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Elfpack's Featured Poems


The poems featured here were previously featured on the Elfpack Featured Poem. They are recorded here forevermore. Congratulations poets!


Only Time

Only time can tell- what the future holds
To what we'll see- and what we'll behold
Only time can bring- the laughs and cries
The happy days-and goodbyes
Only time can bring- you love from the start
Show you where you are- and bring you apart
Only time- can give great love
Shining down- from the stars above
Only time can- bring a great change
Turn you around- make you smile again
Only time- can make your life great
Give you friends-
Make you see and appreciate
Only time- it passes so fast
Shows you how- you can't change the past
Only time-can make the floor dry
Show what's important-put pettiness aside
Only time- can make a child's dream come true
Make the sun rise- and set too
Only time without it nothing- would be possible
For me-or for you
We'd have nothing-this is true

Appreciate the time
That you have
It only comes once
And then it's forever- in the past

[Lucky Strikes]
I'm Sorry

I only wanted you
You made me the happiest
L'Angelo di Sogno dolce

Our tears mingled in a bitter end
You still hold my heart in your trembling hands
Ragazzo Gentile

I am the wild child in your dreams
the one thing you can't grasp
Nuvola di ballo

We are both like dreams
so real
Dunque surreale

Sweet kisses
Warm embraces
I can still your heart beating
Amore di buonanotte

Why did you let go?
We do have differences
But that should make us stronger
Sono forte.

I know I'm not perfect
But you are
I'm sorry I wasn't the best
I miss you the most.

An MC's Ode to Snow White... or otherwise, Untitled.

Yo dere, Snow, ya got no flow.
Yer men were tiny; bend down low.
Kicked ya to the curb, said you gotta go.
Needles took yer pain, made ya feel so-so.
Bit the shining apple, given by a Crow.
Moron! Loco! Can't ya see it glow?
Hell with dignity! You turned "Hey Hoe."
His eyes were sparkling, you said "Hello."
Ya saw he was no average Joe.
He saw you were easy, ya mumbled real slow.
Had his fun then letcha go.
Gotta maintain the status quo.
Ya snapped like a string from a mighty tight bow.
You were now yer greatest foe.
Tried to hide it: drown your woe.
Couldn't stop screaming, clawing walls. No.
"This," you said "Was the final blow."
Silver Blade's your friend, you know?
Your last chance, you knew you wouldn't blow.
Now yer buried down the fifth row.
Labeled you, just another Jane Roe.
Sounds kinda like a story from Poe.
Yours is the spot where no flowers grow.
There is where no mourners go.
Yo dere, Snow, ya got no more flow...

3 A.M.

11 PM contemplation
As caffeinated blood flows down her arm.
What she needs is salvation,
From her own mind and her self-harm.

12 AM, she's waiting
For time to stop so she can rest
The voices in her head are saying,
"Stay awake's our last request"

1 AM, she's singing
of stars that shoot across the sky.
Thoughts in her head are spinning
of all her hope that'll never die.

2 AM she's crying,
because of hate and all her pain.
She feels as if she's dying,
yet living but it's all the same.

3 AM she's sleeping
Final dreams run through her head.
Now silent, she's not breathing,
It's all she wanted, now she's dead

The Path of a Samurai

Darkness overwhelms me
In shadow I stand alone
Fearing nothing
Not because I am some omnipotent being
But because I am blinded
The way is hidden
And yet I walk
The beaten path

[Crucified Soldier]

Silent serenity she stands
Empty stare to the stars
A yearnful plea
Erupts from her scars

Let this stone become my skin
From this water drips my blood
Her sins become my comforts
I'll take her place upon this mud

Watch the centuries turn
Feel the changing seasons
Unto dying souls beseech
The rhyme without a reason

Until this world can shed
Each piece of it's core
I'll keep her empty stare
Until I hurt no more...


A leaf blowing in the wind
Whispering silent sounds
Unperceived by humans’ conscience
Beauty going out of bounds

Stand still and hear
The wind that calmly sings
Twirls your soul softly
With the wind’s violin strings

Silence is nature’s wonder
Many people go blind and misread
The transcendence of silent sounds
Has yet begun to recede

Dwelling on forever on its own
Dreaming of the future, forgetting the yore
As there’s no respect for silence’s song
It goes to deceit once more

Moonlit Dreams

Midnight dreams come to me
A detached world is all I see
I spin in circles as I fall
Close my eyes and then I call
Wings sprout out from my back
And embrace me and all I lack

Midnight dreams come to me
A detached world is all I see
Countless stars light up the sky
Each one shines like it will never die
This unreal world lives inside
But in the daylight it seems to hide

Midnight dreams come to me
A detached world is all I see
A pitch black world takes my hand
Under my feet there is no land
Floating in this void I feel
Nothing that is truly real

Midnight dreams come to me
A detached world is all I see
A clash of colors
Blackened doors
Ying and yang
These words I sang

Midnight dreams come to me
A detached world is all I see
Good and bad find their way
They both have something they must say
As they swirl, they never blend
Each others wounds, they never mend

Midnight dreams come to me
A detached world is all I see
All vanishes with a blink of my eyes
And all the hate, the love, it dies
All that formed as I slept
Is rained away, as if I wept

Midnight dreams come to me
A detached world is all I see
Complex confusion
Difficult fusion
Missing pieces are never found
Faded images make not a sound

Midnight dreams come to me
A detached world is all I see
Distant memories flow off far
Pain in dreams don’t seem to scar
Eyes open to start the day
Long lost dreams is all I say.


The Kangaroo

There's our good old kangaroo
Out for his mornin' walk
The great grey grass is heavy with dew
As the sun rises o'er the dock

Sir Kangaroo stretches and yawns and narrows his bright grey eyes
Then sits and looks on as mornin' dawns
And watches the pretty grey skies.



Enade står vi!
Vi följs åt för evigt
utom när du faller.
Jag räddar vad jag kan...
Enade stod vi, du föll
Patetiska lilla varelse.
Jag föraktar dig!

(That was Swedish now here's the English version.)


United we stand!
We will go hand in hand forever
except for when you fall.
I'll save what I can...
United we stood, you fell.
Pathetic little creature.
I despise you!

- written sometime in school to explain politics and everyday life.

by Louis Gluck

Speak to me, aching heart: what
ridiculous errand are you inventing for yourself
weeping in the dark garage
with your sack of garbage: it is not your job
to take out the garbage, it is your job
to empty the dishwasher. You are showing off again,
exactly as you did in childhood -- where
is your sporting side, your famous
ironic detachment? A little moonlight hits
the broken window, a little summer moonlight, tender
murmurs from the earth with its ready sweetnesses --
is this the way you communicate
with your husband, not answering
when he calls, or is this the way the heart
behaves when it grieves: it wants to be
alone with the garbage? If I were you,
I'd think ahead. After fifteen years,
his voice could be getting tired; some night
if you don't answer, someone else will answer.

[Hidden Kodama]
A Child’s Laughter

Bursting out
Running free
I’ve been released upon her glee
Innocence echo’s through the room
Searching for you

With all I pass
Brushing by their flustered cheeks
Reluctantly spreading the merry expression
Of a smile

You can see me in the twinkle upon their eye
A child’s laughter
Filled with affection
I mingle
Wrapping adolescence round one’s ear
Bubbling with excitement
I’m spreading cheer

I jump around
Expression’s forgotten
Various tones tickle the air
Adapting to needs
I try to please
Without trying
Yet trying even harder than the last
To spread smiles
Though the effort is useless
Ear to ear
Upon their own accord
Lingering forever upon her molding mind
Brimming with golden delight
Sinking in forever
Upon her memory
Faintly Fading
I die
Gone away
Absorbed upon her soft, sweet lips
And people wonder
If I’m glad
If I’m sad
I’m just reflecting
Not to offend
But searching for me
Will not bring friendship
Overwhelming happiness
Only the mischief
That you left behind
Coming of my own accord
I’ll rise anew
Like a phoenix from its ashes
But not the same tune
As an indescribable change
Flickers into existence
Why did I change?
What is it?
What is it?
You may never detect
As I crawl in and out of
So many
Yet so few
And soon that’s all that I’ll be
Fading to Coos
And then I’m useless
Until I’m released feeding upon others
Yet running so free

[Adorable Ducky]
Big Brother

Keep an eye on me
Watch over my every step
Make sure I follow your chosen path

It’s not the same without you
Without the jokes and weekend stories
No more made up Spanish words

Your seat is so empty
More noticeable than ever before
It’s hard to believe you won’t be back tomorrow

I don’t get any more of your big brother hugs
Don’t have you to scare guys away
No more girls for me to approve of

Your boys are feeling so much pain
It scares me to see them cry
They are trying so hard to be strong

Your daddy loves you so so much
He’s keeping you in his heart
You can never know how much he loves you

Your momma still can’t believe it
She’s crying everyday
We will be her link to you

School just isn’t school without you
The empty hallways echo
None of us can seem to understand

It doesn’t matter how it happened
We cannot blame ourselves
You will live through us everyday

We will always remember you
Sharing our memories often
And proving we will love you forever

Throwing Up

it's again 2am & this is not all there is left, but of all
the things I cannot do right:

trying to throw up, failing.
him leaving with another girl.
you who are not desperate but act it?
forgetting everything.
refusing to turn back, running too fast
trying to throw up.
sitting beside, or over.
too sober.
feeling ill, going to the bathroom.
trying to throw up. failing.
getting a glass of wine, white, dry.
not spilling.

[Allen Barrec]
His Face

Shadows cloaked,
The man whose face
Could not conform.
Despised and scorned by men
Condemned to early hell

Did he choose,
This man, his face?
Distortion cursed,
It plagues his every glance
Upon reflection’s sight.

Look on him,
This man’s grave face
Which did no ill
To those who shirk and cast
Damnation on his life.

Watch him now
The man whose face,
Is no warped mask,
Despite attempts to pull
And rip off this façade.

Haunted gaze,
This man’s own face,
In cold eyes hold.
He yearns for more than night’s
Unceasing company.

Hearken now,
You man whose face,
Has cursed, condemned.
Awaits she at your door,
The girl who has no sight.


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