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Halloween Costume Contest 2013 Entries


Add your Halloween Costume Contest 2013 entries on this page!
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1) <img500*0:>
We had a dress up day at work so this was the makeup I did! It was real last minute but it still turned out really well thanks to help from [BlueRaven]. :D

[hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]
It was at my mom and dad's halloween party! :D I dressed as a Ninja. I have my own weapons as well. haha

[Cerulean Sins]
Happy Halloween from the She Devil!
My friends and I all dressed up for Halloween and we had a movie night :)

[My Sky's The Limit]
Bride of Frankenstein.
Wish I had more material to work with. That's what I get for bein' a broke ass x)

[lulu dinobot]
Zombie Bride (real Bridal dress&veil....gun shot wound included)
This was last nights (2nd Nov) get up for my friend Laura's house party. I bought an actual weddibg dress, cut it up, stained it and bloodied it up. :)

[lulu dinobot]
This was for a child's Hallowe'en party in a little community centre, I made 3 kids actually cry....which I see as a success. My own daughter (18months old) found it hilarious, she's farrr too desensitised to horror lol

7) <img500*0:stuff/xbnhj56.jpg>
[Perfidious Fidelity] murder clown thing.i had a black cloak when I took my daughter trick or treating and it scared the crap out of the little kids lol. I kinda felt bad.

BOOM! Headshot.

[Cerulean Sins]
Halloween costume for my works Halloween party!!!

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2013-11-10 [Perfidious Fidelity]: Naw, yours is good. Everyone's is :)

2013-11-10 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: heh thanks :3

2013-11-10 [Perfidious Fidelity]: Of course

2013-11-10 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: :)

2013-11-11 [lulu dinobot]: Thanks [kittykittykitty] hehe

2013-11-14 [lulu dinobot]: Who won??

2013-11-14 [kittykittykitty]: Entries are now CLOSED! We're going to a super secret voting poll and the winners will be announced shortly! :)

2013-11-15 [lulu dinobot]: Ahh!! Excited.

2013-11-16 [Perfidious Fidelity]: Why is it super secret?? How is anyone supposed to vote lol o.O

2013-11-16 [kittykittykitty]: It's not a public vote because they tend to take a VERY long time to get a clear winner (especially when there are so many great entries)! :( It would be silly to announce the winner of the Halloween contest in December, or later, don't you think? xD

2013-11-18 [Perfidious Fidelity]: Ahh lol makes sense now hahaha

2013-11-21 [kittykittykitty]: Check out the news post for the results, and congratulations to the winners! <URL:community_news.html?nrs=126>

Keep your eyes on the news or on Elfpack Contests for our next contest :)

2013-11-21 [Deg]: Great job, everyone! Loved all the participation. Congrats to the winners!!

2013-11-24 [lulu dinobot]: Woooh :) thanks guys. Cant believe i got 1st place!!

2013-11-28 [kittykittykitty]: You clearly put a lot of effort into the costume! :)

2013-12-02 [Perfidious Fidelity]: When do the badges show up on our page?

2013-12-03 [lulu dinobot]: Haha i really did. I looove halloween. Christmas one next :)

2013-12-20 [kittykittykitty]: Take a look at our newest contest on mainstuff :) Would love to see you guys entering for the Christmas contest one too!

2013-12-25 [Deg]: Absolutely!

2013-12-25 [Deg]: Oh, and hey, Merry Christmas, everyone! Or Yule. Or Solstice. Or whatever you celebrate.

2013-12-26 [kittykittykitty]: Merry Christmas Deg and everyone :D

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