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This wiki-page is indexed under Artsieladie-Art.

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Welcome to the main index page of my "new" graphics for the purpose of organising/indexing all my "new" graphics'
wiki-pages, showcasing them for Elfpack members ONLY to use them "as is" to decorate their houses and wiki-pages.

All my graphics, old and new, I display on this site are MY creations, which means "I" OWN the rights to them, NOT
this site's owner OR anyone else, unless otherwise specified, which also means, I give permission to Elfpack members
to use them to decorate their houses and wiki-pages ONLY. For ANY other use of, "my" permission MUST BE

I enjoy immensely making graphics and even more so when others can get some enjoyment by using them in
compliance with my easy to understand and abide by stipulations but I don't appreciate when some people just take
and use my work without any regard whatsoever for my copyright ownership, work, effort, and simple rules.

I have created a gazillion graphics, which I would like to make available for people to be able to use in their personal,
creative projects and endeavors (non-commercial use in other words), but I don't want "thief sites" taking them,
adding them to "their collections" and offering them as though they have the rights to do so, which they are now and
already doing even though I haven't even offered any, except three, yet as 'free to use'.

When people do things they know are wrong, steal from others for one, then everyone has to suffer or be denied in
this case and it's almost always people who don't deserve to suffer or be denied. People who do wrong are selfish,
egocentric, self centered individuals and are contributors to the problem, instead of being part of a the solution. Hence,
the horrible state of the world isn't likely to change because of such individuals. We all are either part of the problem
or part of the solution. There's no middle ground or an 'in between' status. Therefore, if we aren't on the side of and
part of the solution, then we're contributing to the problem.

My "new" graphics are NOT to be confused with my "older" graphics associated with *Artsie's* Graphics, but then
for the most part one can see why, because my new graphics overall are of much, much better quality!

I'm not happy I have to add this block of text notice to every page, because my artwork is being stolen right and left, used
by non-members and is being offered as 'free to use' on/from other websites in their collections without my permission, since
"created by/copyrighted to" doesn't seem to be sufficient enough for some who make it a habit to steal other people's works.
So, to those who are thinking about taking, using, offering to others MY work, etc., violating my copyright, this next chunk of
text leaves you with NO excuse for violating my copyright. FYI: "I" have never placed ANY of my works in 'public domain'!!!


<img:> - Any and all graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members to use for ANY reason without MY PERMISSION!

<img:> - Any and all art/graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members OR members to add to and/or offer from ANY
      other collections on ANY other website, period! NO EXCEPTIONS!

<img:> - Any and all my creative endeavors I post on this site are NOT for ANYONE to use, modify, offer for use, etc. without
      MY PERMISSION with the ONE exception being: ONLY Elfpack members can use my graphics ONLY "as is" in their
      Elfpack houses and on wiki-pages!

<img:> - I can be contacted through my "Contact Me" page on any of my blogspot blogs:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Creative-Corner Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Heartbeats Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Quotes Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Rhymetyme Blog:

<img:> - Plain text only emails. NO generic/hyper-links or url shorteners; NO attachments. Non-compliance = spam = deleted.
<img:> - For other places to find me online, look below under "Artsieladie Online" and click on "Show content".
<img:> - This information nullifies any and all excuses for violating my copyright. FOREWARNING:
     <img:> - I do NOT deal with dishonest, disrespectful, and greedy people.
     <img:> - To ALL art thieves: you WILL be reported, "BLACKLISTED" and made viral throughout Social Media.

About the usage and sharing of my Creative-Endeavors_By-Artsieladie in greater detail, please see:


Violators of my copyright listed here; updated as needed:



How to display a full-size image on Elfpack:

Many of my graphics are not displayed in their full size for the purpose of reducing the size of a wiki-page,
especially when there are a considerable number of graphics on a page. To retrieve the full size, with your
cursor placed on the image you want, right click with your mouse. You will see a pop-up window. Select
"copy image address". When you paste it roughly where you want it, a resized link will look like this example:
(Note the part, "?x=300&y=0" at the end.)

If you want to display the image full size, simply remove the part I've highlighted and copy the remainder:

...and then paste it in immediately after you type "<img:" and then don't forget to tack on the very end a ">"
and whalah! Success!

If done correctly as per instructions, the full size image of the example link will appear like this:


Total Number Graphics: 214


Table Of Contents

<img:> - 000 images - Animals-Pets_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Award-Styles_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Emotions-Moods_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Fancy-Decor_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Fantasy-Myth_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 119 images - Holidays-Seasons_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Honour-Attribution_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - International_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
   <img:> - 000 images - Love-Romance_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Matching-Sets_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Miscellaneous_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Scenery_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Science-Fiction_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Special-Occasions_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Spiritual_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 000 images - Yummies_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 028 images - Specific-Use_Graphics-By-Artsieladie
<img:> - 067 images - Specifically-Themed_Graphics-By-Artsieladie



Graphics/art created by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013 All rights reserved.
About the usage and sharing of my creative works, please read:



This site:

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