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Halloween Costume Contest 2013


Welcome to Elfpack's annual Halloween Costume Contest! Are you ready to get into the Halloween spirit and let your creative juices flow? We hope so, because we're dying to see your costumes!

Be they spooky, creepy, sexy, funny or just... bad, snap a picture and share it with Elfpack for some sweet rewards.

You can submit 2 different costumes, and they can be anything from make-up to whole outfits. Take as many pictures of each costume as you like (all the pictures will count as one entry). It doesn't have to be you in the picture, but you must have been involved with making or putting together the outfit to enter it here :)

Deadline: 13th November 2013 [ -CLOSED- ]

That should give you plenty of time to upload your photos after Halloween ;)



1st place:

[lulu dinobot]'s zombie bride

2nd place

[Perfidious Fidelity]'s murderous clown

3rd place

[Cerulean Sins]' she-devil



1st-<img:stuff/epcontest2.gif> 2nd-<img100*0:/stuff/contest2nd.gif> 3rd-<img100*0:/stuff/contest3rd.gif>
(The partial badges can be upgraded for placing in another contest!)

The winning entry will receive a Competition winner's badge, 6 Togs, and a Giffie-Pet Slot Token, allowing an additional giffie-pet.
The 2nd placed entry will win the 2nd place badge, 4 Togs, and a Unique Giffie-Pets ticket.
The 3rd placed entry will win the 3rd place badge, 2 Togs, and an Exotic pet ticket, allowing an Exotic pet from the Giffie-Pet Store.
All proper entries will be awarded with .5 (one half) Tog!

The winner will be decided by the Council, and judged for creativity, execution and suitability for the theme.

Graphics on the page are from Elfpack Graphics



<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Each member may enter two different costumes. You can enter several pictures of the same costume, but this counts as one entry only.
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> You must be involved with making or wearing the costume. No random pictures from Google, please!
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Make sure your entry follows the uploading art rules. That means nothing lewd or overly gross, please!
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Upload your image to Elfpack. If you don't know how, check Uploading images. You can ask for help with this in the comments if needed.
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Be respectful to other entries, and other people on the wiki. Failure to comply will result in the Guards hiding spiders under your bed.
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Most importantly: have FUN! (whether you like it or not!)


Please post your entries on this page:

Halloween Costume Contest 2013 Entries


Check out Elfpack Contests for more ongoing contests.

Also see Elfpack-Halloween-Competitions for TWO more unofficial Halloween contests run by [Faith.Hope.Love]!
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Elfpack-Halloween-Art-Competition
<img:stuff/z/28605/giffygiffybullat!/Image12.gif> Elfpack-Halloween-Poetry-Competition.


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2013-10-23 [kittykittykitty]: Welcome to the Halloween contest! :) Did anyone find some great ideas for their costumes this year? Will you be dressing up at all or staying at home pigging on candy?

P.S. Council members: [44004 (Unknown or private posting)]

2013-10-23 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Nice wiki-page, [kittykittykitty]. <img:stuff/Jack%27o%27LanternEmotion-1ByArtsieladie2013-10-23.png>

2013-10-23 [kittykittykitty]: Thank you! And eep, that is one scary pumpkin xD

2013-10-24 [Faith.Hope.Love]: YW. lol It's supposed to be. ;)

2013-10-24 [kittykittykitty]: Well true! I kinda prefer cute pumpkins like the little winking fellow on the page here. No nightmare material.

2013-10-24 [My Sky's The Limit]: Mine won't be about the COSTUME, but more about the face that alright??

2013-10-26 [kittykittykitty]: That's perfectly fine [My Sky's The Limit], feel free to submit facepaint! It doesn't need to be a head-to-toe costume :)

2013-10-27 [kittykittykitty]: For the more artistically inclined, or those who want to get involved with everything, head over to Elfpack-Halloween-Art-Competition and Elfpack-Halloween-Poetry-Competition.

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Yes, Kitty, I do as well. :) I'm not into gore and zombies, but also to each their own.

Thanks very much for the add, very much appreciated! <img:lo-gif.gif><img:lo-gif.gif>

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Hmm... it happened again, my comment doubled! The same thing happened when I put a comment on Elfpack-Halloween-Competitions. So I then deleted one, because 'duplicated' comments aren't needed. Then when I went back to the same wiki-page a bit later, the comment that I had left, was gone! ..And I'm saving this info too.

Edit: With this comment the same "duplicating" occurred.

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: <img500*0:>

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: ..And as anyone can see, I did the editing in the second comment, but it wasn't DONE "in" the second comment when it went through, but showed up in the "first" comment instead. Weird!!!!

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Now, I've opened up a new tab and I've come back to this page, and the comments that were displaying as "duplicated" aren't any longer. (screengrabbed as well) Now, let's see what happens with THIS comment..

Edit: This comment duplicated too. (screengrabbing)

2013-10-29 [kittykittykitty]: I had that happen once too, it was very weird. My comment went through twice, so I deleted the extra one and both disappeared. I wrote out the comment again, sent it, then the previous one I thought I deleted re-appeared xD

It's no coincidence that it happened on halloween pages! The ghosts are playing their tricks on us already!

2013-11-01 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Yes! That's it, Kitty! lol

2013-11-13 [kittykittykitty]: Almost ready to close this, time for last minute entries!

2013-11-21 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Congratulations to all the winners. I liked all the entries and the nice showing of creativeness. :)

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