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Elfpack's Featured Poems


The poems featured here were previously featured on the Elfpack Featured Poem. They are recorded here forevermore. Congratulations poets!


Living the Illusion

Mask the truth and smile at the world that gives nothing but the reflection of yet another mask.

Fake is the shop assistant.
Deceiving is the government.
Two faced is the "loyal" friend.

Hidden is the truth...

So shield my dear. Be but the Russian doll with the painted face whose true form lies behind yet more layers of innocence, ignorance and indifference.

Mask the truth and smile at the world that gives nothing but a reflection of more masks.

It lies shielded.
It lies hidden.
It lies forgotten...


The picture sits on the dresser
It's all I have left of you
The only thing that keeps your face in my head
Makes me not forget what was
But in time even this will fade
Leaving me where with nothing

Daddy's little girl..sits on the front steps
Looking to the road..waiting for the car
That'll never come again...never come again

Mama didn't know what she was doing that day
The day she told you to go, to walk out forever
A broken child was all that was left after that
In my heart was a hole never to be filled
Never to know you again
Never to call out Daddy again

I stand today as your only child
A spitting image of you
As I sit alone, looking to the mirror
See the tears that have so long been cried
I wipe 'em away now
Because in me, I see you

Words of Comfort

I was once told...

DON'T cry for what could have been
DON'T grieve for what has passed
And DON'T be weak and fall. Be strong for those around you.

To you I say...

CRY for what could have been.
GRIEVE for what has passed
And don't be afraid to FALL, because in weakness of heart, companionship and consolation is often found.


Through GRIEF comes PEACE
And through CRYING, comes the day when you can finally look upon the world and SMILE.

For those loved and lost never really leave you, but watch from the stars above.

Eternal Hug

I promise I will hold you
And love you and admire you;
Support you with my arms
With a hug forever true.

I'll never let you go
And forever will I hear
The beating of your heart
Through your chest to my ear.

Though physically
I am not near
My shoulders will always
Intercept your tears.

My hand will always be there
To dry your damp cheeks
And my voice to soothe;
Talk to you for weeks.

My eyes are open
To see into yours;
To see your deep sadness
Or your happiness soar.

I am with you always
Forever holding tight
Giving you my eternal hug;
A hug that feels so right.

A Sinner's Last Prayer

Our father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
That kingdom come was your creation
And heavens not the same
Deliver us to evil
In a neatly wrapped box
To the rampaging dogs of demonic essence
We become beasts of the devils work
The way this world forces up to live

Give us this day our holy bread
As we deliver bullets into our trespassers head
This is the world you so called “Created”
Abandoned faith and desecrated
Wake up from this eternal slumber
Clean our sins ready for a life after

Anything is better than this. .
And the lord will always forgive
So I hold my self accounted for my sins
And the ones I in time will commit

But when my life is over and I fall in to the light
I wish for your greeting at the pearly gates.

[Lyon Armonial the healer]

The leaves are falling, a shower of red, yellow, orange and brown,
The death is collecting, hundreds of sticks and trees upon the ground.
The weather is changing; you can feel this presence in the air,
An unnatural sleep, the animals fall to deep slumber everywhere.
A bit of artic air, feel the hairs stand up from this unexpected cold,
Look around now; watch, as everything around you grows old.
Watch carefully, see now how all of it withers away and dies,
Remember, remember, in spring it shall once again arise.
But oh, it seems so far away, a distant memory long forgotten,
And now I look around, and surely I feel down-trodden.
I listen carefully; the creeks speak to me, babbling about anything,
Speaking of the winter approaching, how it shall affect every being.
I look up, the trees cry out and moan, in the breeze their leaves wither away.
They cry out, they cry for the loss of their beloved leaves and for their day.
I look once more at this forest; I now feel that it has been forever forgotten,
And I turn from it, as a tear falls from my eyes for the woods down-trodden.

Serpente Ed Il Fiore (Serpent and the Flower)

Tainted like the broken leg that sends the horse to slaughter,
Spoiled as the sinful son, or rebellious daughter.
Detested for her master’s bidding, who’s loyalties run dry.
Unfaithful lovers to the end, in other’s arms they die.

Whispers of unsavory pasts, feed lies like fuel to fire.
In townsmen’s minds malicious plans unfold, murder transpires.
Soft-spoken Serpent coils about her fragile throat,
Unknowingly she smiles while he speaks as Shakespeare wrote.

Enticing her with rich, bold wines, and poison from sweet tongue,
Too soon, too late, our lover’s fate was sorrowfully sung.
Her limp form lay silent, asleep from toxins’ treat.
While shameless Serpent takes her, unaware of man’s deceit.

Pleasure etched across his lips, he takes her once again.
Self-glorified in grand conquest, he’ll meet his bitter end.
The townsmen gathered silently, as shadows often do...
And with the magick rites of old, both woman and Serpent slew.

With torches bright and house alight, the townsmen chanted song.
As lady woke, she shrieked and writhed...she would be dead erelong.
Short-lived...the vengeance on lady’s master, the townsmen would soon find.
For her betrayal by friend and foe had her soul eternally maligned.

Her wrenching screams could, through the town, be heard on echoed wind.
And fire’s lit at moon rise her soul would fatally tend.
During hours of the night when sleep and dreams transpired.
Serpent’s hiss would fill the ears of those with whom he’d conspired.
Torture not the innocent, nor seek vengeance on those deserving.
For those who do will tell the tale of who they are now serving.

- March 12th, 2006


Shy mouth
curving in
the faintest of smiles
that begins to spread

until eyes not only
but shine with laughter

rare sight
a touch of happiness


[Arms Wide Open]
Wind and Water.

Always will he fall to his knee's.
Of the beauty that covers his eyes.
The wind blows through the tree's.
As tears fall from the sky's.

She drowns the heavens every night.
For the loss of life that she suffered.
Things are now wrong that were right.
her silent lips are covered.

Watch the mountains scream.
In which only water will listen.
The trees will kiss the wind again.
only the blindman can see.
tears will fall from the heavens.
Thunder clap from underground.
The shameless earthquake of an old man's riddle.
will shatter the Glass of humanity.
The baby from the ocean has risen up again.
who will save us from our earthly sanity.

We are not safe.
We are not free.
head like a lion.
Teeth like a bear.
the cave is wide open.
But to enter no one will dare.
The ferryman has spoken.
He'll take us it's only fair.

The Never-ending Path

You’ve been walking down that path,
For what seems like eternity,
With nothing but that silver mare,
Keepin’ you company.
You’ve been through many-a-storm,
Braved those cold nights in the wind,
Only thing you’ve got are memories,
But they’re trying to rescind.
You stare off into the distance,
Watch that path that never ends,
Wondering if you and that silver mare,
Will ever see the light of day again.

And just when things start looking grim,
Your horse is getting wary,
You see some light from up ahead,
And that’s when things don’t seem so scary.
You know the end is coming near,
You let out a whoop of joy!

But that part of you that has no fear,
To be what you want to be,
Looks back on that never-ending path,
And stops running happily.
You know your journey’s ended,
Though a new one’s just begun,
You’ll miss those long days on that path,
Where you knew you were someone.

So you approach the end of the road,
The one you thought would never end,
And realize how much you’ll miss those days,
Where it was just you and your horse to fend.
You walk out of that forest,
With a tear clouding up your eye,
And that’s when you realize just how hard it is to say goodbye.

Lady of Dusk

Chaos drips from her fingertips
As they dance across the heavens
Trailing gold deceit and silver dreams,
Her eyes like moonbeams shimmer bright
Chips of rubies, blood of angels
Set in palest marble, edged
With sinuous waves of obsidian.
Her minute feet briefly flash
From beneath a weighty brocade grown
As she flits across the dewy grass,
The midnight maiden, the lady of dusk.
Ample lips wide with unspoken promise
They curve and bid the night commence
Until stretches of fiery rose and lustrous coral
Streak across the indigo skies and
Facing west, she glides back into darkness.
In the wake of her fluttering passage,
Naught but a soft, sweet breeze hums through air
O’er her pale love with his laughing smile
A dab of crimson at his ear.


The Faerie Ring

Silently they call to me,
Musical voices floating on the silvery wind.
Their enchanting music rouses me from my bed,
Slowly I follow the sounds to the bottom of the garden and into the forest.
Tiny lanterns surround me as I enter,
An owl hoots softly in the distance.
Laughter reaches my ears,
Feeling tugging, I look down.
In front of me a little faerie with wings of silken gold,
She smiles at me and pulls me closer, into a clearing.
I see a ring of mushrooms - I have found the faerie ring,
All around me the faeries gather.
pointing, whispering and giggling,
A clap is sounded and all is silent.
Before me stands the Queen of the Fae in all her glory,
She beckons me with a long finger inviting me into their circle of magic.
Honoured, I obey,
They offer me food and drink as they sing and dance.
The night draws on filled with much laughter,
The first rays of sunlight break through into the clearing and I thank the Queen for letting me see their magic.
Silently she smiles and dips her head in recognition,
Just before I leave the forest I turn and wave -
They are gone, but I know I shall be welcomed again.


[christie baby!]
City Lights

Let's run away to the big city lights,
Live our lives with drunken street fights,
We can infatuate our rotten romance
No looking back, losing to the trance.
Speeding along down old route 49
Shivers going down our spines
Crank the volume up to max
We’ll work through our obscene acts
And I love it when our lips collide
That adrenaline junk going on inside
What’s-it-called…. Somewhat devotion
Filthy smiles, vulgar emotion.
Find lousy motels along the way
To be quite honest, we’re not okay.
The smug expression in your eyes,
The tarnished charm in your lies…
I drink it up, I can’t fight back
against your sleazy, elusive attack.
We’ll live our lives, a stunning hell.
The constant clash, life-long rebel.

Peering Through The Pane

Through longing eyes she watches,
The games, the fun, the laughter.
Her heart longs to be a part
Before, during, after.
She winces as they point in her direction,
For the giggling only grows, as they revel in rejection.
A warm, wet tear rolls down her reddened cheek,
But she smiles anyway for words she cannot speak.
As she slowly turns away and fades into the shadows,
Silently she wishes for nevermore tomorrows.

But the dawning of new days arrive,
Commencing daylights in rebirth,
Peering through the pane still,
She questions her self worth.

Then one day, peering through the pane,
Suddenly she hears, yes, indeed, her name.
As the pounding in her chest increases, her vision becomes a blur.
Her ears must be hearing things for they can't be meaning her.
The crowd is persistent. They continue their request.
They're even adding words like, "Come on! You are the best!"
So, bravely she steps out from behind the pane.
She offers all the best she has, never thinking of self gain.
They gather 'round her, with bubbly, eager chat.
Laughing and convincing her, she is where it's at.
Her heart is filled with gladness, perpetuated joy.
For she can't believe, her acceptance, they employ.

Now the task has been completed, drawn into a close.
Where is everyone? Hadn't her they chose?
With sadness and dismay, she stares in disbelief,
Feeling so forsaken by each a clever thief.

So, once again, she stands alone, on the outside looking in.
A deepened, swelling sorrow forges the unforgiving sin.
Discouraged and disheartened, more so than before,
She knows her strength has dissipated, gone forevermore.
Ne'er will she peer again through a cold, relentless pane.
Her heart, her spirit, shattered hopelessly by unmitigated pain.

Written & © on 5/6/2007

[Cornelia Crabbe]
Horse-Drawn Dreams

Just a canter away from midnight
Stands the conductor of dreams,
Fastening on the horseshoes of fantasy
While the silvery moonlight gleams;
He guides you onto the carriage
And lights up his mahogany pipe;
The North Star's wink now tells him
That the time of your dream is ripe.

Whoosh! You fly in a flurry of light
You barely notice the time go by,
Unicorns carry you from dusk to dawn
Whilst fairies weave lullabies!
Voices and stories are slurred in your mind
But leaving the elder daydreams behind,
Let the muscles and speed
Of these fantastical steeds
Sweep you away from reality's grind.

But somehow the journey is over
And you are left in a daze on your bed,
But next time you travel to heaven
You'll take the Dream Carriage instead.
- © 07/07/2007


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