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2009-01-27 16:42:26
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This is:

2.5 cl Blue Curaçao
One lime.
3 cl orange juice
2 dl cranbarry/raspberry juice
Lots of ice
A 40 cl glass
Drink with flash
Drink without flash

Best drink in the Drink Making Contest 2007:
Mexican Cocoa by [chugnut]
Made Up Passion Fruit by [MarieFair]
Longan Margarita by [chugnut]
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Non alcoholic drinks
Sam Malone - A strong shortdrink with lime and cranberry juice. 
Raspberry Ice - Ice, ice and lime, raspberries and cranberry juice.

Baylys Milo by [somethingwarm]
Mexican Cocoa by [chugnut]
Longan Margarita by [chugnut]
Made Up Passion Fruit by [MarieFair]
A Cherry's Dream by [FireGypsy]

/ [Hedda]

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2006-12-22 [Orochimaru]: lol...nice!

2007-01-31 [Altecfenix]: so, is it green, or blue?

2007-02-01 [Hedda]: It's blood-green-blue.

2007-02-02 [..oops..]: wtf? what kind of colour is that?

2007-02-02 [Hedda]: Blood-green-blue? It's quite a normal colour. Just the same as the de-oxided blood of the aliens from Guhabuh-haha if you add some shiny radioactive stuff to it.

2007-02-04 [IanaP]: thats one really good drink :) Ive try it and It is very refreshing <img:mood2-gif.gif>

2007-09-29 [Hot Tabasco]: Mmmmm Very delicious all those cocktails...

2008-02-12 [itweetinHEELS]: oh god, so many drinks...i want them alll!

2008-03-12 [kittykittykitty]: How about another drink-making contest for 2008? ^_^

Fixed your link too Hedda :9

2008-05-17 [Hedda]: Not so big and not so interesting, but anyway: VodkaCollection

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