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Greetings! Welcome to the Christmas competitions.

Please, feel free in the comment section to:
<img:> Ask questions about the contests.
<img:> Spark and/or join in the conversation!
<img:> Be respectful of others, please.



<img:> 1 - The work must be your own!
<img:> 2 - Must be uploaded to Elfpack.
<img:> 3 - Must have something to do with Christmas.
<img:> 4 - Each member may submit up to "2" entries.
<img:> 6 - For Poetry: No line limit. Write poems as long as you like. With really long
         poems, the <hide> tag can be used. (See: pseudo_HTML)
<img:> 6 - Must be submitted on the entries' page before the closing of the contests.
         (See below for the entry pages' links.)
<img:> 7 - HAVE FUN!!!

The winners will be selected by a 'public poll'.

Deadline (extended): 2014-01-20 (yyyy-mm-dd) - Midnight, Elfpack time.
Note: If a little more time is needed to finish your entry, contact [Faith.Hope.Love] before
          the deadline. An allowance of up to two more days' time can be made to
          finish an entry.




Christmas Art


Christmas Photo


Christmas Poetry

(Badges Here)
(Badges Here)
(Badges Here)


Entries' pages:

For the art entries:
For the photo entries:
For the poetry entries:


Related Links:
<img:> - Elfpack-Christmas-Art-Competition
<img:> - Elfpack-Christmas-Photo-Competition
<img:> - Elfpack-Christmas-Poetry-Competition




Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!!

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Hi! You know you want to enter...
Whatcha' waitin' fer.. Christmas? ;)

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