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2008-10-09 21:05:39
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We Love [Big Brother]!


This is a wiki for all of us that just love [Big Brother] this much!

Members! (Girls)

1) [RabidSphinx] i luv my battle-boi buddy!!
2) [Sunrose]....obviously...
3) [Alucardracula]...i belong to him...
13) [Anvikit]- Der Sexah mmm Snuggles and Licks! *slurp*
5) [MarieFair]-*glomps*
6) [The girl of your dreams] awesome.
7) [Gc Screamer666] whoot!
8) [*ArmyGirl*]
9) [tequila twist] WooHooT! I figured you out!!! ^_*
10) [GothicProphet] woot woot!!
11)[Beloved Promise]
12) [Death is my friend]
13B) [Lycan]
14) [no idea]
15) [xoxshellxox]U Know We All Love you, Ur The Best Eva Lv Ya Loads
16) [Angela Scene] i love you jon
17) [I AM WILLIAM HUNG]- battlefield is hot
18) [Ellyn] - [Big Brother] rocks my whole sock drawer!!!! What more can I say?
19) [StarDance] - you rock and helped me out when i first joined!!!
20) [Solitiaum]
21) [~altopia~]-So many adoring fans...It's a virtual 'Battlefield just to get near him.*sighs*
22) [Serephim] Just because i can i love him as a friend...
23)[Morfeaohtarawen] because he does so much
24) [Dead Girl]- [Big Brother] love to play with the handcuffs ;)
25)[Uncle Kracker's Wife]your hott Battlefield!!!
26)[DenDen] monkey lovers unite! O.o I suppose XD
27)[ded.] saw something you weren't supposed to see battlefield!
28) [Asrun] Wheee! Canadian pride. <3
29) [*Babygurl*] he's a cool guy!!! we try to have something to talk about :)
30) [Nevermore.]..he rocks my socks! great guy ;)
31) [Dirty Lil Juggalette] HE IS SO HOT!!!
32) [FireGypsy] *drools*
33) [Miya] Also saw something of mine you werent supposed to! lol ^_^
34) [vampiric assassin, Tararith] I love you, you damn sexy beast!!!!
35) [kittykittykitty] Mmmmmmmm ^_^
36) [Wendy]
37) [Bookwyrm] Mwuahaha I've found you!!
38) [FireGypsy] He is my Hubby! Back off everyone or ill kill you! *hugs [Big Brother]*
39) [Nytefox]
40) [Midori] *Licks Jon's Face* Merrow!
41) [DragonicTunes] You're awesome? o.0 Yeah, sorry, lame comment compared to everybody else, lol
43) [trinityfairy] I LOVE Jon! :D he's my favorite

Members! ( a non gay friendship kinda way)

1) [Big Brother] i love myself lmao
2) [Jotun] in a friendship way. just friends =)
3) [Solarwing] Friends, ya just friends
4) [baby_gurl_420] yay im a guy lol i love you muhahahahaha now im in ur fan club as a guy
5) [Ihsahn] your awesome, yeah man keep digging ;)
6) [Dwemer] Great forgiver, writer and mate :)
7) [Stephen] Well, I hope nothing gay is happening.. You're a great guy! Bravo!
8) [Orestez] Music is life
9) [BlindGuardian] --> Sorry, I had to add myself here ^_^
10) [The Voice of Difference] For those, easily indulged...
11) [Dr Optimist] Oh well his job is more boring than mine so he must be nifty ^_~


Jon is being evil again!!!!

OMG Pretty Kitty Battlefield! Cause he would make such a cute kitty boi!..
*hugs and licks* Fantart by [Anvikit]


<img300*0:stuff/we%20love%20battlefield.jpg>(By [~altopia~]

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2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh you just fucking messaged me back

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: u just messaged me

2008-10-04 [someone else]: i also just changed accounts.....

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh i feel stupid

2008-10-04 [someone else]: don't, i can be confuzeling...

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: yah i know lol

2008-10-04 [someone else]: *takes another shot*

i'm going to make my horrid week good tonight if it's the last thing i do!!

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: ok then lol

2008-10-04 [someone else]: you forgot the last "l" =P

well it has been a bad week. at work one of the managers from the head office found out who i was and started giving me TONS of extra work and crap.....i have had to delay so many projects it's not even funny!

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh i am sorry thats the good part about working at hooters

2008-10-04 [someone else]: LOL!

ya but it doesn't have the pay of being a *takes a deep breath* the Predictive Dialer Analyst of National Workforce Management in the Network Administration Centre for Sears Canada........

but everything has it's price...

2008-10-04 [phoenixborn]: XD Yay for privelage-abusage *quotes everything from [someone else]'s page* XD And Traci is many peoples slave. I wonder who she would obey if we all ordered her to do something... *ponders*

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: i abuse nothing!!!!! cept Traci....and she would obey me :P

2008-10-05 [Bookwyrm]: -grins- I dunno, why don't you all try and see what I do? -considers possible ways of dismemberment-

2008-10-05 [phoenixborn]: Oh she's all tough and big-shot right now but in PM's she's always the willing slave :P

2008-10-05 [Bookwyrm]: -smiles sweetly at David- You have never met me in person. -bats eyelashes- Wait 'til we meet, sweetie. :P -prods-

2008-10-05 [phoenixborn]: Psh you'll do what I want you to do to me, nothing more. Fortunately for you that actually gives you a pretty wide set of options XD

2008-10-06 [Bookwyrm]: XD You must be planning a testicle retrieval operation the way you're speaking.

2009-03-07 [Alianna22]: O.o????????????????????????? huh????????????????????????????????????

2009-03-07 [Big Brother]: what? you don't understand??? it makes perfect sence to me.

2009-03-11 [Alianna22]: yea to u maybe but for me is it is wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy over my head lol XD

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