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2008-09-17 22:46:49
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Russian Carbomb!



Ingredients and Suppies

1. a Pub glass


2. a Shot glass


3. A decent bottle of Vodka




1. Fill both glasses with vodka

2. Drop shot glass into pub glass

3. Chug the entire glass



* Try not to swallow the shot glass. although some may find themselves confused, lightheaded, or dizzy, this does not change the fact that the shot glass is still in there.


The Taste

It tastes vodka.



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2008-09-17 [Orestez]: Why not just drink the vodka out of the bottle...?

2008-09-18 [chugnut]: Ah, the IRONY!

2008-09-18 [Hedda]: It might be worth noting that drinking 15cl of vodka at once even makes a big alcolic feeling pretty bad for about 15 minutes. Drinking twice as that is really dangerous and more is death.

If you drink it under a longer period like 2 hours, you'll only get extremely drunk (still speaking about alcolics or people very used to alcohol).

We only have about 4-6 litres of blood in our body, so before the alcohol have gone out in the rest of the body, only a few centilitres are needed to kill us (0.3%-0.5% alcohol is deadly).

2008-09-18 [Orestez]: You've never seen an American college frat party have you [Hedda]? lol

2008-09-19 [Hedda]: The students actually drink way more here. There is a reason I know about stuff...

2008-09-19 [Orestez]: lol, some of the stuff I've seen in college defies science...

2008-09-23 [calm as a bomb]: sorry to tell you all but i like vodka and ya i don't know why you just don't drink it out of the bottle like i do but i well try it your way to see the diff but i dought it make's any

2008-10-05 [James Von Fugger, King of the Zombies!]: wow, as much as i love vodka, that's a bit excessive. Double shots of vodka knock me down a peg.

and most americans cant drink for shit. i'm one of them.

2008-10-08 [chugnut]: To [calm as a bomb]: Of course you can just drink it straight from the bottle. It's just a fucking joke, we're talking about BOOZE here, try not to be too serious lawl

2008-10-08 [chugnut]: And Hedda, if you didn't notice, the "Taste" section is a direct quote from your cola light as I want it page.

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