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Greetings! Welcome to the Elfpack-Christmas-Art-Competition, entries' page.

Please, feel free in the comment section to:
<img:> Ask questions about the contests.
<img:> Spark and/or join in the conversation!
<img:> Be respectful of others, please.


Rules and Deadline:

Simple! See: Elfpack-Christmas-Competitions#Rules
<img:> Theme: Christmas/Yule!
<img:> Deadline (extended): 2014-01-20


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Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!


Christmas Art Entries:

Please post your entry like this example:

number your entry - "title"
(your art image uploaded to Elfpack; sized "img400")
(Elfpack link to your work here)
Art by (your username)
Optional - Brief description

Display example:
0 - "Christmas Art Banner"
Art by [Faith.Hope.Love]
Banner made for the Elfpack Christmas Art Competition.

Start posting entries here, just beneath this double horizontal rule:

1 - "A kitty cat Christmas"
Art by: [I'm gone.]
Description: Hey guys! this is my entry i wouldn't say it was perfect but anyways enjoy!

2 -

Username (or number or email):


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2013-12-05 [I'm gone.]: Lol u already said Easter but since I am older I understand what drama it can be for the grown ups

2013-12-05 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Yeah, silly me. :) I don't really get too involved in Halloween, but Christmas is a different scenario. I think Christmas is such a magical time of year. People generally, unless they are of the Scrooge and Grinch types, have warmer hearts, more generous in giving and forgiving, more accepting and tolerant of others, and just overall more cheerful and more optimistic. I wish this same warm hearted atmosphere was year 'round. :) <img:stuff/SantaElfLgMood_rev.png>

2013-12-06 [I'm gone.]: :) same here ‹3 and loool i am on EP in my nintendo 3DS right now for fun (it connects to the internet)

2013-12-06 [Faith.Hope.Love]: :) I don't use anything other than my computer to access the Internet, so I'm totally clueless when it comes to using other gadgets. :P

2013-12-06 [I'm gone.]: Lol and btw my drawing will be up sooner or later

2013-12-06 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Okay, cool. Being creative takes time. :)

2013-12-06 [I'm gone.]: Yes.... it does

2013-12-10 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Love it, [I'm gone.]. It's adorable! :) I think it could be better appreciated though, if it was turned 90° CCW. You're welcome to leave it as is, but if you'd like it turned and can't turn it yourself, I could do it for you and I'd be glad to help.

2013-12-10 [I'm gone.]: What type of help? And thanks

2013-12-10 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Umm.. turning it so when one looks at it, they don't have to tilt their head to see it correctly. :)

2013-12-11 [I'm gone.]: Don worrie I think ppl can tell it's a cat lol

2013-12-11 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Okay. I can tell. lol

2013-12-11 [I'm gone.]: :P

2013-12-12 [I'm gone.]: I'm still the only entered one?!

2013-12-13 [Faith.Hope.Love]: It appears so. Hopefully there will be more, but unfortunately, there's not very many active members on Elfpack any more. :(

2013-12-13 [I'm gone.]: :( I see that... one time I see I am the only one online I wait 15 minutes and still NO ONE so... I just went to watch sofia the first

2013-12-13 [Faith.Hope.Love]: I've been on quite a few times when I'm the only one online. :/

2013-12-13 [I'm gone.]: :/

2013-12-16 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Extending the deadline. Maybe there'll be more entries.

2013-12-17 [I'm gone.]: Ya I know there is an entry in the photo's... does that count?

2013-12-17 [I'm gone.]: Could there just be a first and second place or third? (If there is a third thing entered) at least for this year?

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