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2010-02-18 00:19:01
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Putting Images on a Wiki or in your House!

Ever wonder how to inline images on wikis and in your house description? Well here's a brief description on how you do it ;)

Right click on the image
On the grey box that pops up, scroll down and click "properties"
Copy the url in the box. Usually says "Adress (URL)" next to it and starts with <http://>
Paste the copied URL inside an image tag: <img:url>
So it should look something like this: <img:>
Hit "Submit Changes to this page" (if a wiki), "Saves Changes" (if you are modifying your house) or just send the message or posting.

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2006-07-22 [Stephen]: Hmmm.. Capturing Images gives a really good description as well. :)

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