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Uploading images

There are a couple of ways to upload images here.

Upload it as your photo or image - Go to your house and press Upload a new (or delete current) photo. This is good for images that you want there, but you can also use the images on wiki-pages, messages and so on (See img). The drawback is that the image will be resized to a maximum of 500 pixels wide. If you use the image on a wiki-page later, it's a good idea to write what it is in () behind it. Like this
<img:img/photo/1_1175415489.jpg>(Photo of Hedda)
Note that there is no space before the ()! This will make the image's file-name much nicer (unless there is already a file with exactly that name on Elfpack).

Upload a folder of images - Go to your house and press "upload a folder of images" on top. There you can both upload a single photo or an entire archive of photos. The photo(s) will be placed on a new wiki-page that you decide the name of. The only problem is that huge archives often fail to be uploaded. Just try again if this happen! This is best way to upload many photos or a photo that you don't want resized.

Upload art - Go to your house and press "Upload art" on top. This is the best option if you have a big interesting image that you want comments on. The "Upload a folder of images" works too, but this button will list the image on one of your gallery-pages.

Upload to a wiki-page - People can be given the right to upload images directly to wiki-pages. It might be simpler than "Uploading a folder of images" if you want to extend a wiki-page with a photo, but otherwise it has no benefit over that method. Ask the council if you need this function!

Related: How to use the uploaded images: Capturing images

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2008-01-13 [Hedda]: You missed the "where"-part... I guess you mean random pics of me and my stuff. I've made it freely editable now, so you can create a new forum for it, if you want. Don't kick yourself out again

2008-01-13 [Owenbmxman]: ok thankyou Hedda =]

2008-01-18 [Owenbmxman]: another can i add photos to my existing wiki?
as thats what i was trying to do when it all went wrong last time.

2008-01-18 [Hedda]: Upload the image to a new wiki-page and than copy the pseudo html from the new page into the old one you want to extend.

2008-01-18 [Owenbmxman]: ok thanks

2008-03-13 [~*~Abby~*~]: I cant get one of my pics onto my page and Im about ready to throw my computer. Please help!

2008-03-17 [Hedda]: [~*~Abby~*~] You have to explain exactly what you do where, otherwise no one can help you any better than telling you to read capturing images.

2008-04-15 [*Pickle Lover*]: i really dont know how to upload a new pic to mi already existing folder!!!!! im gonna scream!! i need specific really S..L...O...W. really-too much of that

2008-04-25 [Hedda]: OK, I understand you're having a problem with that. You aren't supposed to do that... (Or actually: I haven't made a nice solution for it yet)

Upload the new image(s) to a new wiki-page and copy the code from that wiki-page to the old one.

2008-06-26 [zoloftzantac]: I do that all the time, just pick any one of your wikis to use to upload the image and then use the code anywhere you like

2008-09-13 [ShyVelvet]: how do u get more than two photos on your page?

2008-09-14 [Hedda]: See Capturing images!

2009-08-25 [ii Love Hello Kitty]: If your on the internet on your phone, can you download pictures off your phone and on your page? And If so how?

2009-10-11 [Hedda]: I don't know how your phone works. If you have a browser on your phone, then you can upload images normally.

2010-03-01 [MiLiTaRy BaBe]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/53430/1267421555.jpg>

2010-03-01 [MiLiTaRy BaBe]: me (: kayla

2010-03-09 [jeogurl]: just myself<img:stuff/aj/55012/me.jpg>

2010-03-13 [jazzyt91468]: gah i dont like the new pic upload

2010-03-14 [$princess$]: <img:stuff/aj/40503/1268603206.jpg>

2010-05-13 [simone06]: <img:stuff/aj/32979/1273750634.jpg>

2014-08-22 [Raiyr]: I thought there was a way to rotate images?

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