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This wiki-page displays the contents of the diaries mentioned and associated with Calls_To_Myself for anyone that is unable to view, thus read, them.


"A Prerequisite" ~ <blog:1131078>

As I know a few here can recall the period when I was going through what I came to call them, Calls_To_Myself... Then not only did I have this mystery to solve, but when I uploaded a screen capture of the one that occurred on my birthday 2009-02-22 at 11:11 am after an almost 2 month long dry spell and having none come in, the diary entry with this in just disappeared for no reason. [Hedda] couldn't even give me a viable explanation. So "I guess" it puzzled him as well! I guess.

I have done some information seeking and I have found out that the caller ID information can be 'messed with'. In other words, a call can be made to look like it is coming from one number, but CAN be actually coming from a different number than is provided with the caller ID. This method of re-routing a call to have it appear it's coming from another number instead, is called "spoofing", just as the same general concept is used with computers that can show a totally different ID of a computer than what it really is.

But I wanted these annoying and intrusive "Calls_To_Myself" to stop! ...and the idea that worked, may or may not surprise you. :)


"The Fracas" ~ <blog:1131383>

What a fracas I was causing yesterday and last night ..and I didn't have a clue I was!

My daughter had the whole neighbourhood, my neighbourhood, trying to see if I was okay yesterday and last night. It seems a certain recording was placed on my voicemail that my number is no longer in service. So she couldn't get a hold of me and got really panicky and very upset that she couldn't reach me. So she then called several other people to see if they could. Well, they couldn't either.

To make matters worse my cell phone's battery was dead as well (I think it needs a new battery because it's not keeping the charge very long), and so she or no one else could get me on my cell phone either. ...And this had been going on for at least all afternoon, because people apparently were at my door during the afternoon knocking and I was sleeping and they were knocking, knocking, pounding, etc., but I have a porch and I keep it locked. So they were knocking on the outside of the porch and I don't hear people banging on my door way out there, because I always have music on inside. They should have rung the doorbell. It is why I have it, thinking that people will "use" it?

Anyway, finally... Tiny came, my daughter's beau, and he knows the secret passage to get inside my house. Imagine my surprise when in he walked asking me if I was alright. I was online on my computer at the time and I was like: "What's the problem? I'm fine. Why?" ..And then I was filled in with the information that my daughter and several other people had been trying to get a hold of me for most of the day.

'Course Tiny immediately dialed EJ from his phone and we talked to her. Gosh, I feel terrible that this happened and got her soo upset! I can only imagine the panic she must have been experiencing and being off down in Virginia and not being able to get a hold of her mother for hours. Just terrible! All of her life I have always, always made sure she could get a hold of me any time of any day or night and this will never change. So naturally, I'm miffed and upset, too, that something like this would happen, especially now with her far away from home and it's not like she can do much else other than call.

Tiny told me the voicemail message everyone was getting. He dialed my house phone's number from his cell phone and I was still online, and then handed me the phone and it said instead of my regular online voicemail: "The number you have dialed is not in service." Well, it must be that it IS in service, since I was online at the time when Tiny called it and I was online all day and this is the message people were getting all day. This is why my daughter panicked and when she couldn't get a call through on my cell phone either because of a dead battery, it didn't help the situation.

Well, my cell phone is now charged. ..But the strange recording that my phone is not in service is STILL on my voicemail. ...And obviously I'm online! It's pretty difficult to use a phone that's "out of service", and especially to be able to go online with such a phone. Hmm... tricky!

The message: "The number you have dialed is not in service", is the same message that I would hear if I dialed my landline phone number from my landline phone; in other words, if I "called myself". At least no one can say that "I" just imagined it all! There's at least 20 very upset people that got the very same message.


"Update: ONE" ~ <blog:1131671>


It seems this number: 518-634-2295 called my number 518-634-2293 on March 1st, 2011 and got my online voicemail. On March 2nd, 2011, it seems that 518-634-2293 called my number 518-634-2293 twice, (*whispers* I called myself AGAIN!) also while I was online. Since these two calls transpired on March 2nd, every single call made to my number while I am online, now gets this message played for them: "The number you have dialed is not in service." But... please note one VERY interesting factor. The 518-634-2295 number is apparently out of service as well, because if you call it, you will get the very same message played: "The number you have dialed is not in service" which is 'identical' to the message everyone is getting when they call my number when I'm online.

I think it's rather odd that a number that is NOT in service itself, can even make a phone call. Don't you all find this a wee bit odd? Being that this is just a tad bit quirky, shall I say? I also have in my possession the call logs as well, just in case "they" should disappear too. After all, one 'n-e-v-e-r' knows with my computer and all that's linked to it: my diary entry, my Valentine art in my drawing history, my page versions on my wiki-page, an email account set up on my computer... ALL just "mysteriously" disappeared! Just these few things have popped into my head atm though.

Please also note the date when I first put up the wiki-page: Calls_To_Myself. The first version, which is screen captured AND page sourced, as are all ten versions, less they be changed or deleted somehow, *shrug*, AND of course, one can't overlook the topic of the page, either, which is about Calls_To_Myself AND after I was able to make that "completed" call I mention, I NO longer got any more "Calls to myself"?... well, until now, that is. My! My! What a coincidence! I'm sure I do not need to remind anyone here that phone tampering is a FCC violation?

To add just a little more mystery, after all, I wouldn't want to make this mystery too easy to solve. What fun or challenge would this be, right detectives? ;) I got Helkern Worm warnings twice from Kaspersky, both while I was editing the page before I put it through and then one after I put it through. I started putting the wiki-page together later on March 1st and I continued to edit it and put it together on the early part on March 2nd. I finally put the first version through at 2011-03-02 17:00:24 (ET time). But... I also got warnings in just after I had put through <gb:1130708> and also while I was editing it again on the 27th of February, but before I made my diary entry in regards to Hans just below.

The time is now here (my time): 05:30:00 on 2011-03-14. I just called both 518-634-2295 AND 518-634-2293. As of this time, both numbers are playing this message still: "The number you have dialed is not in service."


"Update: TWO" ~ <blog:1131806>


Miraculously fixed! At some point between 13:06:00 on 2011-03-14 and 12:02:00 on 2011-03-15 (today) and both times are "my times/my date" (EST), the message: "The number you have dialed is not in service" was removed from my voicemail. It was neither done so by the voicemail services (because Call Alert said everything was fine as far as they could tell when this message was 'on' my voicemail) nor was it corrected by the phone company (because the phone company said it wasn't on their end, but something to do with Call Alert (AOL)). In other words, each pointing to the other. Doesn't it figure?

I'm sure most are aware how one company passes the buck on to the other company and the other company just passes it back and all the while, the consumer is left stuck in the middle with no solutions. Big business is just such a wonderful thing.. NOT! Their PR never grows with the company and always seems to fall by the way side when they get rolling in the dough!

Anyway, regardless, this whole damn event is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay TOO "conveniently coincidental", especially in lieu of all the other evidence I've collected and documented and each odd coincidence by itself, is seemingly insignificant, but when tallied and put altogether, there are far too many for them to be just 'mere' coincidences any longer.

It was about 11:30:00 (my time) this morning when I started trying to get into my AOL account. Even though you can be online, when you want to go into the private info area, you need to sign in. Well, I tried at least a dozen times to sign in with my password. It wouldn't let me in, but it didn't say 'incorrect username/password' either. The page would just keep refreshing like I was there for the first time. I KNEW I had the CORRECT password, because I keep track of all of my passwords in an "actual address book" where I hand-write the info in for all of my accounts.

So I finally decided to try and change the password and utilise the "forgot your password" thingy, even though I had not. At 11:54:00 (my time) I had then reset my password. ..And so, I proceeded again to try and sign in with this 'new' password. Well, lo and behold, if the 'new' password didn't cause the same problem! I could not sign in and again, with this 'new' password, I tried many times again to sign in, but still no luck. Any link of AOL's for help I clicked on to see if there was a way I could get some help without actually signing in, but it seemed any link I clicked on just brought me back to this bloody sign-in window. *grrrrr*

So I decided to change the password again, although I'm not sure why I thought this might do the trick when it hadn't worked previously, but *shrug* I changed the password again anyhow. This password reset occurred at 12:21:00 (my time). I then tried to sign in again numerous times with 'this' new password, but still.. no go! Damn! :((

By this point I was getting aggravated, as I think most would have gotten if they were going through the same. I clicked on a help link, and I had already clicked on it during my previous clicking, but at this point I was just hoping that somehow I could get through. For some reason, instead of the window for the sign in with a password, a window came up asking the security question instead. I typed in the answer and I was FINALLY in.

I went to AOL chat and typed in a question. I managed to start a chat session with an AOL rep. For some reason we lost connection. *rolls eyes*

So, I had to go back to square one again and and re-type in the question, but then I got error messages and I had to do this back track and re-typing a couple more times, before I finally got another chat session started with another AOL rep.

During this chat session, the AOL rep, changed/reset my password again for me at 14:28:00 (my time). When they do this, you have to re-sign in with the new password they assign you and then change it again within 24 hours. I had NO trouble signing in after the AOL rep reset it.

More interesting info and observations...

'Someone' must be watching me VERY closely to know just "what" I am doing and "where" I'm doing what at any given time. As I also mentioned in <blog:1131444>. The person sees that I've viewed a page showing their profile (public) and as soon as I have, I then go to the same page again, just within a minute even, and then the profile is then private. Once I've seen the profile is private, I return to the same page again within a minute or so and the profile is then public again. ..And this doesn't or hasn't just gone on for a mere few times, but many, many... and I just sat at my computer and kept screen capturing them, showing the back and forth status and the time difference between each one. ..And one day while it was going on, I had someone with me watching this take place as well.

Oh... one more thing... I have gotten NO more Kaspersky warnings about Helkern Worm attacks since 02:11:18 on 2011-03-08 (my time), which is 07:11:18 on 2011-03-08 (ET time).

The diary entry here about the fracas: <blog:1131383>, its time posted is: 20110-03-08 09:19:51 (ET time) and 04:19:51 (my time), but I had written it on CatHug first and first submitted that "secret diary" entry on 2011-03-08 08:49:41 (CatHug time which is the same as ET time) and 03:49:41 (my time). The CatHug entry took me a while to put together and submit because it has images in it as well, which had to be uploaded that I included in the entry and it is in the CH secret diary entry that I did most of the writing for the public entry here of <blog:1131383>. In other words.. WHILE I was putting together, writing, and editing the aforementioned CatHug secret diary entry, is when the Helkern warning came in from Kaspersky.

...And I have NOT gotten one warning since. Wow! A whole week with no HKW! This is definitely a change because this is the very first week that I have had none since when I first bought the program: 2010-01-03. Eh.. coincidence!


"Update: THREE" ~ <blog:1132005>


When I know something isn't quite right about something, I then investigate why, because very simply stated, I want to know what's behind something. This whole issue surrounding these Calls_To_Myself is certainly something that would get the attention of any normal mind. So, as a result, I seek people who CAN explain to me how things CAN be done, people with the knowledge to explain the "how" to me. There was and is no doubt in my mind that my phone/voicemail was tampered with, but even though I know it was, I did not know "how" it could possibly be messed with. So I asked a friend whom is a computer programmer and has been for many years, therefore someone that does know and here is an explanation from him, Mike Manero:

"Here is an explanation for the caller id you were seeing on your aol caller alert. In late 2003 and early 2004 the same phone phreaks began to explore a relatively new platform for developing voice applications, known as VoiceXML or VXML, which was offered by companies such as Voxeo. VoiceXML offers interactive voice applications, which are programmed in a similar fashion to HTML web sites. VoiceXML applications can easily be created to mimic functions of a normal PBX and typically these VXML providers are connected to PRI lines. Word began to spread around the phreaking underground that someone had created a VoiceXML application using Voxeo that let you change your Caller ID number. The Caller ID spoofing application worked, however it was somewhat crude, as the spoofed number had to be entered into the applications code and then re-uploaded to the VXML server before each use. Within a few days, phone phreaks figured out how to program these applications to allow you to enter the numbers you wanted to spoof over the phone, allowing you to fake your Caller ID on the fly, and began sharing the code on the Internet for others to use. To this day it’s still possible to spoof Caller ID with various VXML services, however people seemed to have found it easier to use other services and methods."

So, in layman's terms, it is very possible, very likely, my voicemail was messed with. The message of: "The number you have dialed is not in service" that one would get at 518-634-2295, was then placed on my voicemail at 518-634-2293.

Then when I was trying to get signed in to AOL, I couldn't. Must be someone else was already in there, removing the voicemail they had placed on my voicemail. It's also rather interesting that I could not use my password to sign in, but when the AOL rep re-set my password from another computer I was then able to use the re-set one to sign in.

So I hope the person that messed with it is just sooooooo proud of themselves for creating the havoc and fracas they created, managed to upset my daughter almost to hysteria because she couldn't get a hold of her mother. She was frantic that something bad had happened to me, because she can ALWAYS get a hold of her mother. She then upset and worried several others, NEEDLESSLY, and all for what, some damn, idiotic, sick joke? Gee, I hope the sick and twisted prankster got their jollies! Just so commendable! Want a medal? *grrrrr*

Thank God my daughter's worrying turned out to be a false alarm. But... just suppose this had been some sort of an emergency situation and something awful had thus happened because of this idiotic messing with my phone and vocemail? I wonder, would the person responsible feel so smitten then? ..And if so, then such a person needs some serious help. ://


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