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This is a "work in progress". This may get pretty lengthy and involved, but if it gets too long for one wiki-page, I'll be subdividing it.



This wiki is intended to introduce viewers to the "World of Networking". I don't claim to know everything there is to know about networking,
but what I do know, I will share here and as I learn more, I will add any additional information about networking as well. It may seem
a little complicated at first, but if I can grasp it, I'm sure others can. ..And this is just to get started and then don't hesitate to invent and
innovate to increase your impact and influence on the Internet. The greater your influence, the greater the awareness and attention will be
placed on whatever it is you are advocating, such as liking, selling, recommending, and so forth.

First, you will need some accounts with 'prominent' websites, such as with Facebook and Twitter, but additional ones that will serve well to
have an account with also are: Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, WordPress, and some others.

Twitter can be "connected to" many various online websites, including those I've just mentioned. The more accounts you connect to Twitter,
the more places what you tweet and even 'retweet', will be repeated, if a site is a "receiving and displaying" site for your tweets. If so, your
tweets on Twitter, will be displayed on any site where this capability is implemented.

Even if a site does not display your tweets, however, if a site is connected to Twitter, whatever you post on a "connecting site", will go to
Twitter 'as a tweet'. Any sites you connect to Twitter will be visible under your Twitter settings, labeled "Apps". Here is also where you may
also "revoke access", too.

Example: Since I have Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr, and WordPress (to name some) connected to Twitter, whenever I tweet something via
my Twitter account, it is then also displayed on each of these sites as well. Now, if I write a status on Facebook, make an entry on Tumblr or
WordPress, share a link on LinkedIn or MySpace, each of these are also sent to Twitter and therefore, tweeted. But say, if you only send
from one account to Twitter, no worries, because once it goes to Twitter, automatically it's displayed on all the "receiving and displaying"
sites you have connected to Twitter.

The "Share button" works with a multitude of websites, including Twitter, to share/post something on a site with, but two prominent web-
sites that do not, are Google+ and Pinterest. These need a G+ and a PinIt button, respectively.


"Tips For Twitter"

- Using the hashtag:

- Directing to another Twitter user:

- Trending or 'hot' topics:

- Writing tweets:

- Additional tips:


"Tips For Facebook"

- Connecting Facebook to Twitter: To enable, you have to use the Twitter application on Facebook. To find, enter "Twitter" in Facebook's search.
Follow through with the regular protocol required to use Facebook app. On Twitter, go to "Settings", then select "Profile" and go down the page to
"Facebook" and then connect to Facebook.

- Using the hashtag: This feature hasn't been implemented on Facebook yet, but Facebook is looking to do so in the future. But if you write a
status on Facebook, and have it set up so your Facebook statuses are sent to Twitter, then keep this in mind for when it is displayed on Twitter.
Even though the hashtag "#" doesn't work yet on Facebook, it WILL work when it lands on Twitter. (See following example and the image that

Example #1 Facebook status for Twitter:
"One can only be hurt as deep as they love and care." ~ Artsieladie/ @Artsie_ladie #Quotes ©

The "Artsieladie" I'd tag on Facebook, the "@Artsie_ladie" will be activated on Twitter, the "#Quotes" will be an active hashtag on Twitter, and the
link will be shortened and linked on Twitter to the wiki-page I'm both Facebooking AND Tweeting. Like this:


Now simply compare in the image, my Facebook status (left) with how it will appear on Twitter (right) and you should be able to see how it works.

Note: Notice when the link appears in my Facebook status, the text with it reads: "Follow Artsieladie on Facebook and Artsie_ladie on Twitter and
join me on Elfpack! Membership is FREE!" This is because I edited it to say what I wanted it to say instead of what originally displayed.

To edit the text with the link: When the link kicks in as you're entering the status, simply tickle the text (highlights yellow), left click on the highlighted
area (displays blue), and then type in the text you want there instead, as shown in this image from left to right:


Example images: Facebook -> Twitter -> Receiving and displaying sites

Facebook status -> Twitter -> MySpace: 

Facebook status -> Twitter -> Tumblr: 
Facebook status -> Twitter -> WordPress: 
Facebook status -> Twitter -> Twitter Widget: 

Please keep in mind that Twitter only works with 140 characters. So when you are making a Facebook status for Twitter as well, be sure to enter
into your status what is most relevant at/near its beginning to be sure the most important information gets seen on Twitter, such as a title or a
very brief, to the point of what you are posting, any hashtags used, a Twitter name you may be addressing or wish to mention, and the url to it's
web address.

Example #2 Facebook status for Twitter:

- Using 'beneficial' Facebook apps: If you make use of apps on Facebook that also mention on Facebook your activity on the website the app
represents, this too, will be beneficial. Some examples:
- Pinterest: Both your activity and what you like on Pinterest can be displayed on Facebook.
- StumbleUpon: What you stumble can be displayed on Facebook.
- Klout: Your activity "and its influence" is measured on Klout and much of what you do on Klout can then be noted on both Facebook and Twitter.
- More to add....

- ???:

- Additional tips:


(Related Links - text and links tabled.)


(Closing - Final and brief pleasant thought in text or an image to leave with the visitors to the page, perhaps even, a quote.)

(For additional content that doesn't necessarily have to be seen, using the <hide> tag.)

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