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2007-03-12 18:52:22
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5 cl Lingonberry Vodka
12 cl cranberry juice
3 cl orange juice

Put in a shaker with ice, shake and the pour it into an ice cold glass.

About the taste

This drink tastes a lot of the vodka, so you better select a kind you like or one that doesn't taste much. Apart from that, it has a bitter fruity taste that you will not like in the beginning, but you'll never get tired of it and the taste will grow on you.

Lingonberry vodka?

If you can't find it, you can make your own. Take vodka and pour cowberries (see in it and let filter the berries out after some months or year. I did it in a blender and filtered it out a week later.


Well, it's stuff from around the world put together and you have to assemble it by yourself and it contains lingonberries. Pretty IKEA to me. And it's standing in a Billy shelf!

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