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(Webart by [Alexandra the Great])


Place all submissions below the line break, following the format provided.

I have to be Strong,
like you but I
cannot move on
I miss being by
You. my world

Look at my sister
I need to be
Smart, like her I cannot
need to work
Hard. Just to be like
Her, miss perfect

Harassment, I cannot
take anymore. In
my school, am I really
that odd? I told you
about it.No one cared
about this maybe after
read this they will.

written by: [SunBlaze]

1) Love is such a wonderful feeling
Love can be sealed with a ring
Love is such a romance
Love is what puts you in a trance
Love can hit you in so many ways.
Love can see you through your'e worst days

Written by: [sammie h!]

2) Sound as a pound
Always around
My Words are true
My thoughts are with you
In my dreams
everyday and everywhere

Written by[sammie h!]

Pride Vs Emotions

Oh tear of my soul why do you hurt me?
Causes my mind to be disarray in spell
of season upon me, why cause me this pain?
Are you happy? I'm broken....My soul,
my heart, my faith, my love is broken.
Are you happy now? Oh my tears you can
spill free from my soul now...I give
you your free!
Oh wait no come back and never go.
I shall not let you go. My pride bands me
from setting you free, oh my tears I am
sorry but you'll never run free. Not as long
as my pride controls me....pride of my life,
soul, heart, faith and love. My pride is strong
it will keep me from being weak even though
I hurt on the inside even though I keep
smiling on the outside.
Written by: [Cerulean Sins]

why do I still miss you

You took my hand and held it tight
your warm kisses help me sleep at night.
i can still imagine that warm smile on your face
now you're gone and i can't seem to find my place.

Tell me why i still miss you
everything we had and all we've been through.
if it was love then you'd still be here with me
but you're gone this is the way it should be...
it's time to get you off my mind.

Written by [sammie h!]

Forgive or Forget

I wake up in tear drops
that fall down like rain
realizing you're gone
always bring's back the pain.

I sit by my window
and watch the day die
hating myself
for all the tears that I cried.

I keep seeing your face
everywhere that we were
hating you now
for being with her
your laughter haunts me
as I lay down in bed
reminding me why
the tears I have shed.

I'll never forget you
till the day that I die
I'll never forgive you
for making me cry.

Written by [sammie h!]

I Promise

The moment I heard you cry
My world came crashing down
To see those tears fall from your eyes
Turned my smile into a frown

I wanted to hold you
Make everything alright
But there was nothing I could do
To stop you from crying tonight

I felt like a failure
To myself and to you
But you said that was nothing
That I could do

I held you close
And made your pain my own
And to this day I promise
Not to let you cry alone
And to take the pain you feel
And make it my own

Written by [sammie h!]


Why wont you show the love
That I can see your holding back
But it’s too strong
For you to hide completely
From me because I share that same love

Why don’t you show your true feelings
Instead you listen to your friends
And pretend you don’t love me

Why do I feel this way
For someone who doesn’t feel the same way
For something so simple
I just can’t it out

Why do you say you have no feelings for me
When I see otherwise
By the look in your eyes
But I can see your full of lies

Why can’t I just walk away
From the pain
You keep causing me
Because your always saying you don’t love me
I just don’t know anymore
Why oh why

written by [sammie h!]

Shattered Dreams

Shattered dreams, on the ground
A cry is heard, but none is found
A fadeing shadow, on the wall
"Dearest child, I shall not lie. I shall love you till I die."

Written by [Fallen Child Athena]


He is the boss
He is the man
Anything you cant do he can
He is a website developer
He's good at it to
There is nothing he can not do
He is the boss
He is the king
And I even once heard him sing
He creates wonderul sites
like Elfpack and Elftown
So thankyou Hedda
you deserve a crown

Written by [sammie h!]


He is gone
knowhere to be found
Grandad where are you
I keep looking around
I walk the streets looking for you
to which I cannot find
I can't belive your gone
and left us all behind

written by: [sammie h!]


I found this dog
with no collor or name
I hoped it wasn't stolen
as I would get the blame
So I took it to the Police
and they put me under arrest
Then they discharged me
So guess I was blessed

written by: [sammie h!]


I am me
I am what you see
Take me as I am
I'll be your number one fan
and I will help you
in whatever ever way I can

written by: [sammie h!]

"The Tree Of Freedom"

There is a stately tree that stands proudly in the park.
Every day another chip is taken from its protective bark.
Days goes by, weeks, months, even years,
As the sound of the axe falls on closed, deafened ears.

Til one day the stately tree topples to the ground,
Its mighty thud is heard for miles and miles around.
As the people gather 'round, wondering why it fell,
There is a whisper in the breeze, a story it must tell.

"The tree, majestically it stood, so mighty and so tall,
Its value and its worth, for granted, taken by one and all.
People never noticed as it was chipped away,
As each tiny chip was taken day after day.
Not until the tree could no longer stand,
Have the people noticed its value, just how grand."

Like the stately tree that is chipped away,
Our rights and our freedoms, we're losing every day.
The government swings the axe as we pay no mind,
Each tiny chip taken, while we remain blind.

As the axe hits its mark, LISTEN to the sound,
SEE the chips fly and fall to the ground.
Now fast forward this, multiplied, ahead,
The math is very simple to do in one's head.

Are we going to wait until fallen is the tree,
Or are we going to save it, all for you and me?
It's time to take the axe from the abusive hand.
"People take back control! LET FREEDOM STAND!"

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-07-14

"Our Mayor, Our King!"

There's a fellow here on Elftown, we think you all should know.
The creator of our town, that aides us all to grow.
He rules this great land with our happiness in mind.
A mayor with compassion, well, this is rare to find!
When there's an ugly bug and things go on the blink,
Who's the one that fixes them? Do you really need to think?
For all our little problems, we plague upon his head,
I think it's time we honour him, without an ounce of dread!

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2007-12-02
(I wrote this poem as can be seen in regards to [Hedda] and Elftown, back when I thought the world of him.)

"World Of Colour"

My world is cold and dark and grey.
The sun never shines to be happy and play.
The dark clouds hanging, always loom overhead,
Day after day, I ache with such dread.

No one to love me, not even care,
If I'm hungry or cold or lost somewhere.
I long for a petting, a gentle touch,
From someone that loves me; I long so much.

Each day I look for a rainbow to cross my sky,
A promise of someone that I'll catch their eye.
But as each day closes, hope fades, becoming slimmer,
Darker than night and its shadows, much dimmer.

But in my dreams as sleep overtakes,
I'm off to a land of no tears or heartaches.
In this "World of Colour" is a rainbow glowing;
The sun always shines, not a cloud showing.

My heart is warmed with plenty of hugs.
I'm not even itchy from the biting bugs!
My bowl is full, garnished with treats;
My water is fresh, not from the streets.

My belly's not hurting from sickness or hunger.
There's someone to hold me when I'm scared of thunder.
A voice so kind of someone I hear,
Pleasant and cheerful, I harbour no fear.

A ball is thrown, a twig, a stick,
For me to fetch and return, reward with a lick.
My tail is wagging, overcome with joy;
Kisses by the dozens, I gladly deploy.

So much love, there's nothing I miss
In this "World of Colour", this heavenly bliss!
But.. then I awake in the first grey of morn,
And sadly.. I've returned to the land of forlorn.

Written by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2010-07-15 19:16:26


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