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2008-02-02 22:37:13
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random pictures

it was cold and i nicked alices's scarf and looked like a terrorist!
Series IIA swb soft-top and it cost me the whole of £40
just after it was built i took this pic so its alot more battered than that now
a very poor quality pic of me clearing the jump at the skatepark
Epiphone Special Model (Special II)
its soo photogenic i just cant help taking pics of it

the one and only anthony copsey
a picture of jade i drew in music, yes im a very hardworking student!
flying V guitar modelled by stick jade
my old zenta
london eye on new years eve
i just found that funny cos just after i took this, i nearly got hit by a car

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2007-12-05 [Owenbmxman]: yehah my first wiki page...its not that briliant but i'll keep it up to date as best as i can :)

2007-12-16 [kyraawr]: lol, i like it (:
your terrorist picture makes you match your jeep thingy hahaha. (:


2007-12-16 [Owenbmxman]: are you saying terrorists drive landrovers?

2008-01-07 [HellyWelly]: Nice Guitar...=D

2008-01-07 [Owenbmxman]: thankyou =]

2008-01-16 [HellyWelly]:

2008-02-02 [Owenbmxman]: new and improved =D

2008-02-28 [lex!!~land]: nice pics! =] i like the first one. its funny ;D

2008-02-28 [Owenbmxman]: yeah its a tad random isnt it.

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