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Greetings! Welcome to the Halloween 'flavoured' competitions.

Don't forget to enter the Halloween Costume Contest 2013!!!

Please, feel free in the comment section to:
<img:> Ask questions about the contests.
<img:> Spark and/or join in the conversation!
<img:> Be respectful of others, please.



<img:> 1 - The work must be your own!
<img:> 2 - Must be uploaded to Elfpack.
<img:> 3 - Must have something to do with Halloween.
<img:> 4 - Each member may submit up to "2" entries.
<img:> 6 - For Poetry: No line limit. Write poems as long as you like. With really long
         poems, the <hide> tag can be used. (See: pseudo_HTML)
<img:> 6 - Must be submitted on the entries' page before the closing of the contests.
         (See below for the entry pages' links.)
<img:> 7 - HAVE FUN!!!

The winners will be selected by a 'public poll'.

Deadline: 2013-11-07 (yyyy-mm-dd) - Midnight, Elfpack time.
Note: If a little more time is needed to finish your entry, contact [Faith.Hope.Love] before
          the deadline. An allowance of up to two more days' time can be made to
          finish an entry.




Halloween Art


Halloween Photo


Halloween Poetry

(Badges Here)
(Badges Here)
(Badges Here)


Entries' pages:

For the art entries:
For the photo entries:
For the poetry entries:


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<img:> - Elfpack-Halloween-Poetry-Competition
<img:> - Halloween Costume Contest 2013




Have a "spooktacular" Halloween!

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2013-10-26 [kittykittykitty]: Great pages! It's been a while since I've seen a member-run contest like this on EP. I can add a few links around official pages to help you promote, if you like? :)

2013-10-27 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Ok... adding my comment... again. :(

Thanks! :) I love doing wiki stuff.

That would be great, thanks! 'Course it will be great too if there are some entries. :)

I might add a photography section too. Many like to decorate for Halloween and take photos of and taking photos takes a lot less time than creating an art piece or writing.

Still trying to decide what to put on the badges though. :P

2013-11-14 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Elfpack-Halloween-Art-Competition Badges:

<img:> <img:> <img:>
First Place Winner
Second Place Winner

Elfpack-Halloween-Photo-Competition Badges:
<img:> <img:> <img:>
First Place Winner
Second Place Winner

Elfpack-Halloween-Poetry-Competition Badges:
<img:> <img:> <img:>
First Place Winner
Second Place Winner

Original Casper image from:

Me lurves Casper!

2013-11-20 [kittykittykitty]: Lovely badges! There were no entries were there? I guess this one came out a little too late :( I would have liked to make something but I've been swamped with college work recently. Great stuff to recycle for next year though! :)

2013-11-20 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Thanks! :) I had a difficult time finally deciding just what to go with to put on the badges. ..And now I'm experiencing the same with making the ones for the Christmas competitions and then there's the Valentine competitions. I enjoy doing artsy stuff though. :)

It was my procrastinating on putting the Halloween competitions together, mainly because I thought about it as far back as early September, but then kept telling myself it probably wouldn't get much interest because of the lack of active members. Then, I decided to do it anyway, but late. As you say though, it will be here for following years and hopefully, Elfpack will pick up in regards to active members and so, hopefully with participation. Never give up hope, right? ..And then since I decided to go ahead and put a Halloween competition together, I also decided to go ahead with setting up one for Christmas and much more in advance of Christmas. So maybe with the Christmas one, there'll be some interest.

College can be and usually is demanding of time. What curriculum are you studying? I would have liked to have seen an entry from you! Maybe an entry from you for Christmas? *hint hint* ;)

2013-11-21 [kittykittykitty]: Yeah, there should be enough time to make something Christmassy! xD The to-do list grows every day though.

It's an Access to Higher Education course which is like a fast-track to university. It's almost an equivalent of A levels (which take 2 years) packed into 1 year, so it's pretty intense. I'm studying English, Psychology and English Lit this year - finally appreciating poetry, hurray!

Ahhh that old nemesis, procrastination. Making contests is always worth a try though, especially since it can be so enjoyable. It's a shame you can't enter them yourself, really! <img:zabuN-gif.gif>

2013-11-21 [Faith.Hope.Love]: The to-do list always seems to grow at a much faster rate than there's time for. :/

I love the English language and using it. I say English because it's my native language. I reckon that if I spoke, say French for example, natively, I would then love French. Psychology is a fascinating subject. I always wished I had pursued it formally but since we only are given one life, there are just so many interests one can possibly have time to pursue and then have enough time to allot/give for each one. I love poetry but I'm more for poetry that rhymes, giving it a flowing and somewhat rhythmic element besides just poetic wording. ..And writing poetry that rhymes I find to be a bit more rewarding because not only are you writing poetically but you're also adding in the added challenge of rhyming your words. :)

Yeah it is worth the effort. I'd much rather live with knowing I at least tried than not, even if the effort doesn't pan out the way I'd hoped. If we don't try, we have no way of knowing whether or not something will succeed or not. :P

Eh, I don't mind really. I enjoy being creative but I also enjoy seeing what others create as well. :)

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