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Written about Tuesday 2011-03-22
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It has been a long time, and I forgot who I was at some point. I'm not sure where that life would have gotten me, except alone. Well, hope I can be more humble and less cocky. Peace.

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Written about Tuesday 2008-10-07
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People are ignorant, stupid things, and deserve to be beaten until they learn. Otherwise, we're all just going to keep sitting in our, 'Let's let everyone else do it, that way we won't get stoned for standing up,' idea. Fuck that. In the ass. With a Pineapple. Because that's what they diserve. It just frustrates me to no end about how, 'we don't,' or, 'that will cause strife.' Bullshit. Bull-fucking-shit. Stand up. Do what you feel is right, not because someone told you to, or that you were raised that way. Those are juyst feeble excuses to stay the same. Fuck that, you people need to grow some brains and some balls. And stand up.

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Written about Friday 2008-02-29
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Tam, Ego memoravi nunc meus patria lingua! Fortuna, unicus rarus de vos voluntas quidem scio ego. Paene Nekko. Ac si vos rogo captiose ea voluntas probabiliter converto nam vos. Secus, ego pudet adspectus protinus ad conditio omnis de tuus mox dimissus. Praeter nam ille honestus.


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Written about Thursday 2008-02-28
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   Well, today's been fun. Had a small combo (stroke/seizure) brain death thing... My memories are coming back in them and massive headaches that make my frontal lobe feel like it was pumped full of lead. I've gotten only the memories where I have been injured to the piont of death back. I already had the beginnings of my lives... It's all very confusing. I'm not sure if they are passed lives or if I ever died to begin with. One, I still look the same-ish. Often I have different stlyes of hair and clothes, depending on the era. Otherwise all the information that I had learned in those times is back. Although I am missing the memories inbetween the beginning and the 'end', everything I learned is retained.

   It's something to write about.

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