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Benji Madden Fan

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Name: Ryan Parker


This is my ex-boy friend! :( he dumped me last week!


this is my autograph that i got when i went to the gc concert in baltimore,md
on may 14, 2005!

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I'm a poetry writer, i'm goth,and sometimes very evil.Most of my poems are about teen fears and wants, like if someone wanted to go out but their parents wouldnt let them. Ok, if u r looking at this u might see a picture off of ~Summer*so*cold~'s page but that is me. I have a new name because it would not let me in with my old name so if ur confused i letting u know that this is ~Summer*so*cold~.Ü Ok, here are the names of some of my poems,

If i
Velvet storm
It aint easy
His secret
World of Glass
If u want to read them on here, just message me at Benji Madden Fan. peace out
i like gc, alot and i think every guys on earth under 20 is ugly.JUST KIDDING. my favorite colors are black and green. l love benji from gc and i think he is really hot. travis is ugly. but i dont know a lot of people and stuff about et. Ok, if any of u guys like poetry then you will probably like some of mine, Here they are:

A world of Glass

A world of glass
Fragile and free
so easy to see
so easy to envy

A world of glass
crackling under the strain
of years of neglect
anger and pain

A world of glass
shattered and felled
shards of life
trying to rebuild

A world of glass
Built up anew
shards of the old world.


She's too short
he's too tall
Her eyebrows are too thick
And his nose is too small
she acts too sad
He looks too weird
Her freckles are too big
And no one likes his beard
Her mouth is filled with metal
He has four eyes instead of two
Her hair is too dark
And his eyes are too blue
She paints her nails black
He always wears a tie
she'll never smile
He'll never cry
She won't be noticed
He won't make the team
Her name won't be in lights
And he'll never achieve his dream
Why must we all be judged?
Why is being accepted so tough?
Why do people try so hard?
And why are teenage years so rough?
No one should be judged.
No one should hurt from something u say.
No one should be excluded,
And most of all,
No one should be treated this way.

It ain't easy!

You wouldn't understand; How could you
You were never my age; you never went through what i do.
why can't i go?
Don't you trust me?
How could you do this? Don't you see?

I'm not a child.
I'll be fine on my own!

I hate you!
Get out!
Leave me alone!

All my friends are doing it. Why can't I?
Don't worry. It's not like im going to die.

These words are said when in those years
All things grow and become teen's fears

What parents dont know, and this may sound cheesy: The times have changed,
It ain't easy!

His Secret

I remember the pain in his eyes,
That reached into his soul,
The sweat through his glands,
That you could feel
When you touched his hands,
That you could never hear under his step,
That shook his laughter,
That I truly didn't see until................
........... after!

If I

If i don't drive around the park,
I'm pretty sure
to make my mark.

If I'm in bed each night
Before ten
I may get my look back again:

If i abstain from fun and such
I'll probably amount to much

But i shall stay the way i am
Because i don't give a damn!

If any of u guys who like gc but not any more sould burn, and dont tell me besause i dont give a fyling &*%$!!


Favorite Bands:

Good charlotte( favorite of all of them)
korn (sort of)
the used( kind of)
the smiths
three days grace
new found glory
the wallflowers
Social distortion
System of a down

hated bands:

my chemical romance
blink 182
linkin park
avril lavigne
kelly osborne
My Morning Jacket
Radio head
white stripes
Queens of the stone age
red hot chilly peppers
No doubt

Hated celebrities:

Hilary Duff
Ashton Kutcher
Beyonce Knowles
Justin Timberlake
Jay z
50 cent
and more but cant think of them!

Age: 21Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 31

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Maryland

Exact place of living: waldorf

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

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Favorite URL:

ICQ number: 666

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

heavy metalpunkrock

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 142

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