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2013-02-24 [Schlachter]: Censored Censored Censored Censored Censored Censored. Censored Censored Censored Censored Censored Censored?
Censored Censored Censored Censored Censored...
Censored Censored Censored.

2013-02-25 [Nekko fox]: Censor censor censor...

Censor censor?!






2013-02-25 [Nekko fox]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/9698/1361811893.jpg>

2013-02-25 [Schlachter]: You mean "CANCER PLEASE"...

2013-02-25 [Nekko fox]: <img:stuff/aj/9698/1361825451.gif>

2013-02-25 [Schlachter]: Sucks to be me then...
* runs off into the void & inexistence *
Catch me here if you can! Hah! Oh wait... I am nothing...

2013-02-26 [Nekko fox]: I didn't see that! Because it's nothing! OH GOD

2013-02-26 [Schlachter]: I WILL DIVIDE EVERYTHING BY ZERO NOW!!!!

2013-02-26 [Nekko fox]: 2013
goes to rent a movie
put on my "i know and I'm sorry" T-shirt
put on my high-heels running shoes
put on my make up, it's Sunday so to save time I'm only putting on absolute minimum required by local laws and not federal laws
(taking a chance like that is kinda of a rush, feel like a bad boy,
so I drink extra estrogen soda as to not set of testosterone level alarm in buttplug)
go to Blockbuster
takes a while, but eventually i build up courage to go to dirty CIS section in the back
see another white male there
tries to avid eye contact but to late
our eyes meet and by pure dumb animal instinct we send each other look of approval
security camera spots us and alarm goes of
last i remember was the burn of tear gass in eyes
wake up at guantanamo bay
accused of old male-network terroism
my testeicls hang above the door in my cage
so i will never forget to check my cis privilege again
Replies: >>461510729>>461511628>>461515334
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)16:54:23 No.461499660
Be in 3rd grade
Swinging on the swing
Beautiful, independent trans gyrl comes up to me
"Get off the swing anon"
Say no, I'm not done yet
My cisprivilege spills everywhere, gyrl screams
Anti-misogyny collar administers a 200W corrective electric shock
Disgusting, filthy male sex organs hurt from getting fused to the swing by the shock
Oh god what have I done
Teacher runs over, asks what happened
Ashamed, I explain how I sexually assaulted her and used my male privilege to take her swing
Forced to repeat 4th grade for failing to respect womyn
Should have checked my privilege...
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)16:55:21 No.461499830
at a bar
wearing my government mandated anti-rape chastity cage and anti-rape shock collar
already bought 5 women drinks as has been decided is the minimum by the Committee for Social Justice
accidentally bump into a woman while not paying attention
my shock collar goes off, sending me flailing to the ground in agony
she screams RAPE and starts macing me
the bouncers of the bar start kicking the shit out of me
they throw me into the street where the government funded Anti-Privilege Brigade is waiting for me
forcibly restrain me and implant a slow-release estrogen chip in my body
my privilege falls out of my pockets
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)16:55:55 No.461499954
year of our lord Barack Obama, 6
coming back home from work, hungry
drive to Chick-Fil-A
lgbqtazds picketing entrance
chants of "Your rights, my feels! Your rights, my feels"
faggot grabs my ass and wants to suck my dick
spur its advance
"You're a bigot!"
SWAT teams from US dept of Privilege Checking clamp me down
electric shock clamps to my balls
lgbqtzads change chant to "Die Cis Scum! Die Cis Scum"
woman walks up to me and points finger in face
says in a man's voice, "check your fucking cis privilege!"
fat lesbian with armpit hair rubs armpits on my face as my balls are running 4000 Amps current
privilege checked temporarily
thrown in prison and made example by the ZOG administration
my face all over television
oh that cis privilege guy, he's kinda cute
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)16:56:27 No.461500059
Stay in home in order to not oppress normal people with my cis privilege
Running low on government approved, non-privileged food
Time for monthly trip to the grocery store
Take a deep breath, and check my privilege before leaving
Put on new estrogen patches, clamp on chastity cage, and insert diverse buttplug
At the store, choosing between vagina shaped fruits
Finally get to cash register and hand over my items
Hand over cash to make purchase
Accidentally look xir in the eye
Xie screams "RAPE!!!" and collapses, chaos spreads throughout the store
Suddenly, my shock collar goes off, and I'm surrounded by transspecies nigresses
"Look at dis whitey boi. He don raped dat poor dolphin-ladyman.
Prepare your anus boi, we goin' in dry."
After a few minutes of penetration, they finish up and leave
Privilege Checked
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)16:57:17 No.461500223
walking down empty street on my way home from work
had to pis
found some green and whiped it out
SWAT out of fucking nowhere
bodyslammed to ground by butch bitch with hair transplant mustage
forgot to check cis privillage and i know it, i deserve this
thighs tied to feet forceing me to sit down while peeing
pee the correct way and all is well again
will not forget again
thank you CIS SCUM TEAM
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)16:57:53 No.461500341
at local gay bar
wearing government-issue anti-rape shock collar and electrified chastity belt
see a cute girl
begin to walk over and say hi
siren starts blaring
girl screams and maces me
oh shit I forgot to check my privilege
if I were trans* I wouldn’t be able to approach them because I might fear their reaction to my gender identity
chastity belt begins shocking my balls with 40000 volts
writhing on floor in agony
bouncers throw me out
naked trans-racial genderqueer Privilege Brigade patrolmen waiting for me
they check my privilege checker
insert a slow-release estrogen-coated butt plug into my rectum
this is the second time this week
they refer me for sex reassignment surgery the next day
I should have just checked my privilege
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)17:02:03 No.461501150
standing in queue for weekly buttplug changing
suddenly sirens start ringing
look around
300lb genderless lesbian with no legs approaches
carried by four nude hispanic men with the word, "faggot" written on their chests
immediately begin flogging myself due to my privilege
risk another glance up at xer
we make eye contact
xe roars
immediately feel my urethra penetrated by privilege checking chastity cage
lights begin flashing
privilege checker begins shocking the inside of my penis
I cry because this could have been avoided if I weren't so damned privileged
later have race reassignment surgery to make me black

work in ministry of general social regulation
new laws have just been passed by Clinton/Obama Pink House
new gender studies have found Adam apples cause rape of children and animals
so am pushing papers of reports, checking them to make sure all cis privilege checking is up to date
hair-transplant mustache lesbian SWAT team busts in
am put in foster-position lock while CSI team investigates
after careful crime scene analyze
me lifting all those report have increase my muscle mass
putting me above the allowed level of male cis privilege
that RAPE of all females i had encountered that day sums up to charge mass-rapist
sentenced to 5 years of service for Strapon Training Summercamp for confused lesbians
did check my cis privilege that day
but did not check enough
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)17:03:21 No.461501390
At the government designated safe space for trans womyn
Relaxing with fellow my fellow marginalized womyn and persons of color
Talking about how much we're going to get under the Compensation for Socially Disadvantaged Groups act
Giving thanks to the good lord Barack Obama, blessings upon xim
Suddenly, a white cismale walks in
Music stops abruptly, room is dead silent
"C- Can any of you ladies tell me how to get to Gamestop? I w-want to buy a copy of Ateli-"
I hit the rape alert button before he can violate us any more with his filthy cis privelege
Five powerful and self-determined obese black pansexual transwomyn burst through the door
They grab him and start to start tasing him
Smell of burning spaghetti
We throw him out onto the curb, where he's run over by a government mandated environmentally friendly electric car
Laugh at the death of useless cis scum
Go back to enjoying our government issued drinks, paid for by the tax on all the pigs who refused to give up their penises after the genital reform act of 2013
Learn to check your privilege, cis shit.
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)17:04:11 No.461501539
2022 aka 14 BO
Anita Sarkeesian now Director General of U.S. Department of Feminism and Privilege Checking
urgent craving to play with lego
banned since legos were proven to be sexist by Ms. Sarkeesian
heard rumors that a Danish guy named Ulf Karlsson can hook me up with some pieces
under cover of night, tiptoe to alley, reportedly hangout of Karlsson
see shadow 6'7" blonde muscular guy
psst...bro, you got some pieces of leg...
BOOOOOM BOOOOOM bullet shots all around
2 choppers shoot moonbeams on me
mfw i'm BLINDED in my eyes and pain through my balls
cis-privilege police dogs gnawing my bollocks
Ulf Karlsson bends, eye to eye, punches me in my mouth knocking my teeth out
"I'm not Ulf Karlsson. Ulf is a legend. I'm Layshonda Jackscoon - the trans-racial transgendered commissionaire of the USDFPC."
chopper descends in alley with Ms. Sarkeesian.
smirk on face as the dogs finally rip my balls off.
my social security records processed
finds out that i've been missing appointments with my cisnecologist for the last 2 weeks
jailed for 12 years for failing to regularly check my privilege
12 hours of solitary confinement and 12 hours of watching gaymer gurls play Farmville per day
Anonymous (ID: WLv0dMzQ) 02/26/13(Tue)17:04:15 No.461501548Replies: >>461502210
I'm not even sure which side of the argument you guys are trolling anymore.
Keep it classy /b/
Replies: >>461502210
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)17:05:26 No.461501798
2023 aka Year 15 of our Lord Barack Obama
finish 16 hour work-shift at the US Dept of Reparations
driving home in Chevy Volt as I see red white and blue lights flash in rearview
"Oh shit! I'm fucked!" pull over as a cop steps out
6'3" giant trans-racial, trans-species, trans-gendered nigger sow mammy comes to my window
"I will not axe you a second time. I gottsa see your license Suh."
personal records checked
revealed that missed out my CISnecologist appointment last week
"Put your hands in your orifices Suh! Your under arrest!" FUCK!!!
Grand Jury Trial. Jury made up of a furry, a FTM, a MTF, a FTM who is now transitioning from MTF, a lesbian and 3 dolphin-womyns
"Je accuse this man of not regularly checking his privilege at govt. appointed CISnecologist"
chains on my body, handcuffed, shackles in my ankles and yoke
punishment day arrives
dragged in chains, cuffs and yoke to Anita Sarkeesian Cis-Privilege Punishment Arena
formerly known as FedEx Field
electric clamps to my nipples and balls
70,000 cheering audience made of feminists, white knights, trans, non-human and other non-cis gendered oppressed minority groups
5,000 volts of current through my nipples emerging out of my balls
brave police officer who captured me puts her ass to my face and farts
rikishi stinkface
faint to the sounds of murricans clapping and cheseburgers chomping
ZOG administration decides to make example of me
my face all over television, new york times and jezebel
does anyone else want @cisguyno73872549 's babies? #taboofantasies
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)17:06:15 No.461501972
at the grocery store browsing the Monsanto GMO vagina-shaped fruits
a white man near me slips and falls
go over to help him
sirens blare as the reality of what I've just done sinks in
the Task Force on Cis Privilege emerges
two black trannies and a hulking butch dyke
before I can utter a word, I'm tazed and maced
I'm bound and gagged, and a slow-release estrogen chip is implanted in me
the whole time, the white man who had fallen is writhing in pain with a broken wrists
the dyke kicks him in the balls and reminds him not to forget his privilege
privilege checked
Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 02/26/13(Tue)17:07:26 No.461502210Replies: >>461518373
File: 1361916446520.jpg-(62 KB, 500x553, 675849394.jpg)

welcome newfriend
Replies: >>l_461501548>>461518373
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)17:10:46 No.461502880Replies: >>461509205
Arrive at work with head down, as pride is a social construct created by white cis males
people lined up, seems odd
questioning isn't allowed, as it is also a privilege
find out it's privilege inspection day
leave as much privilege at the door as I can
walk up to a man in a woman's body who thinks it is half dragon half strawberry
"I Ch-Ch-eck my privilege at the door, I swear" I mumbled
It glares at me
"mind read complete" says a device "use of the word it is present"
it is an illegal subject pronoun
all subject pronouns are illegal
"Four years of privilege checking!"
forced to read tumblr for four years
Anyone lurking?
Replies: >>461509205
Anonymous (ID: nyYwEnmb) 02/26/13(Tue)17:11:50 No.461503106
just me
Anonymous (ID: bkKSTNsh) 02/26/13(Tue)17:15:26 No.461503830Replies: >>461504868
live in Tolerance Zone #65
be nu-trans fourth trimester transsensual Angst Profile ZETA-8 genderqueer pseudo-dyke reformed lesbiophilic heteromollusc
see cis white male at the zoo
ask "mommies, what's that?"
they don't know
Genderless Polyamorous Parental Unit #2 takes me into a Safe Zone and engages the Feelings Shield
tells me that it is a monster from the beforetime
tells me not to be scared, because the monsters' penisocracy was smashed by the forces of the LBJQGTA5 Coalition in the Patriarchy Wars
start to cry
s/he opens his and/or her rainbow mesh vest and retrieves an estrogen pill to cheer me up
feeling the calming femininity wash over me
s/he tells me that the monsters aren't allowed to hurt anyone anymore, only to work, to support our glorious society
throw Privilege Peanuts at him
everyone laughs
take some soma
go home and read some consensus-approved feelings-safe literature

2013-02-27 [Schlachter]: Who has a use for any of this??

2013-02-27 [Nekko fox]: Hitler.

2013-02-27 [Schlachter]: Hitler was pro-gender not against it.

2013-02-27 [Nekko fox]: These are also function, Hitler loved fiction.

2013-02-27 [Schlachter]: Citations please. Extra sauce on them too.

2013-02-27 [Nekko fox]: Propaganda was his means of persuading the German people to accept his cause, and propaganda is fiction.

2013-02-28 [Schlachter]: You know you're speaking to a German right XD?
Hitler was affiliated with a one very famous philosopher (& almost everything he coughed up was motivated by him) who is in fact not on die Ideengang (Wall of Ideas?) in Berlin (it's not furry, but you can touch it). The German people loved this philosopher already... they just needed someone who was not stuck in bed all the time to help lead into the 21st century.
So why is it propaganda I ask? You must think horribly of Darwin then...? Most of that propaganda goes under the name of science...?

2013-02-28 [Nekko fox]: I'm no scientist, so I need no sauce. how do you like those apples?

2013-02-28 [Schlachter]: So then you hide in the arts...
I like them in a sauce. Served on an apple pie.
But philosophy is of the arts... now what?

2013-02-28 [Nekko fox]: Now I'm hiding in Home Ec.

Apple pie?

*Hands you a plate*

2013-02-28 [Schlachter]: You can't stay in there forever dammit! You do have to come out at some point!
Then I will take legion to the arts...

Oh! Pie! Don't mind if I do... this is not a trick or anything? Ironic though because you asked me if I liked those apples... & I would be eating them then, hypothetically. Just all all my other hypothetical concrete nonsense...

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