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2008-10-03 13:16:30
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Flaming Dr. Pepper


8-12 oz  Beer (Budweiser and Coors are the best for this.)
1/2 shot(s) Amaretto
1/3 shot(s) Kahlua
1/6 shot(s) Bacardi 151 Rum

This is the original and correct way to make a Flaming Dr. Pepper!

Pour a glass of beer into a thick beer glass (you don't want it to break when you drop the shot in).

Fill a shot glass with 1/2 shot of Amaretto, 1/3 shot of Kahlua, and top off with just a thin layer of 151 rum.

Light the shot (bars typically will not do this anymore).

Drop it into the glass, and chug!

It should taste very similar to a Dr. Pepper.


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2008-09-19 [Orestez]: Note: Don't use light or ice beer.

2008-10-03 [fuzzyelf]: or a plastic shot cupXD
it would be more awesome if it looked like the top picture! but it still looks cool and probably tastes good, will try it soon.

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