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Member #47916 created: 2007-05-06 05:18:57Simple URL:   

Name: Joe

photo's me


BOO!...damn I'm scared myself

[Ethan] is my best friend don't even mess with him.

.:AIM:. dOnT re4d Tis .:AIM:.

Hey I'm Joe :D

...anyhoo, I love video games, anime, manga, movies, and music

right now I'm listening to With blood comes cleansing, Hellogoodbye, Iron and wine, the album leaf, teenage bottle rocket, the postal service, mychilden mybride, taking back sunday, despised icon, Death cab for cutie, and more...hundreds more...not kidding

Favorite moviez Jaws, garden state, 300, nightmare before christmas, little miss sunshine, corpse bride, snatch, jackass number 2, alien 1 and 2, predator and again...hundreds upon hundreds more

I'm a nice guy and love making it's ok to message me. I'm christian but WON'T shove my beliefs down your throats cause I know it hurts. If you use, backstab, or give up on who you are so you can be "cool", then leave, cause I won't like you and you will hate me. I don't follow any real "scene" I dress how I want...I'm me...plain and simple. Anyhoo, drop me a line, be a friend, talk about anything I mentioned above. Hell, ask me about the freakin weather we have down here...BYE!!!!





and many, many, many, many more



This society we live in is as a dressed corpse,
However beautiful on the outside,
on the inside it is in a state of rot and decay,
So concerned it is with outward appearance and temporary pleasures,
That it neglects it’s diseased heart,
So obsessed with it’s image of beauty,
It ignores it’s very soul,
And those that don’t fit this “mold of perfection”,
Are laughed at and mocked,
As this world marches toward Armageddon,
I can only witness to those that will listen,
And pray for those that don’t.


Red, red the color of love,
Red, red the color of blood,
The color of life,
The color of death,
The color of a heart so filled with love,
And the color of a bleeding broken heart tormented by it,
hurtfully and forever beating like the wings of a injured dove,
A devastating wound that always bleeds,
An painful scar that never recedes.


the clouds that fill once sunny skies
the little clues I've come to despise
the way you smile and say it's fine
the way you say your always mine
the games my head plays with me
the little things only I can see
all the times that your late
the way you acted
on our last date
these thoughts I just can't shake
this paranoia I can't escape
how many lies will it take
to convince myself that it's not true
that you don't mean it when you say...
"I love you"

I know some of those don't rhyme,
and frankly I don't care.
I wrote those.
Don't steal them.



Age: 17

Gender: male

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Texas

Exact place of living: middle of nowhere

Known languages

Weblog URL: I

Favorite URL: LOVE

Skype Username: BARBEQUE!!!

gothgrungeheavy metal
hip hopprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
crime storiesdrinkseating

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 173

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