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<gb:1130708> (current entry with additional editing included)
From: [Artsieladie]
Sent: 2011-02-23 14:46:58 (22 days ago - originally sent; was edited with info added on 2011-02-27)
Previous in thread: 1129099 from [Sir_Hans] to [Artsieladie]

*winks* Eh, let those non-believers think what they will, my dear. It shall be them that will be in for a rude awakening. They can't say that they haven't been warned! You and I make one hell of a team, don't we? So when do I start getting paid for helping you with your investigative work? lol Perhaps, we can negotiate the terms? *giggles*

Ah, yeah, the email account that, as it turns out, was 'deleted'. If "you" didn't delete it, and "I" didn't delete it (since it was deliberately set up on 'my' computer ON PURPOSE.. hehe.. neither one of 'us' would delete it), whom do you suppose would stand to gain from deleting that email account? *winks again*

You must mean this proof that I did in fact invite you:

Funny thing too was I 'was' given the credit for inviting you to this site. I had it for a little while anyway. Until... that fateful day in early March when you defended me on my own 'private' wiki page. After you did this and therefore revealed whom you are to me, my credit of inviting was then promptly taken away from me and apparently, it was in fact made to appear as though I had never been to the invite page after all. Even True believed that I hadn't been. But then when he looked again, I was then supposedly using a different IP and well, I was in Massachusetts! Funny thing... I have never been to Massachusetts in my life. Almost was, but not quite.

But what most people are unaware of is that the identities can be what is called "spoofed". This can be done both on computers and with telephones. An incoming call can be made to look like it is coming from a different number, which helps to explain those infamous calls to myself.

As you recall, when I uploaded a screen shot of one that came into my online voicemail on my birthday at 11:11 am, the diary entry mysteriously disappeared. After this disappearance, the wondering of the where from, the who from, and such, was narrowed down considerably.

I then purchased the capability to expand my calling area, so I could try to call a person I was beginning to suspect as having something to do with those calls to myself. I tried at least 25 - 30 times over a time period of, off the top of my head, about 3 months. I tried different times of the day and evening and all different days of the week. But no matter when I called the person I suspected having something to do with these calls to myself, all I ever managed to get was the regular little noises of the call going through, but then dead air and back to dial tone again.

One day an idea popped into my head and that was to set everything up and be prepared for the next call to myself. I made it so I could just reach up over my monitor and quickly unplug my computer from my phoneline, because the process involved with signing off to free up my phoneline takes too long. The next thing I did was I pre-programmed into my phone the number that I had been trying to get through to as I previously explained. Then I waited for the next call to come in on my online voicemail, but coming up as "from my own number", which with dial-up, one cannot use their phone AND be online at the same time.

Well, sure enough, a call to myself came in! I immediately unplugged and in one swoop also picked up the phone and hit re-dial, which all took place in a matter of seconds. Well.... whalah! SUCCESS! After all those times of NOT being able to get through, suddenly I WAS able to! 'Course the person didn't seem like they knew just what to do, shit or get off the pot! lol The person spewed off something that made no sense whatsoever in regards to its derivation especially, but AFTER WE established verifying, thus knowing whom each of us was. In an email following the person then totally contradicted what they had said on the phone!

To make a long story short.... those calls to myself then stopped and I haven't gotten any more since. In other words, I NO LONGER RECEIVE ANY MORE OF THOSE PHONE CALLS TO MYSELF SINCE I caught the suspect by surprise!! Interesting? I think so.

Yes dear, you were with me on the day after Valentine's, 2008 and noticed the same time I did that I had 'a' new guestbook message AND the additional, little, red heart in my badge slot and as I'm sure you remember me saying: "I have another little red heart in my badge slot. How did it get there?"

'Course, as you know, I took a screen capture, because it was something that wasn't quite normal and as I do when I see anything that doesn't seem quite normal. Then I went to my guestbook, as well as my diary, I'm sure you remember, and took screen caps as well, especially since I realised that the new, little, red heart had arrived when the Inspector's Badge was delivered. [Hedda] is the one that delivered to me my Inspector's Badge. Therefore, it is evident that it is "he" that also gave me my little, red heart and placed it right next to and just to the left of the Inspector link.

'Course it made my badge slot no longer symmetrical and since I like everything symmetrical, I then went and moved mine over to the left, because I didn't want to disturb the one the mayor himself placed there. No! No! I mean, come on! It wasn't every day the mayor would put a little, red heart in a badge slot and in mine no less! ..And certainly not an action that would be forgotten easily, if ever. I thought it was very sweet of him that he did it and it WAS! Secretly, I also let him know how much it meant to me.

So he knew how much it meant to me and therefore, when he banned me "for doing nothing wrong", he not only knew that it was there (because he put it there), he also knew that if he removed it, such an action would tell me loudly and clearly, that he was angry and likely hurt as well, that I would even consider leaving Elftown. If anyone were to use their brain at all, they would have also seen "his reasoning, his theory" he used for banning me, was so far out in left field, but... a seed sown will only grow if the conditions are right for it to germinate.

...And I also recall you, my dear, saying to me: "Gees, one would think he just brought you the world! What is what I gave you then? ....." (No dear, I don't want to go back to that discussion.)

The point and the sole reason I'm mentioning the conversation you and I had at all, is to emphasise that [Hedda] did put it in there, even though "he claims" he did not. For the one that eventually claimed she did, I don't believe she lied, per se, but was somehow gotten to believe that she may have done it, but she did not. She didn't have the "correct" details, which one must have to prove something. However, I have NO hard feelings in this regard.

What I find quite strange 'about' this action, but NOT the action itself, is that why on earth would Hedda deny something that was in no way a bad thing? So I have to ask this question: "Is there a problem around here or would there be a problem around here, if it became common knowledge that Hedda put a little, red heart in Artsie's badge slot? I can't really imagine why there would be! Also, if he had placed it in someone else's, would there have been the "same" problem?" This is a reasonable two-part question.

When a person lies about doing something, they usually lie to "protect themselves" for some reason. So what or whom(s) is Hedda trying to protect himself from in this case? Why does he even feel the need to? More reasonable questions.

I do believe the answer(s) to these previous questions will also shed the much needed light on 'other' actions as well.

Anyway you know all of this stuff and much, much, much more, but others here don't. ..And I know this isn't your favourite topic of discussion, but I also know you well enough to also know that you know, I will not rest until I have gotten the answers. But then... neither would you if you were seeking answers in regards to a mystery. ;)

Love you, dear!

A screen capture taken while I was editing/adding a considerable amount to my guestbook message to Hans on 2011-02-27:


This is the Kaspersky report showing exactly when the HKW notice came in. Please note there is lapse of time between the screen capture and the report. This is because I was taking a nap during the time I was editing and so I don't miss the notices, I keep my cursor in the lower right hand corner of my screen. When a HKW notice comes in, displaying in the same location, by having my cursor placed where it is displayed, such action thus holds the notice there until I am able to get it screen captured.

The reason why I take naps, is because I can only sleep in increments, not in long stretches as is the normal sleep pattern for others. It's health related, but I care not to go into details in regards to my health any further. Besides which, such information is non-applicable.


Please also refer to: Calls_To_Myself and <blog:1131671>.


Guestbook:1130708 is response to this diary of [Sir_Hans]

From: [Sir_Hans]
Sent: 2011-01-22 03:20:31 (55 days ago)
Previous in thread: 1092275 from [Artsieladie] to [Sir_Hans] Next in thread: 1130708

Hi Love

-laughing- My love, you know I am not and I know I am not, but maybe you better kiss me so we can both be sure I am real.

In case anyone is wondering, I am very real. Yes, I did witness the heart being put in Sharon's badge box and yes, I did witness the file moved on her computer. It happened only a short time after I told her to make a secret diary entry. The entry was to purposely rile the feathers of the only person on this site who can read the database. He was told in the entry that I was smarter than he was.

I have witnessed many things directly related to the owner of this site. In fact, perhaps he wouldn't mind explaining what he did with my email account? It is too bad for him because I printed out copies of the email he sent me, trashing the love of my life, which is Sharon. I also did the same with the invite email I received showing Sharon did invite me to this site.

Love you, my love!


From: [Artsieladie]
Sent: 2009-08-27 12:02:25 (567 days ago) Next in thread: 1129099

Well, my dear Hans, consider your guestbook no longer 'sad and empty', but DO consider yourself IMAGINARY!! hehe

First, I must share with you the latest news! You, my dearest, are IMAGINARY! How do you like being classified as 'imaginary'? In fact all of my real life family and friends are IMAGINARY! I give you imaginary hugs and imaginary kisses. All those things that you witnessed on my computer with me? ...And all those things you witnessed while using my computer? Yepp! You got it! Imaaaaaaaaaaaaaginary! You remember that little tiff we had because that little red heart appeared in my badge slot on 2009-02-15? That was ALLLLLLLLLL IMAGINARY! Remember when we both watched the Phoenix file get moved from my Phoenix folder to my Naughty Gremlin folder and then put back where it was? That was ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL imaginary, because I also challenged an "imaginary person" that he wasn't as smart as you and that didn't set too well, because this 'imaginary person' had to prove that he was smarter than you... another 'imaginary person'!!!!!!!! My! My!


*Imaginary O's and imaginary X's*

Imaginary love, too!

It seems among other things, I was accused of "imagining" things and people, including my family and friends. But then, I've been accused of imagining being subjugated as well, such as being referred to as delusional, crazy, a liar, a troublemaker, etc., etc.. Trying to get help with this horrific situation here has only gotten me labeled as being a psychobitch 3, a drama queen, a martyr in regards to everything I've done for and put into this site and a whole lot of other royally rewarding goodies! But.. allow me to reiterate here, the "resulting labeling" mentioned in the latter, was a direct result of the one behind the first mentioned labeling.

Coming soon is the IM conversation that played a SIGNIFICANT ROLE in how things developed here. It's an IM conversation in which two people were communicating.. or supposedly and to the knowledge of the "two" that were communicating in the conversation. But.. as it turns out and was later discovered, there were two people involved in the conversation PLUS a third whom was "impersonating" one of the two. The impersonating part totally contradicts what the person that was being impersonated was talking about, saying, as will be CLEARLY evident


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