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Hi everyone and welcome to my wiki! I am creating this wiki as I feel it's time for me to try and become a Council member as I feel I am ready; whether the crew feel I am ready is up to them. :)


Why I am interested in being on the Council

I am interested in being on the Council because I have seen the work they do on Elfpack and I know how much time they put into it, they put a lot of effort into making Elfpack a better place.


What I have done for Elfpack so far

I am one of the Volunteers and I am also the contest handler for the Elfpack awards

I have helped correct countless official wikis--everything from spelling mistakes to design malfunctions.

I also had one of my poems featured by Elfpack Featured Poem, so that means I'm one of the Poets.

I won Second Place in the Santa Contest on Let It Snow! 2011 - 2012


I won Third Place in the Swearing Poem Contest.

I've also entered Elfpack's Logo Contest.

I won third place in Best Swearing Story.

I have done a few (good!) reports.


What is your knowledge of Elfpack

Well I have been on Elfpack since 06/10/2011 but I have been on Heddate Sites longer, so I have learned about pseudo html

As a I have had to learn about Elfpack inside out, I know about most (if not all of) the official pages.

I know how to use forums (P.S. THEY'RE EASY!! I'd be GLAD to help anyone learn!)

I know all the rules and find that they are not hard to stick to; if I see someone breaking a rule, I go and tell [Stephen] or the Guards which you should do the same.


What is your English like

I am very good with my English, I read and write English very well, though there is two types of English, American English and British English I seem to get on fine, after all, I am British.


What are my Goals?

To be as professional as possible.

TO be a good communicator and adviser

To be a person someone can go to without them feeling uncomfortable.

To get on with the crew and members well (which I already do). :)

Thanks to [Amalaswinta] I am a very calm person now and can keep myself under control in hard situations.

I will do all this until the day I die, (or until a Cyborg attacks!!)


Do you get on with the crew

I get on with the crew really well, they are really nice, if a little bit crazy....... maybe a lot.


Is Elfpack fun

ELfpack is amazingly fun and easy to use.


MY supporters:

1. [VIX] - I Support This Applicant

2. [Deg] - You got my full support!

3. [Commandaaah] - I follow the Deg's lead!

4. [wolvie] - She's been doing a lot to help ep stay active

5. [wretched-reaper] I'll support her too. :)

6. [matty coppick] - I support you babe as you are a hard worker and help things run smoothly on here.

7. [WonderTweek] - :D

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<img:stuff/aj/56098/Blueblob.1.gif> The Council:

1130) Who supports me to get on the crew (Administrator is private forum number -455)

Number of voters: 3
* a) I do
Number of votes: 2 (67%)

* b) I do sort of
Number of votes: 1 (33%)

* c) I dont
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

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2012-02-23 [Deg]: There you go! ;)

2012-02-23 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: At this current time I dunno if we need anymore people on council, that is to say unless people get promoted from current positions to higher positions and other slots need to get filled >< At least that's what it's been like since I became a council member >>

2012-02-23 [Eyes of the Reaper]: Maybe a lot crazy? Gurl, we're fookin' bonkers. :P

2012-02-23 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: > Not as bonkers as me! YA BONKERS YA TOTTALLY NUTS, BONKERS NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS!

2012-02-24 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: no changes? o.0

2012-02-24 [wolvie]: I tried to add my name couldn't figure it out on phone and closed internet to play a game

2012-02-24 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I:'ll add it for you

2012-02-24 [wolvie]: Awesome thanks

2012-02-24 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: you can add your own comment

2012-02-24 [wolvie]: I would if.editing pages wasn't so confusing on a 4 inch screen

2012-02-24 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: well...what do you want put?

2012-02-24 [wolvie]: She's been doing alot to help ep stay activr

2012-02-24 [Amalaswinta]: we the council or more than just a little crazy indeed... ;)

although I absolutely agree with you (meaning sammie) about how you've changed your behaviour - you have really calmed down in a relative short period of time - I've advised stephen a few weeks ago not to hire anymore council.

for a couple of years getting on council has been handled as a kind of promotion for doing a good job.
but the way I see it, in every society you have those who lead (council) and those who do great jobs at handling stuff the leaders can't handle all by themselves.
for doing a great job you can get several titles, and you most likely will get more in the future.
for now though, there won't be any new people being hired for council unless there's a really really really good reason.

I really hope you'll continue doing as great as you've been doing the past months, you really are a big help to us :)

2012-02-24 [sammie h!]: Ok then, what job positions are vacant at the moment? :)

2012-02-24 [Stephen]: @Ama: +1 Thanks.

@Sammie: To clarify a tiny bit more, the members of the Council are either there because of great leadership ability/being fantastic at helping and offering sound advice on a regular basis, or for actually being the head of some other part of Elfpack.

For example, the leader of the Elfpack Jokes is the only member of that staff on Council, even though some other members of that staff have Council-level privs.

On a different note, I don't like privs being attached to a position. It makes it look like as soon as someone gets a certain position, they're supposed to get a title with it.

2012-02-25 [sammie h!]: Very true, I see what you mean. :)

2012-03-11 [zoloftzantac]: ha, I just read about how you reported [Stephen], don't worry, I reported [Hedda] once :p

2012-03-11 [Stephen]: I've seen that report. x3
Made me go lol. x)

2012-03-11 [sammie h!]: Ha Ha

2012-06-04 [Fool on the hill]: the fool from the hill stands and says*
whas goin on?

2013-01-21 [sammie h!]: A few mistakes have been updated

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