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I Just want to say it one more time here please do not make a foolish request such as "The God Of Green Tomatos" or something. Pick something that makes sence. Thank you, [Ultra Hunger]

The Gods

01. [Ultra Hunger] God Of Chaos (King Of The Gods / Slayer Of Gods)
02. [Lodengarn] God of Emptyness
03. [Rowan] God of Duality
04. [iCh3wi] God of Light
05. [DeeJay™] God of Corruption
06. [Warheart] God of Fire
07. [chugnut] God of Death
08. [Sandman666] God of Shadow
09. [WeedMonster420] God of Pleasure
10. [Undertow] God of Wisdom
11. [Aeo-kun] God of Unrest
12. [Elf_Person] God of the Heavens
13. [Altecfenix] God of the Winds
14. [THE CRIP FATHER] God Of The Insane
15. [That Guy!!] God of Wrath
16. [Flub]- God Of Lost Souls
17. [Lyon Armonial the healer] God of Guardians
18. [shinobi14]- God Of Inspiration
19. [Paladin]- God Of Honor
20. [Dreamdemon**] god of despair
21. [Orochimaru] God of blades
22. [shadows of life] God of stories
23. [♥DRAGON♥] God of Tigers
24. [sirrabbit420] God of Parties
25. [ROGUE ANGEL] God of Pain
26. [Drifting Thoughts] God of Logic
27. [kristof] God of the Night
28. [Corsair] God of Metal
29. [Ashura] God Of Sorrow
30. [=Φ.Φ=] God of Blood
31. [odeg] God of Destruction

The Goddesses

01. [Syn's Desire] Goddess Of Wolves
02. [Nytefox] Goddess of Fear
03. [Enneigard Rebirth] Goddess Of Carrion
04. [The Asian Wonder] Goddess of Art
05. [__DELETED ACCOUNT] Goddess of Fallen Angels
06. [Eriseith] Goddess of Work
07. [Fear of the Soul] Goddess of Music
08. [Monster Master] Goddess of Creativity
09. [Ravenclaw Dancer] Goddess of Sadness
10. [Mixi☆Couture] Goddess of Love
11. [Luna Armonial] Goddess of Deception
12. [Empty~Soul] Goddess of Nature
13. [Supernova.] Goddess of Harmony
14. [Psycho ShadowBlood] Goddess of Dragons
15. [Waterdawg] Goddess of Warfare
16. [Veejay] Goddess of Silence
17. [Mental Terrorist] Goddess of Authenticity
18. [¤♫♪Ģєήίε♫♪¤] Goddess of Expression
19. [Beki in Wonderland] Goddess of Procrastination
20. [Bookwyrm] Goddess of Motherhood
21. [Lexxi Scuzz] Goddess of Redemption
22. [Deg] Goddess of Nightmares
23. [Midori] Goddess of Beauty


List Of Gods II

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