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The Voice of Difference (Uhh, yeah...)

Member #17345 created: 2005-05-10 22:56:52Simple URL:   

Name: YHWH



Treasury Inventory:
This is my pet: Small One the Fruit Bat
Giffie-Pet Store

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I want happiness.
I want financial security.
I want someone I can be honest and shameless with, without fear of abandonment.
Despite myself.
I want someone to leave my heart with when I die.
If I die.
I WANT someone who is at least up to having ENOUGH sex to satisfy me.
(That's often why I don't like sex, because most of the people I try to mate with get sore before I'm satisfied)
I want to make a piece of artwork out of my body.
And still keep a job that I love.
I want a fox for a dog.
I want bleach to finish.
I want to be able to have female friends without anybody hating me, or getting jealous, just because they are female.
Same with male friends.
I want an underground bunker to live in in case of zombies.
Or mobs.
I want to have friends that I don't have any reason to make fun of, and vice verso.
I don't want to get in trouble with the law, even if I'm breaking it.
I want something interesting to say as an icebreaker that will not only lead to one type of conversation.
I have a picture of Sakura and Sasuke laying in an embrace with a sword through their chests I want to show you.
(It's my background)
I want a cult that follows me.
And worships me.
I want Ice-cream....
I think I'll go get some....
I want the people who follow me to leave me alone.
(Although that will never happen)
I want to be able to keep the woman I'm with happy, without comprimising my own happiness.
I want to learn what empathy is.
I want to eventually make my parents feel a combination of shame and pride at having me as their son.
I feel that it doesn't matter if you are fat or not, as long as you can dance.

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Things I did last night

Age: 18

What do you do?: Working

Exact place of living: Ante alter Inanus de meus Aeternitas.

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: fit

Height: 180

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