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Welcome to the Elfpack Featured Poem! If you love to write poetry, and would like to be featured on Mainstuff, well here's your chance! Submit your poetry to the current submission page, and you may just get featured here, on Mainstuff, and get a nifty Poets badge! Plus, you and your poem will be honored forever in the halls of the Elfpack Featured Poem, so what's there to lose?

The Current Featured Poem is "I Can't Wait to Tie the Knot" by [Morgoth]!

Black & White

What is it about being a teenage that makes everything black and white?
Can I trust him?
Does history really repeat itself?
Are we bound to go on the same path as his past relationships?
If it does not work will i lose my best friend?
If it does work i will have my bestfriend as my boyfriend: is that a good thing?
Will he get bored with me?
He already know me like a book,but this is about me knowing him
Is this a good or bad thing
Will he be true to me?
He is know to be a cheater at school, but i believe this to be false.
Will he try to change me?
I am not the type of girl that he has dated before
Is the saying opposites attract true?
If so were it lead to fights?
He does believe in a higher power, i do not
Will my father approve of him?
His mother approves of me, because i tutored him.
My heart say yes, but my mind says no

Written by: [SunBlaze]

- Featured on 2014-02-08 -


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2011-10-25 [GlassCasket]: Ah the sweet smell of young aspiring poets :P

2011-10-25 [Stephen]: Hahaha. xD

2011-10-26 [GlassCasket]: *whispers* Too bad i am more awesome than all of them!

2011-10-26 [Stephen]: LOL. That's not nice. :3

2011-10-26 [GlassCasket]: Nope :( but whats done is done! I must now go on a journey to repent!

2011-10-27 [Stephen]: Yes! Repent. :3

2011-12-08 [sammie h!]: Is this going to be once a month then? :)

2011-12-08 [Morgoth]: For that... two months.

2011-12-08 [sammie h!]: Is this going to be every two months then? :)

2011-12-08 [Morgoth]: THREE MONTHS.

2011-12-08 [sammie h!]: Is this going to be every three months then? :)

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