart I had had in the
center of the bottom row of links over to the left to restore symmetrical balance, there-
fore not having to disturb the heart [Hedda] had put in my badge slot to the right, I

"But the hearts aren't symmetrical...."
and then at the bottom of this edit part, I wrote:

"I see the red and blue are gone now.

...And who says you don't pay attention to detail? I was just 'inspecting' (no pun in-
tended) my newly upgraded badge slot. But I'm saying nothing!"

..And I didn't intend to ever say anything to anyone on the site about this. I was hop-
ing that eventually [Hedda] would just talk to 'me', but of course, he didn't. As a mat-
ter of fact, as time went on and I kept experiencing more bizarre and increasingly irri-
tating incidents that crew members particularly, past and present would deliberately
'downplay', I kept hoping that [Hedda] would finally realise it would be best if he just
talked to me privately. But of course, he didn't. In fact he became increasingly bellig-
erent and insulting towards me.


Anyway, I copied the newly edited badge box text, moved to the next tab I had open
to Elftown, went to my house and pasted the newly edited text into my badge slot.
Then I took another screengrab, of my newly edited again, badge slot. Time captured:
14:27:10 (My time, EST) and 19:27:10 (Elftown's time).



The bottom row of links reads like this after my edit AFTER [Hedda]'s:
Saint Valentine Painters [] Saint Valentine Poets* (leaf) Donors of Writing (leaf) Photographers [] Masters of Inspection


Now, [SilverFire] DID visit my guestbook and my badge slot AFTER [Hedda] did, to
deliver me my upgraded Beaver Badge, which then upgraded me from a "Masters of
Building" to a "Great Grand Masters of Building", but ALL of what I've aforemen-
tioned here, had already taken place BEFORE she did this on 2009-02-15 at 19:47:36
(Elftown time) and 14:47:36 (My time, EST), as my captured (2009-05-19) evidence
CLEARLY indicates.


I did eventually respond to [Hedda]'s guestbook message in his guestbook, 2009-02-15
at 21:04:22 (Elftown's time) and 16:04:22 (My time, EST).


[Hedda] denied placing the little, red heart in my badge slot in this private message he
sent me on 2009-06-13. This is the screengrab depicting this, grabbed on 2009-06-15.


Please note how he states that he didn't and he didn't, that "I" am the one who placed
the little, red heart in my badge slot and that it must have been removed by mistake
when I was badged ..and then goes on to quote what I said to sunrose, which I did say
it, but it does not explain the "additional" little, red heart.

...And also note how he states that he didn't look at my house, he doesn't look at my
house, doesn't edit it, doesn't conspire against me, and doesn't leave "indistinct" hints
for me to figure out.

I guess the box to leave a message in appears at the "top of houses" for [Hedda], so he
doesn't have to scroll down through, and therefore "see" a member's house. He doesn't
look at my house, but yet, he "watches" it (or at least he was), which I know because
the ONLY member's house Hans was watching on Elftown was 'my' house AND the names
that come up under "Interesting people", are those who are watching the 'same' house
and [Hedda]'s name came up several times under "Interesting people". (Have several
screengrabs depicting this as well.) So, IF [Hedda] doesn't/didn't "look" at my house,
then 'why' was he "watching" it?

..And "doesn't leave "indistinct" hints for me to figure out". Absolutely correct! He does, however, leave "distinct" hints that are impossible to miss, which
I have lots of data collected, depicting the many, such incidents.

But, PLEASE READ where he does NOT say that [SilverFire] put the little, red heart in my badge slot! ..That "I" did! So, in this message, [Hedda], himself,
is denying not only that he did the deed, but is ALSO denying that [SilverFire] did it as well!

Remember previously, where I stated I wasn't sure as to 'why' [Hedda] put a heart in my badge box when he delivered the Inspector's Badge and even
though it took place on Valentine's Day weekend? ..And that I would eventually have to find out 'why'? This he took directly from the description area of
my house:

Questions for thought that ONLY [Hedda] can answer:
- #1: Why did [Hedda] put the little red heart in my badge slot, the day after Valentine's Day?
- #2: Why did [Hedda] remove the little red heart when he banned me?

Even though he denied putting the heart in my badge slot, which I KNOW he did, and so does everyone now who reads this wiki-page, unless they're
completely stupid, by he denying that he had, told me that he didn't want others to know that he did, which I had already suspected because of what I
wrote in my secret diary when I was editing for my badge slot. So then the question, why did he not want others to know? Could it be someone specific-
ally or others, mainly crew, past and present, who were having a field day making the idea that [Hedda] could be interested in me out to be like it was
hideously ridiculous?

IF he had just placed it in my badge slot because he thought it should be added there
to go with the rest of my badge decorating, he would have simply said so and there
wouldn't have been any need for drama with his exclamation points. ..And this would
have been the end of it. I would have likely felt rather embarrassed because I was
leaning toward thinking he had put it there as a gesture towards me for Valentine's
Day and this was reiterated when he removed the "exact same heart" when he
banned me on 2009-04-08 (sunrose's birthday, which she proudly boasted in her
mood: "did it").


..And I placed this screengrab in my CatHug 'secret' diary and then the next thing I
knew, she removed the "did it". It's pretty obvious it was SEEN in my 'secret' diary
and then she was told, so then she removed the "did it".

Note: Image change #2 on 2014-02-18, cropped again to not
show [Sunrose]'s picture at her second request 2014-02-18.
Image changed 2014-02-17, cropped to not show [Sunrose]'s
face at her request 2014-02-16.

First request:
First and second requests together:


When he banned me on 2009-04-08, he did not remove "any other heart", EXCEPT
the ONE he put in my badge slot. ..And not only did he remove the little, red heart
he placed in my badge slot, but he put in its place a leaf and not just a leaf, but a
leaf slanting towards the left, which followed the correct sequence of my decorating.
This told me that he knew and understood my badge slot VERY well and pretty darn
sharp too, considering he didn't even look at my house or ever make edits, and this
IS according to "his own statements" in the private message he sent to me, shown

Since he put THAT little, red heart in there, he knew which ONE to 'remove', and it's
this then that also reiterated the fact that he removed it because it was a message
to me to let me know how pissed off he was that I would even consider leaving
Elftown. He KNEW exactly what he was doing! You see, I made it known to [Hedda]
in my secret diary entries how much that little, red heart meant to me that he put in
there. I have a great deal of data that shows without question that [Hedda] made
it a regular habit and point to READ my "secret diary entries".

Why does anyone suppose that [Hedda] was so interested in "my" SECRET diaries?

This is a screengrab taken on 2009-04-10.


Note: I have another screengrab taken very shortly following my banning on
2009-04-08 that was sent to me, which shows the ONLY change was the heart
[Hedda] placed in my badge slot was replaced by the leaf, as this screengrab also

I have GB's of data to go through and I've discovered that some data I saved on
my computer and its external harddrive, has mysteriously vanished. But no prob-
lem! I backed all my data up where it cannot be gotten to. Ha! Ha! ..And informa-
tion/data that vanishes and/or is hidden from the public, just implicates more who
it points to!

The bottom row of links reads like this AFTER [Hedda] banned me on 2009-04-08:
Saint Valentine Painters [] Saint Valentine Poets* (leaf) Donors of Writing (leaf) Photographers (leaf) Masters of Inspection

..And that line of bullcrap he fed the crew, which they bought hook, line, and sinker when he banned me on 2009-04-08, that I was going to run
amok and delete and destroy my stuff? Well, I only had a priv of 49, which [Hedda] gave me by the way, not low enough to delete any wiki-pages
and as far as deleting stuff from the site? The ONLY person who can delete ANYTHING from the site, from the server, is the site and server operator/
owner and THIS IS [Hedda]! Yet, he CLAIMED that "I" was going to "delete" my stuff, knowing... KNOWING "I" could do NO SUCH THING!


On 2009-02-28 at 20:59:57 (Elftown's time) and 15:59:57 (My time, EST),
[SilverFire] delivered my Historian Badge. On 2009-04-07 at 20:26:29 (Elftown's
time) and 16:26:29 (My time, EST), [SilverFire] delivered my Badger Badge. I
screengrabbed my badge slot on 2009-04-07 after [SilverFire] had been to it and
brought my Badger Badge.

This is the screengrab of and please note ALL of my hearts are still in my badge
slot, including the ONE [Hedda] put in there, in this screengrab taken later and
after [SilverFire] on 2009-04-07, just hours before [Hedda] banned me, early on
the following day, the 8th.



The data I've provided about my guestbook entries can be verified on, in my guestbook there. Please feel free to visit my guest-
book on the site and double check.


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For what it's worth, THIS exposing of truth is NOT ever what I wanted to have to do. I have continually hoped that [Hedda] would have just talked to
me directly and TRUTHFULLY, without belligerence and being so condescending, instead of treating me like I was wronging him.

I am willing still to listen to why he has done what he has and continues to do what he does, according to the data and evidence I've collected, but in
order for me to listen TO him, he has to talk TO me, not others to involve them, but me, because this really is and should be AND should have been
kept between him and I, which was my sole intention when I went to him FIRST. But since he chose to play "dodge me" and then when he did talk to
me, he chose to accuse me without offering any real or viable explanation, then I was and am left with my ONLY recourse and this is to defend myself
with the data and information I have collected. If I am so wrong about my conclusions, then why doesn't he step forward and clear things up, once
and for all? [Hedda] has denied and denied, but he has also lied. [Hedda] has never once that I ever recall, explained to me or even offered to me to
explain how my data and resulting conclusions could be erroneous, which is what I've wanted from him from and with the very first time I went to him
about my concerns.

Anyone can "deny" involvement in a wrongdoing, BUT... denying doesn't mean they are telling the truth. Very FEW wrongdoers "willingly admit" involve-
ment. This is why we need law enforcement, courts of law, and lawyers to try and get "to the truth". If everyone was honest, truthful, and forthright,
we wouldn't need the latter two. Then when he deliberately conceals from the public, data that clearly implicates him with the tampering of my phone
( ), does he or anyone honestly expect me to believe he's innocent? How can others not question "why"
he chose to conceal the data? It should raise a huge, red flag! ..And when people involved don't see the obvious, what am I to think? When they delib-
erately "avoid" addressing the facts presented, again, what am I to think? I have to ask or at least wonder if those involved aren't helping him to victi-
mize me. I would certainly hope not; hope the people involved aren't THIS cruel and callous, but most involved haven't once even considered what I've
been and am being subjected to. If they have, I haven't been made aware. I've only been made to feel and even been told that they don't give a damn,
which is a complete lack of empathy at best.


“Winners accept and deal with the truth; losers accept and work with the lies.” ~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie

“Truth TRUMPS 'trumped up' lies.” ~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie

So definitely, an "Event To Be Remembered!"...

<img150*0:> [Faith.Hope.Love]But here's PROOF, that even when I bring out the truth, disproving the "made-up"
lies being used to punish me and to "justify" slandering my name and the theft of
MY work, all being done to cover up a person "invading my privacy", by the same
person, the truth just can't be accepted. ..And when there are people who KNOW
about the wrongdoing and do absolutely nothing, this makes these people nothing
more than "spineless cowards" as well. So THIS makes me a WINNER because I
deal with the truth, and all those who don't and elect to go along with the lies, are

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