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Elfpack's Featured Poems


The poems featured here were previously featured on the Elfpack Featured Poem. They are recorded here forevermore. Congratulations poets!


Will we ever learn?

Subtle blade's disaster
Cruel deceitful masters,
Nations at the mercy,
World inflicting cruelty,
Organized slaughters,
Murder by world orders,
Rich infecting poor,
Poison’s in the cure,
Nature hath no word,
Greed consumes the world,
People in a cold war,
No peace can ever be pure,
Bullets of voice and lead,
Innocent now lay dead,
People not concerned,
Will we ever learn?

[The Shadow and The Light]
The Shadow and the Light

I am a shadow that you pass by
You see me as you walk by,
But the moment I leave your sight,
I leave your mind.

I am a shadow in the crowd
Always noticed, but never seen.
Unimportant to your way of life.

You are a light in the room
You come in and everyone notices you.
Everyone knows your name,
You are never forgotten.

You are a light to your friends
Open and outgoing.
That turning point in everyone's life.

You cast a shadow
On the things you touch
No one can out shine you.

I am no less important than you
For without a shadow,
No one would notice
The light.

I love to be alive

I love to watch the warm sun rise
I see the daylight fill the skies
I watch the snow white clouds arise
I love to be alive

I see the sunlight fade away
Soon the night falls on the day
The shining stars come out to play
The moon is high the sky is grey

I watch the many flowers grow
Autumn ends then falls the snow
The snow floats down on me below
And then it melts it has to go

The sun is shining way up high
A rainbow falls across the skies
I fall asleep but then arise
I love to be alive.

Left Behind

I left myself behind last month
In the snow below a forgotten tree

In a wood that no one goes to
I left myself behind

I left myself behind today
In shimmering aqua where I had passed
In the puddle of moon and sky
I left myself behind

I will leave myself behind tomorrow
On the cobbles of a forgotten path
Under the glare of cold winter
I will leave myself behind

In past, present or future
I will be forgotten
For I am the memory of the steps
That a stranger who has faded
From recollection took

I’m the memory they left behind….

[Brittany Rose]
The Most Precious Thing

You're the most precious thing on earth that I almost had
I was scared, but happy to think I would have you
My parents would be mad, but of course they wouldn't understand
I could have showed you the world and how beautiful it could be
If only you could've been real, things would have changed for me
No matter how bad things would be, I'd try to be happy and look in my heart
I would care for you and love you more than anything no matter how tough things would get

You're the most precious thing on earth that I almost had
I was scared, but happy to think I would have you
I'd keep you safe and we'd watch the sunset every night
I'd show you the stars and the bright full moon
I'd take you for walks on warm spring days and pick flowers for your room
We'd dance in circles under the warm sun and we'd watch the birdies and the bunnies

You're the most precious thing on earth I almost had
I was scared, but happy to think I would have you
But I found out you don't exist and now sometimes I feel empty

[Narcissistic Jew]

We all fade a little... it is none but to realize.
No one is happy all the time.
We all must soon realize we are never wise,
most of our hatred is sublime.
To love is not to say those simple little words
To love is not to act as though you may
Loving brings the flowers, the little blue birds
Loving brings your heart each new day.

What Next?

A time for death, a time to fall,
A single win, to lose it all,
No longer a presence, to stalk the hall,
The life of a dreamer, brought to a crawl.

A place in heaven, where all is well,
Or time for payback, to burn in hell,
For time on earth, confined in a shell,
It’s not for spirits, to live and dwell.

An eternity of waiting, stuck in between,
A path of confusion, a bright light seen,
The thought of life, is made obscene,
The clock winded back, the slate wiped clean.

The enigma odd, the sky too bright,
Oh how I’ll miss, the incognito of night,
What lies beyond, just out of sight,
It just seems peaceful, maybe right.

As sudden as death, it’s sucked away,
The happiness gone, dead as day,
The sky destroyed, from blue to grey,
I refuse to go, not this way.

The snake that holds me, will always hiss,
The beauty of living, that I’ll miss
To mystery I ride, for doom or bliss,
Of a life I once lived, I’ll reminisce.

[Because you loved me]
Saints Cry Too

John shot his best friend today
Said it was justified
Then his dad picked up the gun
And set out
To avenge his son

He didn't wait to hear John speak
Didn't ask for an explaination
The case was won
And for what he'd done
Immediate Incarceration

Now Sally has no daddy
And Mary's lost a son
This is what happens to the world
When revenge is done

Mamma's gotta baby to bury
Mamma's gotta baby to bury
Daddy's gotta baby to bury
Daddy's gotta baby to bury

Paul took the pills
All 37 of them
Stuffed them in his mouth
And chugged a beer to swallow them
Then his mom walked in

Life Innocent Gone
All because of what Chelsy meant
Now that she's gone
He couldn't stay
This way
She'll remember his name

Now Mom's gotta baby to carry again
Back to the same Hospital
He was born in
Can't save his life
He's too far gone

Mamma's gotta baby to bury
Mamma's gotta baby to bury
Daddy's gotta baby to bury
Daddy's gotta baby to bury

Andy caught a plane to out of state
Killed all the pilots with a razor blade
Army going crazy
There are children on the plane
Gives himself up
And lands the damn thing

Now he begs for mercy
And they shoot him just the same
Bang Bang
Bang Bang
Bang Bang

Sarah called the hotline this morning
Asking for help
This was their warning
"Dont kill yourself, please stand by."
Putting her on hold
Was like saying "goodbye"

Now she's crying in the corner clutching the gun
With a note written out to everyone
She's cold and she's tired
Of being alone
She sighs and then
Is gone

Mamma's gotta baby to bury
Mamma's gotta baby to bury
Daddy's gotta baby to bury
Daddy's gotta baby to bury

[Dewdrops on the Cobwebs]

Her mind was frozen
Chilled by cold thoughts
And feelings
Her body was snow white
A magnolia petal
Her fingers
Almost translucent
Like icicles
Glass slivers
Her heart
Turned to stone
By cruelty
And hurt
No happiness
To keep her warm
No pulse
No life
Stone hearts
Don't beat

Comparing the Contrast

Your words are so pointed-
Where as mine curve,
Dancing away with metaphor.

Yours are sharp, jagged-
They point at your cause
Glaring behind rough tones, dark plots,
True stories.

You are used to living hidden
To lashing out only when that mouth moves harshly,
Where hands strike in anger.

I try my best to be open,
Which must be why I have red stripes
(under my sleeves)
must be why I am not determined-
(why I like to delay)

In the end,
Our results are bad poetry:
Seemingly all we can write.
So I- leave it glowing like the sunset:
The one before out first encounter
And though I don’t know about leaving a promise
(unsacred as they have become)
I swear I try to write
Every moment we need to remember

Bad Timing

A blank screen
A blank mind
Not clear or calm
But hot and numb
Of the deepest kind.

A white screen
A colourless mind
Transparent to thought
A faceless image
Of the unborn child.

A black screen
And clouded mind
Simple thoughts unclarified
Disguised by torment
Forever blind.

An empty screen
An unfulfilled mind
Complete with confusion
Disbelief and disgust
Talk about time.

A whizzing screen
A swirling mind.
Falling to nothing
Hating everything
Just wanting to die.

A destroyed screen
A distorted mind
Broken body
Life dissipating
Mother and unborn child.

I stumbled upon myself

I stumbled upon myself last Autumn
Somewhere between the ground and all the trees
I lay in the shadows in shades of grey
Staring up to the sky at falling leaves

I felt the leaves like a kiss on my cheek
I thought of those days when that kiss was real
Somewhere far away in a memory passed
How I miss the love my heart used to feel

I closed my eyes and listened to the leaves
They rustled and crackled with the fresh air
The breeze died down and then the silence fell
It was so quiet like nothing was there

I stumbled upon myself last autumn
Somewhere between the ground and all the trees
I was at one with myself last Autumn
There in the shadows where nobody sees.

[Benji Madden Fan]
Velvet Storm

A delicate raindrop pierces the night sky.
Dazzling stars veil themselves with clouds.
Moonlight travels over the garden.
Roses twist and writhe in the wind;
A single petal soars through the thick air,
Searching for the cradling limb of a tree.

As crashing ocean waves penetrate the darkness,
A jagged streak of lightning appears in the distant mist.
The thunder is remote now.

As the sweet bellow of silence clothes the garden,
Our rose petal has settled on a dusty patch of weeds,
Wondering if it should resume its battle
Or yield to the cry of nature.....
Christened as the tranquil slumber of the night.

Strings Attached

The dusty ground around me, choking
My mind overwhelmed by madness
My body numb I cant move
Am I alive?

The people pass by me, everyday
No one really coming to me, staring
Though the glass barrier, I watch
Am I alive?

An opened wound, uncared for
slowly fading away
My colors are washing away
Am I alive?

If I am then how come these strings, are attached to me
Am I truly alive, I wondered
Though my glassy eyes, through my rough cracked hands
I realize that I was blind
Or maybe im still blind unable to see what was real
With these thoughts in my head...I understand
I'm nothing than a puppet.

Blood On The Steppes

Away to the steppes, to the mountains we go,
Where my people rule our kingdom of snow,
With copses of pine trees and sward ever-green,
Like a still-life painting, an undefilable scene.

But how wrong I was with my raw, youthful views,
Soon a warm crimson tide would paint deep scarlet hues,
Our happiness, eternally locked in a tomb,
Sails on the horizon, an imminent doom.

The Norse had come, those beasts from afar,
They'd salted our fields, filled the wells with tar,
The churches they burned, the hamlets they ravaged,
The castles they looted, our kingdom was savaged.

For days I searched for the family I'd lost,
Stumbling past bodies glassed-over with frost,
Looking for strength in the tall mountain pines,
When I stumbled upon the most ghastly of finds.

My brother he laid there, his body was broken,
And I'll never forget the words that he spoke then,
Andreyev, he croaked, tell mother I've gone,
Help her to cope; you're the Tzar from now on.


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