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The graphics on this wiki-page were made by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. With the
exception of the dividers, bullets/buttons, and page banner used on this page, the rest were specifically
made and designed for Elfpack's App and therefore may be used for this purpose with my blessings.


At a glance... (left) 480x800 PNG - (right) 225x275 PNG




Background... and border...

<img:>    <img:>


Section overlay... and section overlay border...

Please note: The overlay must remain as a PNG to maintain its semi-transparency.

<img:>    <img:>


Bottom bar with search graphics...

Which goes over the background and over the overlay and overlay border, BUT "under" the iframe border.

Bottom bar:

Background for Search Box:

Type area:
(Probably not needed
as a graphic.)

Search image:

Go arrow BEFORE
typing in the
search box:

Go arrow AFTER
typing in the
search box:

Entire search
typing in:

Entire search
typing in:

Bottom bar with
all aspects to
search box
(Go arrow green):










Top bar with graphics and buttons...

Which goes "over" the iframe border.

Top bar; two toned:

Top Bar, Bottom Tone
"Untickled" Buttons:

Top Bar, Bottom Tone
"Tickled" Buttons:

Top Bar, Bottom Tone
Buttons' Border:

Top Bar, Bottom Tone
"Untickled" Buttons





    "Untickled" Button:     "Tickled" Button:
<img:> <img:>

Top Bar, Top Tone
- All Items
(Without background):

Top Bar, Top Tone
- Untickled Graphics
(Without background):

Top Bar, Top Tone
- Graphics
One tickled button:

Top Bar, Top Tone
- All Items
(With background):





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<img:> - Style Requests


More graphics/images to upload:

Dropdown menu box, "tickled" and "untickled" versions of graphics, etc..


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2013-07-11 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Thanks. It would have been easier if I had had a little better idea of what was actually needed.

Well, ask Hedda. I'm SURE "he" knows. ;) ;)

2013-10-14 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Hint: What has happened with "Zach" is likely the same or similar to what happened with "Robert Lady", when it became apparent to "whom" he really was. Oh but, member #1 doesn't likely want me to say this, umm... tell anyone. So "shhhhhhh". ;) ..And I'm not even the one who smelled a rat in Robert Lady. Marion was and he contacted me and when certain "ear marks" began to show through the fake facade, I then told my suspicions to a person who does investigating for a living and lo and behold, even the "fake voice" didn't save the real McCoy from being discovered. What I know about #1, Stephen, and then what I've been able to piece together? It would curl your hair; not wave it but curl it.

I have the rest on my computer that I didn't finish uploading here. ..And yes, NOW I KNOW "who" I was really making these for. Not that this really changes the purpose behind the graphics. I JUST WISH a certain person would JUST be honest with me. It would set them free from the guilt and I don't wish to use the truth against them. Actually, quite the contrary because if this person would just be honest with me and then fix the situation which I KNOW they can, then I wouldn't have to "reveal what I know" any longer. Does this seem like I'm consumed with hatred? I have no hatred in my heart for anyone, but I WILL ALWAYS defend myself, especially when I KNOW I'm being wrongly and unjustly accused and punished and especially when I'm being made to be the scapegoat for the wrongs of another and/or others. Any normal person would do the same, defend themselves.

2013-10-26 [Stephen]: It's too bad, really.
These are nice graphics. They'd make a wonderful app.

2013-10-26 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Well, it's not still all for naught.. or at least from my perspective. I did give my word and publicly that I would attempt to make the graphics even though I didn't fully understand just what was needed and I KEEP MY WORD, which is more than I can say for many people, including Hedda, since he DID give me the green light with Elf12 and then I'm sure you remember what he did to me there and then all my work was destroyed on Elf12 as a result. Therefore, his word means shit.

The PROBLEM is, Hedda doesn't have the guts or the balls to just "talk" to me, ONLY "spy" on me. He thinks I should just drop all of this and let him continue to get away with what he's done and continues to do to me without ANY accountability on his part whatsoever, which is childish and immature at best. I'm expected to accept punishment for "his" spying activity! Yet, others involved see no problem with this?

Perhaps, someone should remind him that when you do things to others that are wrong, illegal, immoral, and unethical, like invade their privacy and then steal their work and slander their name because they don't want to get caught at what they're doing they shouldn't BE doing, there are eventual repercussions. But even so, I have offered to him complete forgiveness, COMPLETE!... to wipe the slate clean, HIS DAMN SLATE... if he would just talk to me "civilly" and tell "me" the truth. But... "he" can't do this, because number one, he knows he's guilty and so, to admit his guilt is more than he's willing to do.. and he doesn't give a damn as to who or what he takes down as a result. ...and number two, his ego-fed pride along with his arrogance and how he thinks he should be perceived by others is more important than standing up like a real man to face the truth. As a result, he cuts off his nose to spite his face.

So if ANYONE is keeping this whole fiasco going, it's HEDDA! ..And I now have gone through my saved data and put together all the evidence that "proves" Hedda put the heart "in" my badge slot on Elftown AND he also "removed" it, the very same one when he banned me the first round because I told him I was thinking about leaving Elftown. ..And I also have the PM in which he told me that "I" put it in my badge slot. He did NOT say that silverfire did AND so, silverfire did NOT "tell the truth" either! All the screengrabs I took on the day after Valentine's Day, 2009, prove that I've been telling the truth all along, not to mention the witnesses who also know the same.

..And yes, I WILL be displaying the evidence because for the very simple reason, Hedda refuses to work things out 'amicably', to stop invading my privacy, to stop slandering my name, and to stop stealing my work. Since he leaves me with NO alternative, he can reap what he sows! Unfortunately, because of "his" non-compliance and stubbornness, others remain caught up in this fiasco as well, but blame Hedda! Because it is "he" who is keeping this fiasco going. :(

2013-10-27 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Ask yourself, Stephen.. Why won't Hedda just talk to me? Why, when he's been asked to explain, won't he give an explanation? ..And not just with me, but he wouldn't even give Faith an explanation, because she told me she went to him and then said "Hedda isn't saying much". She wanted him to explain why it was that it looked like I had never been to the invite page on Elftown.

As can be seen in my ET guestbook, True called me a liar and said that he had the screen captures that "proved" I had never been to the invite page. Therefore, I must have been lying when I said that I had invited a member.

I then, displayed a copy of the "invite email" that was sent to the member I invited. So, if Hedda can make things appear "authentic" enough to fool True, it certainly shows just how clever Hedda is and very good at making things look different than what they "really" are. ..And if he can fool True into believing something such as this, then it certainly stands to reason that he can fool and get others to believe most anything, doesn't it?

Hedda, himself, told me to ask him if there were things I didn't understand. So I took him up on it and asked him. Instead of answering my questions, he then got nasty, insulting, and belligerent with me, including throwing insults at me to include my daughter! (As Faith can verify since Hedda had also told me that I chased Lerune away from Elf12 and she said that it wasn't true, herself!) Oh but, when I got a different security system for my computer, Hedda went to my daughter's Facebook wall and began communicating with her in a status of hers. She even texted me and said: "WTF! What's up with Hedda?"

I asked her if he had ever done this before and she said that he had not. I told her that I had just changed security systems on my computer. She said, "O, he wants to insure he keeps a line of contact open with you through me. So if he establishes communication with me, he can then still find things out about you, if the new security on your computer complicates things for him."

About a month and a half later, "that particular status" in which Hedda commented on, on her wall, suddenly vanished. All her other statuses remained. Just THAT ONE disappeared. ...And for the record? I saved it in my saved data.

When I first went to Hedda with my then, suspicions about things it became apparent that "he" was causing, why didn't "he" right then and there say to me that what I was concluding was incorrect, that in no way was it "he" that was doing didoes? If "I" was incorrect, why didn't "he" just say so? The fact that he didn't tells me that I had hit the nail squarely on the head! ..And then more and more strange and bizarre incidents kept occurring with me, NOT with any other members to my knowledge.

I went to "him" FIRST because if there was something to my then suspicions, I wanted to get things straightened out BEFORE anything could begin to be trouble. The LAST person I wanted ANY issues with was with Hedda. I LOVED his sites! I was moderating one of them. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that Hedda of all people would deliberately pull stunts on or with me. There was and is still, NO ONE more devoted and dedicated to his sites than I!!!

Why would Hedda threaten me, to have me thrown off the Internet if I continued to tell and expose what I have and know? Why? If he has nothing to hide or feel guilty about, then he shouldn't have ANY problem with me providing data then. Why did he password the Calls_To_Myself wiki-page on Elftown to keep the public from seeing it, IF he has nothing to hide??? There's data on the page that clearly implicates him with the tampering of my phone, THIS is why.

He's broadcasting all over the Internet that I'm a liar, that I'm conjuring up "conspiracy theories". Well, IF the Calls_To_Myself and other data I have is all just "conspiracy theories", why is "he" concerned that the public know what I have? Only a "guilty" person conceals evidence!!!

..And BECAUSE Hedda won't communicate with me, I am left with NO other recourse than to show and tell, BECAUSE I'm left with ONLY ONE alternative to defend myself, my work, and my name and this IS to show that HE is LYING! There's no good reason not to communicate because IF he and I were to "communicate" and "civilly on his part", without his arrogance and belligerence and insults, "WE" COULD work this out "between him and I" because I am willing to and then leave others out of this. But Hedda thinks that he can continue on doing what he's doing and then thinks that I am wrong for objecting and for defending myself and thinks others should have to put up with the repercussions, NOT him.

If anyone says that they wouldn't do likewise, defend themselves, then they are lying or they are complete fools or both.

I've said this before and I will say it again... I would MUCH RATHER work this out with Hedda than to have to keep on defending myself against him. I do NOT hate him or anyone else. I do hate what's being done to me however. If Hedda doesn't like the "drama", then Hedda needs to grow up and face this head on, instead of pussy-footing around and hiding behind and expecting others to have to deal with and put up with the repercussions of Hedda sticking his head in the sand.

I'm not out to get him or anyone else, but if revealing the truth makes it appear like I am, then people who think this need to for once, put themselves in my shoes and see things from my perspective for a change, instead of just labeling me as a lying lunatic.

Perhaps, if others involved would just tell Hedda to face up to it or else, maybe then, "he" would finally get the message that he can't put his problems that he instigates onto others.

2013-10-27 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Also, I want to know WHY. Why did Hedda even start stalking me? Since there is only two sides to a coin, he either began to because had some sort of interest OR he's a sick, demented, twisted individual who likes to spy on his users.

Since I never wanted to think the worst of him, I entertained the fore rather than the latter, whereas all those involved it seems, have chosen to believe the latter than the fore, since they enjoyed making fun of me for thinking that Hedda just 'might have been' interested.

It is this train of thought that has kept me from feeling contempt for him. But Hedda is the one who actually KNOWS. I can feel compassion and understanding as long as I lean toward the fore rather than the latter. I don't want to allow myself to think he's some kind of sick monster.. and still.

I suppose I could think of him as others do, the latter, but I still don't want to come to this conclusion, not even now. This is why I want and am willing to "listen to" him, but "he" has to afford me the opportunity with the truth. If he won't, then I have to draw my conclusions based on the data and evidence I've gathered and will continue to gather. ..And as long as he continually forces me to be in the defense mode, and remains unwilling to communicate, then he can't expect anything to change from what they are.

The ball is in "his" court and it has been for a long time. If he chooses to play dumb, ignorant, and stupid, it's still his choice, but then, he can't fault me for how I'm reacting or for what I'm doing because of "his" choice. ..And if he does fault me, doing so, doesn't make it right.

There is NO viable or sensible reason that this mess cannot be worked out because I can and will forgive him for whatever, but he HAS to "tell ME the truth". This is all I ask! I don't mean "tell others", either. I MEAN tell "me". Since this involves him and I, he and I are the only ones who need to know. But as long as he refuses to tell me, then others are going to know because I'm left with seeking and telling the truth in my defense.

There's NO reason for him of all people to deny me what belongs to me and to slander my name all because he doesn't want the truth to come out about "his" extra curricular activities, especially when I have given "him" an option that would BE in HIS best interests!

This whole mess ONLY began because of HIS antics. If HE hadn't started them, then "I" wouldn't have had to pursue the avenue of finding out why and then, everything else that has transpired because of HIS actions and behaviour, wouldn't have ever happened. But yet, all those involved continue to blame it all on me! ...And as long as "I" am the one who is being made to bear the blame, HE continues to get away with stalking and spying on me. I just hope those who are going along with the program can live with their conscience, unless, of course, they don't have one. But then, people without consciences are said to be and described as "psychopathic".

A number of times I suggested that a private forum be set up in which myself and all those involved could then hash out everything; everyone could place all their cards on the table and then we could all see and figure out exactly "what" the problem(s) are. But... NO ONE except myself was willing to do this. Why? Is it because others didn't want to have to admit things? If "I" am so far off base about everything, then wouldn't THIS have been a perfect opportunity for everyone to show me I am!? If "I" am doing nothing but lying and making up 'conspiracy theories', "I" wouldn't have made such a suggestion. If others have nothing to hide and really WANTED to get to the TRUTH, I would have been taken up on my suggestion.

But then, when NO ONE was willing to address the information and data provided on the wiki-page, "Calls_To_Myself", but instead deliberately avoided discussing it, even when it was asked to be addressed on more than one occasion, THIS clearly showed me, that NO ONE involved cares about "the truth". They just want me to be the convenient scapegoat.

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: These graphics I MADE, CREATED, were said to be, "from copyrighted material":

Publicly made statement:
"2011-09-11: Again . . . given the circumstances of the badge-maker's banning, the very picky "PUBLIC NOTICE!" on her house's presentation, and the questionable copyright status of the source material used for her photomanips, it might be logical to get someone else to provide the badge artwork and other related art. For all of the above reasons I refuse to post her badge art on my house's presenation though I have mentioned I won the first installment of this competition."

Just what is questionable about these "3" art pieces? (Please see the three graphics/pieces in the corresponding photo) They are NOT photo-manipulations, either! He was talking out of his ass. He knows practically zilch about digital art.

Then because my work and the creating of it, is defended by Hans, with a full explanation written by myself on ( ), the person who made the slanderous comment, then makes this statement, again attacking me for "defending" my work, even though his accusations have been thus, disproved. If a person makes false accusations, then the person whom the false accusations are directed at, has EVERY right to defend against them AND has EVERY right to "quote" their "publicly made" SLANDEROUS accusations, but yet, I was then told that he was going to take legal action AGAINST ME for defending myself against HIS PUBLICLY MADE, SLANDEROUS REMARKS directed at me!!! Not only did he threaten me with legal action for repeating HIS slanderous statement against me, but he also made a personal threat towards me to "cease and desist". If ANYONE is liable, HE IS!

Quoting him again:
"2011-10-28: As it is, I will keep reporting new offensive terms/conditions-breaking crap on If I don't see stuff about me taken down soon, I will take a legal route. Kindly CEASE AND DESIST, Sharon."

Someone ought to inform him that HE is the one liable, NOT I!

But he's not the only one. A crew member also made public, slanderous remarks about me and my works. She also stated that I was infringing upon copyrighted material in my graphics. But IF this actually "was" the case, and since Elftown "accepted" this "so-called copyright infringement", wouldn't this also declare a liability against Hedda and Elftown as well, since my work was ACCEPTED "by the site staff"? Oh but it's just so pleasurable to some to get their digs in against me that they don't even give serious consideration to the accusations they spew. She was so hellbent on making me and my work look to be bad, that she didn't give ANY thought that she was in fact, making Elftown and Hedda seem liable for allowing copyrighted material to be used on his site. Oh but yet. I'm so stupid; I'm the one who needs help.

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Oh, and why not ask Hedda "when" and "why" he removed his age and year of birth from his Elftown house and then began growing his hair back and dying it black? I'm betting he won't tell you it was because of a "private" (or supposedly "private") conversation about his looks and age that took place between a long time friend of mine and I, in which she said there was no way he was in his 30's still and that she could see his grey hairs in his whiskers and eyebrows. Shall I add this to the VERY LONG LIST of "coincidences"?? So just "how" did Hedda KNOW she and I even "had" this conversation? Answer this! He's not invading MY privacy?

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Just experienced my comments being duplicated on Halloween Costume Contest 2013 and took screengrabs of, so I'm adding a comment here to see if the same is happening here, on this wiki-page as well, because it didn't do duplicating with my previous ones on this page.

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Oh, now it's TRIPLING my comments! Here's proof:


2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Only doubling this last time with the screengrab... WEIRD!!!

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: ..And now, it has stopped doubling and tripling... Still WEIRD!!!

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: I guess this little game like the one where "extra text" kept being "mysteriously" added to my house and wiki-pages and some of the text on them was altered, was short lived. Perhaps, it's because the "game player" didn't much care for the fact that I was gathering evidence "during his little game". Awww.... poor dear! :/

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Oops! Spoke too soon! Tripled again!


2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Now again with the images... just doubling. O.O

2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: ..And now no duplicating!

2013-10-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Hmmm... all the duplications of my comments aren't visible I see any longer. :P

2013-10-29 [Faith.Hope.Love]: For what it's worth, THIS exposing of truth is NOT ever what I wanted to have to do. I have continually hoped that [Hedda] would have just talked to me directly and TRUTHFULLY, without belligerence and being so condescending, instead of treating me like I was wronging him.

I am willing still to listen to why he has done what he has and continues to do what he does, according to the data and evidence I've collected, but in order for me to listen TO him, he has to talk TO me, not others to involve them, but me, because this really is and should be AND should have been kept between him and I, which was my sole intention when I went to him FIRST. But since he chose to play "dodge me" and then when he did talk to me, he chose to accuse me without offering any real or viable explanation, then I was and am left with my ONLY recourse and this is to defend myself with the data and information I have collected. If I am so wrong about my conclusions, then why doesn't he step forward and clear things up, once and for all? [Hedda] has denied and denied, but he has also lied. [Hedda] has never once that I ever recall, explained to me or even offered to me to explain how my data and resulting conclusions could be erroneous, which is what I've wanted from him from and with the very first time I went to him about my concerns.

Anyone can "deny" involvement in a wrongdoing, BUT... denying doesn't mean they are telling the truth. Very FEW wrongdoers "willingly admit" involvement. This is why we need law enforcement, courts of law, and lawyers to try and get "to the truth". If everyone was honest, truthful, and forthright, we wouldn't need the latter two. Then when he deliberately conceals from the public, data that clearly implicates him with the tampering of my phone ( ), does he or anyone honestly expect me to believe he's innocent? How can others not question "why" he chose to conceal the data? It should raise a huge, red flag! ..And when people involved don't see the obvious, what am I to think? When they deliberately "avoid" addressing the facts presented, again, what am I to think? I have to ask or at least wonder if those involved aren't helping him to victimize me. I would certainly hope not; hope the people involved aren't THIS cruel and callous, but most involved haven't once even considered what I've been and am being subjected to. If they have, I haven't been made aware. I've only been made to feel and even been told that they don't give a damn, which is a complete lack of empathy at best.

2013-11-10 [Faith.Hope.Love]: <--- Enough said! Now everyone can KNOW "who" is lying and "who" is and has been TELLING THE TRUTH!!

2014-02-17 [Stephen]: o3o

I think your graphics look nice. :)
I wish we could continue the app.

2014-02-17 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Thanks. I enjoy making them. Enjoy being creative period.

It would be nice because so many use their phones for the Internet now.

I wish a lot of things [Stephen], but probably at the top of my list, I wish Hedda would just talk to me without his 'tude present. Many people can't understand how I can still not detest him. I'm not always sure I can understand why myself. But for some reason I have never lost sight of what I so admired him for to begin with in spite of everything he's done and is still doing to me, according to the GB's of data I have collected. If there's anything I detest, it's what he's doing. There is a difference. I detest having to defend myself against a person who I once and still do think the world of. But I doubt if many will understand THIS either. :'(

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