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Drink Making Contest 2008


This is a contest about making a drink, take a photo of it and write about how it was done.

Contest is closed and voting was in <poll:13839>

Winner: Flaming Dr. Pepper - [Orestez]

Second: Russian Carbomb - [chugnut]


§1 Definition of drink:
  a) It should contain at least 2 ingredients.
  b) It should be something like a "drink". A strawberry margarita that you have to eat with a spoon or jelly shots might be OK, but chocolate with vodka in it definitely isn't.
  c) It can be with or without alcohol.
  d) It must not contain stuff that aren't allowed in most countries. For example you might have caffeine pills in it, although they aren't legal in Norway, but no weed in it, even if you legally can buy that in the Netherlands.
  e) You should like the drink at least a little.

§2 Your drink-page should follow this format:
  a) The wiki-page's name should be the drink's name.
  b) Then there should be a heading with the drink's name.
  c) Then there should a photo of the drink.
  d) Then the ingredients.
  e) Then a description of how to make it and other comments, more photos, links and what every you like.
  f) And finally a link back to drink.

§3 You might submit as many drink-pages as you want. If you think that submitting only one drink is better for your chances to win, then put the link to your other drink-pages under non competing drinks.

§4 The page must follow these rules:
  a) Be exported.
  b) All the included images must be uploaded to Elfpack.
  c) If there are humans in a picture, they have to have given their express permission to be included in this competition.
  d) The page must stay up after the competition. You can add stuff to it and improve it afterwards, but spare us from "I had to remove the image because my boyfriend no longer wants to be there." and similar annoyances.

§5 The "best" page will be selected in a poll. So try to go for funny image, great looks and unique features.

§6 The drink has to be mixed by you (possibly with help of someone) and the photo too (also possibly with help of someone). You don't have to had invented neither the drink nor its name. But if you're planing to win with a dry martini page, then it probably has to include both Bond and a bunch of his babes...

§7 [itweetinHEELS] is the contest boss.

§8 Deadline is 2008-09-21

§9 The winner will get donor-privs and the honour of being the maker of the best drink on Elfpack 2008.

Note: Even if your drink is a boring standard-drink or just not liked by the Elfpackers, it can still get you a prize in the Google bait contest at some later time.

Non competing drinks

*Mexican Cocoa by [chugnut] (Last year's winner)

Competing drink-pages

Add your links here:

Russian Carbomb - [chugnut]
Flaming Dr. Pepper - [Orestez]

The drink-page.

Last year's Drink Making Contest
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