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ALL creative works seen in my house: art, graphics, written (including poetry and quotes), are owned by and copyrighted to
yours truly, the creator, [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly, unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved!

As soon as a creative work is created, the work "BELONGS TO ITS CREATOR".

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Any stray or additional texts and/or links after the [#] at the bottom of my house, are  
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and saving it happening as it occurs.

"The closer one gets to the truth, the more uncomfortable and defensive liars become." ~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie

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Hello, everyone!

My name is Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. I like meeting new friends and reminiscing and chatting with those who are
already friends. If you want to know about me generally as a person, please read my extended bio a little farther down, but  
there is one key thought to keep in mind in regards to me, and this is:
"Truth is my weapon of choice;
I will seek it and I will speak it."

...If one tells lies about me, then one can expect me to tell the truth about them! Truth trumps lies!

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Public Notice: Public-Notice_By-Artsieladie!!!

Greetings, everyone!

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All creativity on this site, including but not limited to, the art, writing, poetry, ideas/concepts, etc., created
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same, its creator, unless otherwise stated by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. It may NOT be used, copied,
modified/altered, reproduced, or anything else in any way, shape, or form for any reason whatsoever
without the expressed, written permission of its owner/creator PER ITEM, including the graphics made by
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stating the conditions and terms of its usage set forth by and at the sole discretion of the creator/owner is
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and as perceived to be so and IF ONLY BY the owner/creator, terminates said agreement, completely and

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I love to write quotes and have written many. Here are some I have written:

<img:> ~ "A friend who supports you in private, but denies you before others, is NOT a friend."
<img:> ~ "Our own growth in strength and value of character is perpetuated by the enrichment of those we surround ourselves with."
<img:> ~ "When it comes to kindness, caring, hope, and love, there is no distance between... hearts and souls connected."
<img:> ~ "We live in a society where justification is widely accepted, while accountability is widely rejected."
<img:> ~ "Knowledge is power, but only when it is applied does it become ‘power-full’."
<img:> ~ "Dreams can hold the key to the true desire of one's heart."
<img:> ~ "The simplest gestures borne of the heart, reap the greatest rewards."
<img:> ~ “Jealousy, a wasted energy, when used, validates the insecurity and immaturity... of its user.”

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"Little Red Riding Hood - Wolf"

Digital art by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-03-30 All rights reserved.


Just finished this piece just a little while ago... hot out of my studio! lol It's now: 2013-03-30 19:28:21 (Elfpack time)

"An Invitation..."

                                 "Just taking a midday stroll,
                                 Decked out in my crimson hood,
                                 With yummies in my basket
                                 That do taste mighty goooood!
                                 Come hither, come hither!
                                 To sniff each tasty treat
                                 And I shall too enjoy,
                                 As YOU I will eat!"

 Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-04-06 12:31:00 EST 

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"Handle With Care"

Digital art by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-02-14 All rights reserved.



This digital piece is my Valentine Art for this year of 2013.

A romantic setting... My Cupids and arrows flying with some arrows hitting their marks, the hearts,
but a couple landing in the whipped cream and a strawberry in the bowl of chocolate. ..And what's
a romantic setting without roses? The bouquet has eleven and the one rose laying in the foreground  
is the one that completes the dozen. ..And then two glasses of wine.

The hearts are gift boxed, displayed in 'opened' gift boxes, glowing and the Cupids' arrows have hit
their marks. The ribbons the gift boxes were bound with are relaxed and lain out, criss crossing each
other under the twelfth rose of the bouquet. It is with these hearts from which the title was
derived, "Handle With Care".

The red lace tablecloth and doilies are made from my scrollie patterns I designed and my gold
metallic effect is present in the fancy scrollies seen just inside the inner frame and the candle
holder are of this effect as well.

This piece took me almost a month to design and put together, culminating into the finished work.


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My extended bio of philosophies, beliefs, etc. on which my values are centered around, because...

“A person without values and principles for which they stand by, is a person without merit.”

Quote by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©
My hero is my Mom. I worship God, am a proud mom of a beautiful daughter and person, who is a United States Army Servicewoman, am a romantic at heart, am a passionate person and believe any-
thing worth doing is worth giving it your best or don't bother at all, and just because something seems unlikely or improbable, it doesn't necessarily mean it is impossible. ...And my weapon of choice is
the “truth”. I will seek it and I will speak it.

I believe: in trust and respect, but these must be earned and then not abused or taken for granted; one's “true” value is not what's in their wallet, but what's in their heart, like the cultivating of values
such as compassion, understanding, forgiveness, good ethics and morals, and not only having principles, but standing by them as well, to name some; “true” success can be and is only achieved when
others haven't been used, walked on, and dumped along the pathway to and including upon its fruition; everyone is a “work in progress” and so, mistakes are eminent, but we learn by them and only
when we are willing to acknowledge them and then are accountable for them; the representing of oneself should not be through one's physical self, but through one's character, integrity, values, heart,
and mind; and in equality for all, rights and freedoms are privileges granted and must be respected, protected, and stood up for, both for ourselves and others. These are the “real” traits about a per-
son that impress me as well, along with intelligence, humility, modesty, common sense, and uniqueness of self. 

I loathe jealousy, greed, double standards, brown nosing, butt kissing, “fence sitters” (spineless are those who lack the ability to take a stand and stick to it, but rather are ready and willing to alter
their stance in accordance to and for their own self benefit without regard to whether it's right or wrong, “flip-floppers”), “cheap talkers” (those who say one thing, but do another; those who say they
will do something, but don't follow through; those who don't “keep their word” period), self gain at the expense of others, the “all about me” attitude, braggarts, non-accountability (shifting blame onto
another or others), bullying, lying (particularly for, but not limited to, the purpose of covering up one's own transgressions and lack of integrity, morals, etc.), hypocrisy, stealing from others (including
their work, their “earned” credit and credibility), the expecting of respect, trust, and positive recognition without “earning” such, the infringing on the rights of others, the “crying of foul” against another
when the one crying is the one guilty of the foul, the “silent” who see and know of a wrongdoing against another or others but choose to turn the other cheek and do nothing to defend a victim or vic-
tims, and the using of others for self gain and then dismissing them with malice afterwards especially.

Basically, I am a fair-minded, friendly, outgoing person, easy to communicate and negotiate with, unless: one is trying to pull something over on me, expecting of me what they wouldn't do or tolerate
themselves, and/or infringing upon or violating my rights and freedoms. I try to always better myself rather than try to be someone else whom I am not nor can I even be. I make mistakes and have
made many along my journey of life, learning mostly the hard way from them. I'm sure I have many yet to make and learn from, but I try not to repeat past ones.

My experiences in life are diversified, negative and positive, some traumatic, some ecstatic, but all are blessings, contributing to whom I am today and instilling a desire within me to always try to better
my self worth. I am not a “blind” follower. Instead of simply taking the “easy and most traveled” road, I prefer to forge my own path, even if it is the more difficult one and makes me unpopular, deter-
mined by my own life's experiences, good, bad, or in between, and knowledge gained from them, as well as from others' lessons and experiences whenever possible and I believe in sharing knowledge
gained with others so all may benefit.

I'm not hesitant... to “think outside the box”, to push the limits to the max as long as I do not bring harm to others and I stay within the law, to stand up for what's right, even if or perhaps especially if
I'm viewed unfavourably by doing so. I try to expect the maximum of myself, while the minimum of others, thus inducing less disappointment of/in myself and by/from others. I try not to sweat the small
stuff, but violate me, my core rights, and my integrity I have “earned”, and one will be met with a force to be reckoned with most definitely. It's not about revenge or even close, but about the rightful
defending and protection of oneself, one's self esteem, respect, and “earned” integrity and no one else has the right to strip me or another of any of these. One can also expect the same should they
do likewise against those who are dear to my heart.

I believe there is good and evil in everyone, but the choice of that which we aspire for, lies within ourselves, for we are all also given “free will”, the choice to pursue, be, and exhibit one or the other.
Karma is retaliatory. Good begets good and evil begets evil; love and all it encompasses begets the same and hatred begets hatred. I also believe that anyone can change their course of direction, if
they harbour the will, the desire within themselves to do so, for themselves first and foremost, because one must be able to respect and care about thyself before one can do likewise with/towards
others, and so, I believe that people do deserve second chances to rectify mistakes, bad choices, and decisions made and thus the chance to change their course of life into a more positive and better

Ultimately, we all have pluses and minuses, weaknesses and strengths. If we each concentrate on learning ourselves, so we may recognise and hence know the difference, we can then accept we are
not perfect, but rather, we are each a “work in progress” and learn how to sustain our strengths and minimise our weaknesses.

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I love to write poetry and have written many. Here are some I have written:

"Beware Of The Wolf"

Beware Of The Wolf who walks among the sheep,
For it is only after, hearts to break and reap!
It is cloaked in wool like all of the rest,
But it is deceit for which it's known, the best!

But.. when the wolf you spot, do NOT let IT know,
Until all the sheep are made aware, and so,
The wolf can be disbanded, driven from the flock,
Without any recourse and cast out is a lock!

~ Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-03-11 11:11:00  
"Out, Let Your Tears"

When we hold the hurt within and no escape, deliver,
The tears will drown our light, as they become a massive river. 
The river then becomes a tumultuous, angry sea,
And its waves consume our inner serenity.
Tears from pain and loss are a fact of life, a given,
But if we save and store them, they'll keep us from the livin'.
Living life is not about just the pouring rain,
For along with losses, there's also much to gain.
When we fill our hearts with accumulated tears,
We shut out all the light and feed ourselves with fears.
A river with no outlet will drown the seeds we sow.
But sun allowed to shine will make our gardens grow.

~ Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-03-07 16:44:00


Life's too short to on negatives dwell,
So grasp the pluses, then share and tell.
Spread light and love near and far,
Illuminate your own, make like a star!
So others may see, others may rise,
Out of darkness, perhaps in disguise.
Before words leave thy tongue,
Review carefully before they're flung.
Kindness and caring reap more of the same,
While contempt just adds burden to blame.
Within one's heart lies the truest eyes,
Use these to see, be more wise.
Be a reflection, a beacon of light,
Shine from within, ever so bright!

~ Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-02-25 01:25:00

"Enshrouded Love"

Sometimes.. what we feel
The deepest and strongest within us, conceal,
We never allow it to escape our lip,
Instead we give in so fear can grip
And hold it, securely chained inside,
While we show nothing on the outer side.
We deny, we shush, we cover, enshroud,
And never ever speak it out loud.
Though meanwhile, inside we writhe in pain,
The infected dagger programmed to slain,
Something so beautiful, so immense,
Killing us slowly as it burns, intense.

~ Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-02-14 21:05-00 

"The ONLY Fish For Me"

It is true what people say...
There's many fish in the sea.
But even so, of ALL the fish...
You are the ONLY fish for me!
Our seas may get rough,
With waves that toss us about,
But still, there's just ONE fish
That I simply can't be without!
Though there are other fish
Who flash their colours bright,
Your colours are my rainbow,
With hues that are just right!
Other fish seem flawless
With no blemish or no mark,
But with all their perfectness,
They still can't ignite a spark!
For the glowing of my candle,
Its aura and its reason,
Is fueled by your love,
Through each and every season!
So maybe there are other fish,
Tempting me to try,
But no matter what they offer,
They do not hold the why...
Why you are 'my'...
King of the Sea,
Why you are thee...
ONLY fish for me! ♥

~ Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-02-20 00:08:00 

"Patronizing, placating, circumventing... are all 'stonewall' tactics applied and used to cover up the truth." ~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie

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"One's Inner Strength and Value Is One's Inner and True Beauty"

Digital art, photo editing, design, and writing by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013 All rights reserved.


Inner beauty, strength, and value is not "gender specific".
Both a man and a woman can "choose" to be, have, and project these.

There is an inner beauty, strength and value about a person:
<img:> Who believes in, accepts, likes, and respects themselves, which enables them to do and be likewise with others.
<img:> Who knows themselves, acknowledging both their pluses and their minuses.
<img:> Who chooses empathy over apathy in regards to others.
<img:> Who knows they are capable of anything they put their mind to.
<img:> Who forges and follows their own path, rather than blindly following along behind others.
<img:> Who is not thrown off by obstacles along the way, including by others who are determined to deter them.
<img:> Who's reasoning and intelligence comes from experience and lessons learned therefrom.
<img:> Who knows they can fall, can fail, but can and do pick themselves back up again and move forward as an
   'improved'... "work in progress".
<img:> Who, knowing they themselves can and do make mistakes from which they themselves learn from, accept that
   others must also be afforded the same courtesy.
<img:> Who takes a stand and then stands by it, especially when tested.
<img:> Who realises their own inner beauty, strengths, and values, can and will intimidate others who only wish for the
   same to be present within themselves.
<img:> Who’s confidence is the result of... all of the aforementioned.

So often, as I wander around on social sites, across the Internet, I see many shares about the beauty and so forth of women.
Don't get me wrong, however, I'm not criticising this. But.. there are also many good and yes, beautiful men, not just or mainly
women. ..And so, in all fairness, I would like to see more credit given to good men as well. The true beauty of a "person" is
their inner beauty, in their strengths and in their values. ♥

Photo background from: (Site with "public domain" or "free to use for ANY reason" photos)
Link to photo (background) - Photographer is Unknown:

<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

"So proud of my daughter: [bluefaerie]!!!"

Digital art honouring my daughter, by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2011-02-10 All rights reserved.


<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

Some more quotes I have written:

<img:> ~ "Strong and confident people, inadvertently intimidate weak and insecure people."
<img:> ~ "When we follow our passions, we discover our gifts."
<img:> ~ "Fear failure and you deny success."
<img:> ~ "One's eyes can be attracted to another, but only another's heart can impress!"
<img:> ~ "Values and principles must be followed through on BEFORE one can "validate" them within themselves!"
<img:> ~ "Words are the spectrum of colours, a writer paints with."
<img:> ~ "Emulation is flattery at its finest."
<img:> ~ "When justification is sought for an action, its morality becomes questionable."

<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

"United In Dreams"

Digital art with poem, both by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2011-12-11, explicitly inspired by, the person's name shall remain unmentioned. All rights reserved.


"United In Dreams"

    United In Dreams, a connection unique;    
    Forbidden reality, no words can speak.    
    The light of day can never come dawning    
    For two souls met in slumber, spawning,    
    A magnetic energy but opposed with rage    
    With jealousy and hatred presetting the stage.    
    ...And so in dreams only, the two reunite,    
    Embrace each other, make luminous the night.    
    The stars in the heavens twinkle and shine,    
    Endorsing their passion, profoundly divine.    
    With the Magical Maiden along, close by his side    
    Brightening the night with shimmers of pride,    
    Thy great Pegasus on golden wings...    
    Supremely soars, the King of Kings!    

~ Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2011-12-11 07:11:47

Thanks to Rich Patt! :) ...for this inspiration:

                                Tame your anger,
                                Shine your light;
                                Set free your dreams,
                                Your passions ignite!

~ Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-04-06 16:46:00

<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

My Galadriël's "Castle Grande"

This digital work is actually several works within one.
The trees, the "magik flowers of love", the gold metallic effect (fencing), Galadriël herself, the castle... all brought together in this piece.
By and copyrighted to Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. ©2011 All rights reserved.


<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

Galadriël's Castle/Sunset In Sweden: "Grande Sunset"

Digital art by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2011
Fabulous foto by Henrik Hedda Wallin ©2010


Photo (background) by Henrik Wallin!
Original photo:
Located at:

Art/design/photo-editing by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. ©2011 All rights reserved.

As can be seen, this is my "Galadriël's Castle Grande", a digital work, but at sunset in this piece. It is a
"combo piece", a combination of Hedda's marvelous sunset photo and my art, designing, and editing.

My castle here is a result of applying hue/saturation, burn/dodge, and contrast along with lighting effects.  
It was quite time consuming to get it just the way I wanted it to be. The trees at the forefront are my
"love trees" I call them, because the leaves are heart shaped with added "flower hearts".

Besides Hedda's fabulous foto for the background, everything else is made by yours truly, including the

<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>

Buttons designed by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-04-09 All rights reserved.

In regards to the Koala, only:
Photo reference:
Photo by “pixish”:


<img:>  <img:>  <img:>


Digital art by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2009-04-19 All rights reserved.


Galadriël is one of the main characters in a story I've written entitled: "The Magic Of The Unicorn".
This is only 'part' of a much larger artpiece of mine.

"The Unicorn's Tears"

                      Galadriël stands in the shadows, sad and helpless, without disguise,
                      As she watches the kingdom gradually crumble before her eyes.
                      The king she adores, tries desperately to regain back into a land
                      The essence of life once abundant, exceedingly grand.
                      The evil lurking, prevalent and rampant, destroying all good in its wake,
                      Built around jealousy, control, and scorn, conniving to take.
                      The good subjects are leaving, being driven away,
                      The evil breeds hopelessness. They can no longer stay.
                      She knows the hosts of evil vehemently do curse
                      Her presence and loyalty, they consistently rehearse,
                      Their plotting, their wicked schemes, to enable her fall,
                      For she has the power, the magic, to expose them all.
                      The mission, the goal, is to conquer, divide,
                      From Aikanáro and Galadriël, the truth must hide.
                      For should the king's eyes be opened to see,
                      The unicorn's magic would set him free
                      From emotional blackmail, torturing his soul,
                      Returning to him his own control.
                      The evil subjects, as sheep adorned,
                      Spew their venom, so none are warned.
                      Galadriël's heart so torn, badly bruised,
                      But abandon her king, she still refused.
                      Remain she must, strong, vigilant, and true,
                      Her faith in her king will carry him through,
                      The flames of destruction have spread across his land,
                      Sparked and ignited by treacherous hand.
                      Her tears run free and they shed galore,
                      To extinguish the flames and rebuild once more
                      A kingdom enriched, esquisitely defined,
                      Magically wondrous, uniquely designed.
                      Thousands of subjects now flock to its gate,
                      Anxiously hoping, for admittance they wait.
                      The evil subjects with angered rage,
                      Turn on each other and so engage,
                      Their own vile behavior conceived of self lust.
                      They destroy each other as they scatter like dust.
                      The king and the unicorn stand proud and tall,
                      As they watch over the kingdom, but a tear doth fall,
                      From the corner of the unicorn's eye of jade,
                      Remembering the days, she spent shunned in the shade.
                      Galadriël looks at her king, Aikanáro, gives him a smile of pride.
                      She kisses his cheek that warms him inside.
                      He no longer doubts his own self worth.
                      They celebrate each other and the kingdom's rebirth.

Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly © 2009-04-19 All rights reserved.

<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

Some more quotes I have written:

<img:> ~ “An idea held prisoner in the shadow of silence can never shine in the light of day.”
<img:> ~ “Undermining the earned integrity of another... verifies the offender’s lack thereof.”
<img:> ~ “The true worth of a person is measured by the size of their heart, not the size of their wallet.”
<img:> ~ “Unspoken words of today can become regrets of tomorrow.”
<img:> ~ “Suppression of evidence is admittance of guilt.”
<img:> ~ “One can only be hurt as deep as they love and care.”
<img:> ~ "Self perceived infallibility is the prerequisite of fallibility."
<img:> ~ "When one's ego supersedes one's intelligence, erosion of one's intelligence results."

<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

"Elftown Crest/Seal"

Designed/created by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2011 All rights reserved.


One of the gazillion things I did for, one of the contests I created was the "Elftown Crest Contest".
The idea of a seal or crest for the site culminated into both this piece I made as well as the contest itself.

This piece represents all the awesomeness I saw in the site: community (circle of people representing completion,  
holding hands in unity); the two people near the bottom represent more people coming to join the community;
featured interests: writing, roleplaying, art, photography, and poetry (each represented by a jeweled sword); the
shield (representing fantasy and science fiction; with 'Elftown' on it with gold ivy leaves; and the swords all meet
together 'under the shield'); all the ivy leaves add prestige; and the world behind (background) with the shining
star representing Sweden, the country where Elftown's and site's owner call home, more specifically, Linkoping.

<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

"Elftown Shield"

Designed/created by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2011 All rights reserved.


This work is the Elftown Shield I designed, which can be seen in the center of the "Elftown Crest/Seal" piece I also created.

<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

Some more quotes I have written:

<img:> ~ "Be careful who you trust, but beware of who you trust, "trusts"!" 
<img:> ~ ”Inflation of humility maintains deflation of ego.”
<img:> ~ "Agreement is not paramount for understanding to take place.”
<img:> ~ "Talk is cheap; actions require investment."
<img:> ~ "Winners are willing to go the extra mile; losers take the short cuts."
<img:> ~ "Truth sets us free; lies hold us prisoner.”
<img:> ~ "Know your limitations to ‘delimit’ yourself."
<img:> ~ "Winners accept and deal with the truth; losers accept and work with the lies."


For more quotes I have written, drop by: Quotes-By-Artsieladie


<img:>  <img:>  <img:>

"Peering Through The Pane"

Through longing eyes she watches,
The games, the fun, the laughter.
Her heart longs to be a part
Before, during, after.
She winces as they point in her direction,
For the giggling only grows, as they revel in rejection.
A warm, wet tear rolls down her reddened cheek,
But she smiles anyway for words she cannot speak.
As she slowly turns away and fades into the shadows,
Silently she wishes for nevermore tomorrows.

But the dawning of new days arrive,
Commencing daylights in rebirth,
Peering through the pane still,
She questions her self worth.

Then one day, peering through the pane,
Suddenly she hears, yes, indeed, her name.
As the pounding in her chest increases, her vision becomes a blur.
Her ears must be hearing things for they can't be meaning her.
The crowd is persistent. They continue their request.
They're even adding words like, "Come on! You are the best!"
So, bravely she steps out from behind the pane.
She offers all the best she has, never thinking of self gain.
They gather 'round her with bubbly, eager chat.
Laughing and convincing her, she is where it's at.
Her heart is filled with gladness, perpetuated joy.
For she can't believe, her acceptance, they employ.

Now the task has been completed, drawn into a close.
Where is everyone? Hadn't her they chose?
With sadness and dismay, she stares in disbelief,
Feeling so forsaken by each a clever thief.

So, once again, she stands alone, on the outside looking in.
A deepened, swelling sorrow forges the unforgiving sin.
Discouraged and disheartened, more so than before,
She knows her strength has dissipated, gone forevermore.
Ne'er will she peer again through a cold, relentless pane.
Her heart, her spirit, shattered hopelessly by unmitigated pain.

Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2007-05-06

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Graphics/art/poetry/quotes by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly, [Faith.Hope.Love] unless otherwise specified.
© All rights reserved. About the usage and sharing of my creative works, please read:


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May God Bless You and Have a Great Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

<i>By Artsieladie

All creativity on this page is copyrighted to Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly, aka [Faith.Hope.Love], unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved.


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