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Castle Dungeon

To the left the entry, the right the hall way

To the left tunnels to cells, to the right the cell flooring

You are advised to stay away from this dungeons, enter if you dare. this dungeon is often considered cursed do,to the odd sounds that can be heard from below. the Dungeon is protected by a heavy door surrounded by chain's, also a large sign . it is also said Amber keeps the castle's defense below for some unknown reason but this has never been proven. The inside of the dungeon is a mystery for only the fist half has been seen by others, only Amber has moved to the deepest part of this dungeon of death and pain. A odd man has also been seen outside in the Garden's late at night with the dungeon door's open slightly. This man is none other then Phantom which is hardly seen outside his room or usually vanishes which most believes means he's in the dungeon.

Playful in the Dungeon  [List the wiki's below here]
Nienka in the Dungeon

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2011-07-30 [Sicarius]: The slender figure moved through the darkness, eyes seeing clearly despite the inky shadows. She felt more at ease here in this quiet and dangerous reminded her of life before the war...To be sure, she'd never really liked the danger aspect of living in the fact she'd downright loathed it, nevermind that the simple fact it was dangerous had ensured her a steady paycheck...Indeed, she didn't even care much for the feeling now...still, it was familiar...unlike the rest of this place.

The city...

She could not help but miss it...though time and time before, she'd told herself she'd move to a place like this if she ever got the opportunity...Of course, that was before the war had broken out...when she had been able to choose whether to stay or go...the keyword being choose. Instead she'd been forced to pick up and move...or the people under her would have stayed in the city to be with her, nevermind that she would have survived and they wouldn' least not if they continued to help her (as she knew they would insist on doing)...If only Vera were still alive...perhaps it would have made it more bearable...She shook her head; she would not think about Vera...not now...

She decided to focus on her current surroundings...bleak, drab...the feeling of hopelessness, terror, anger, and utter despair were almost tangible...Truth be told, she'd found this place quite by accident...Or perhaps not...Something had been 'calling' to her earlier...and now that pull had stopped...Lips lifted in a sardonic smile. It figured.

2011-07-31 [Itami Cross]: slowly a tall caped Figure walked forward, his cape flowing slightly with each step as his armor glimmerd from the slight light caming from a small crack in the wall. slowly his blue eyes stared into the darkness without a care. Water splashed as he moved through the water as he crossed his arms, his muscles flexing from the movement before hs stopped seeing the slender form of a woman from the darkness before he slowly glanced down about to turn when he felt his body pulse slightly as if something was calling out to him, quickly he glanced back from over his shoulder as he narrowed his eyes, 'who is that? that voice?'

Slowly he turned and began to walk again as he stepped in the water causeing it to splash as it echoed throughout the tunnel. The tall amn spoke not a word as he went past the gate leading out and into the deeper part of the other tunnel as he stopped dead in his tracks then steared down into a deep pond of water which had formed in a crater most likely from war times.

slowly his eyes narrowed as his mind flashback to a calm view with a blonde haired boy raunning around a pond chaseing a rabbit before he slipped and fell into the water. quickly the vision changed from bright to dark as the boy struggled trying to stay above water as claw like hands wrapped around him pulling him down into the water.

Slowly the man blinked as the image fadded and he looked back senceing someone approaching.

2011-07-31 [Sicarius]: The unknown force that had led her here was pulling once more...toward the sound of splashing water. She gave an inward sigh as she obeyed the call and began to walk in the direction that called to her...toward the man. Silver eyes glowed brilliantly in the darkness as she followed with very little noise. Her posture was relaxed. She had nothing to least not yet...and who knows, perhaps this encounter would help her reconcile the fact she had been forced to leave.

She spoke not a word as she moved toward the man, choosing to stand beside him and stare down at the pool of water. Vera's face made itself known in her mind, and she shook her head slightly. It does no good to relive that which cannot be changed...she thought, lifting her gaze to study the man's features. Armor...and a unusual...

((Sorry it's not much...brain is kinda dead...))

2011-08-01 [Itami Cross]: Slowly the man's eyes gazed to the girl beside him before he returned his gaze to the water as he crossed his arms not speaking a word as he lifted his gaze waiting for her to speak if she wished.

((Its cool, this part will be slow before a friendship forms))

2011-08-01 [Sicarius]: Silver eyes watched him surreptitiously now, though it looked like she was looking down at the pool of water. Once more Vera's face made itself known in her mind, and at this, she gave a sigh. The sound shattered the relative silence. Sensing he would not be the first to speak, and knowing it was rude to pretend he was not there, Faell opened her mouth. "So...what's your story?" Not bad, she thought, ...I managed to sound civil...seemingly uncaring, but civil...

She said nothing about the sensation she was feeling...the incessant tugging that was urging her to keep going forward...and though her tone had made it seem as though she was not interested in hearing from the stranger, she actually was. It was somewhat of a hobby of hers...helped her remember a person, learn about them...

2011-08-01 [Itami Cross]: Blue eyes slowly shifted to the girl as he took his hand running it through his blonde hair as he made sure it remained in its normal slicked back style before he spoke his voice deep and quiet, "My story doesen't matter.." with that said he went quiet again seeming kinda quiet and a bit uncareing of the situation himself.

2011-08-01 [Sicarius]: Lips lifted in a sardonic grin at his reply, "As you say," she said simply, falling silent again. She, of course, offered nothing by way of introduction...Faell couldn't help but mentally roll her eyes when she'd seen him run a hand through his hair, There is not much of a breeze to cause it to blow out of place...she thought. And, for a third time, Vera's face came unbidden into her mind. Dammit...why I should be thinking of her at this time is beyond's not like she drowned...thank goodness...The Inspectress placed her hands in her pockets, ...coroner corroborated what McGinty told me that night...two shots to the prolonged pain, no was quick...relatively painless...a sigh escaped from her, still should have been me...That little prick should have gone after me...but Vera was there...she thought it was safe...

2011-08-01 [Itami Cross]: slowly the man's blue eyes peered to the woman as she seemed to vanish into her thoughts as his eyes slowly returned to the water before helowered down to one knee as he peered deeper into it then slowly reached his hand inside. Quickly the water around his air boiled then turned to steam as he reached in deeper before he pulled back.

Slowly his arm exited the water as the droplets on his skin turned to steam then went dry as he held a strange box in his hand and he looked at it before his eyes saddened then he turned walking back to the tunnels leading into the cell area of the dungeon.

2011-08-01 [Sicarius]: She was torn from her thoughts as the man reached into the water. Silver eyes watched intently as he kept reaching and the water began to angrily bubble up. Gaze remained the same as he slowly produced a box from the dark depths, though in her mind she couldn't help but wonder what it held. Noting the sorrowful expression in his eyes, the Inspectress turned and began to follow him.

The pulling sensation was getting more insistent as she trailed behind him...trying to tug her back to the pool of water...but something told her that following this stranger would prove to produce something worthwhile...besides, she could always go back fact, it was safe to say she would go back later...

2011-08-01 [Itami Cross]: Slowly the blonde haired man walked deeper into the tunnel before walking up to the rusted bars of a cell as he looked down into it then up at the burned picture which was pinned to the wall behind the cell but center just above it as he slowly turned the gear on the side of the box as it slowly opened and played a soft melody as he lowered it in the cell then stood slowly as he looked to the Picture as the girl's face turned from a frown to a smile almost magically. "Rest in peace Kid, let your mother's music box guide you."

The blonde haired man then slowly turned as his cape flowed behind him and he walked past the woman before stopping his arm and mere inch from hers. he stood for a moment like he was about to speak but then slowly moved on as he exited the room then walked down the tunnel again, this time walking through the water without a care unlike before.

2011-08-01 [Sicarius]: Silver eyes watched the scene unfold, and when she saw the picture change as the melody played...when she heard the man's words, she was surprised to find her lips turned up into an actual smile...the Silver Eyed Witch stood there for a few seconds after the man began walking away...and then, with the pulling sensation growing worse, began to walk once more toward the pool of water.

She stopped just at the edge. What is it you're trying to tell me? she thought, peering intently into it. Why do you keep trying to guide me this way?

2011-08-01 [Itami Cross]: Slowly The man stopped as he stood infront of the door's leading into the dungeon as he slowly narrowed his blue eyes, something was off. the water in the pond and the spirits trapped in the dungeon.

slowly he glance back the felt a pull like something trying to drag him back, 'What is this Feeling?!!!'Slowly the man walked back toward the tunnels as the pull seemed to grow stronger as he moved further in, 'Its getting stronger...i feel it..the woman. is she still inside?!!!'

2011-08-01 [Sicarius]: And now she sat at the water's edge, wondering if she should attempt to walk through it. I know more than my fair share of tricks that would enable me to do so...Faell stared into the liquid that, thanks to the darkness, looked very much the color of ink. Fingers reached out and idly began to trace a few letters of the ogham alphabet above the surface of the water, each letter glowing with a faint emerald hued light that slowly faded. The letters of the ash, the rowan, willow and hazel. Expression, Wisdom, Vision, and Honesty. These were the traits for each that she focused on now as she stared into the water, silver eyes trying to scry the still surface. "Reveal to me what lies me to that which bids me come..." Words were spoken softly, respectfully...something that seemed in-congruent with her usual attitude.

2011-08-04 [Itami Cross]: He calmly stood back as he watched the silver eyed woman patiently before glancing toward the water,'What is she doing...she shouldnt tamper with the darkness of this dungeon.'

Quickly he blurred as he appeared beside her but then clutched his ears as a loud scream echoed throughout the dungeon before he looked back seeing a odd glow in the far tunnel, 'THE BANSEE!!! SHIT!'

2011-08-04 [Sicarius]: The pool of water remained dark...there would be nothing revealed to her...not yet anyway. Head turned slowly in the direction of the scream, it was like the sound didn't even effect her. Silver eyes began to glow brighter, Now this...this reminds me of the city...Rising to her feet, she stood watching the glow...and smiled...

2011-08-04 [Itami Cross]: Quickly the man looked to the Girl then back at the glow before he raised one arm then curled his fingers like gripping something as a strange seal appeared infront of his hand as the glow got brighter then a odd femal figure walked forward. The girl had pitch black hair which fell over her face blocking her facial features from view as her torn white dress moved slightly as she walked.

2011-08-04 [Sicarius]: "One of the Sidhe," she murmured, "It's been a long time since I encountered any of your kind..." The Silver-Eyed Witch walked forward, "...Pray tell me, if you are able, whose clothes you have been washing?" It was a tactfully phrased question...a subtle way of asking whether the spirit was here to tell of another being dying.

2011-08-04 [Itami Cross]: Slowly the bansee raised a hand before pointing at the blonde haired man and opened her mouth but was hit by a strange white beam in the shape of a Cross. The Bansee let out a loud screech as The man lowered his arm then began to walk, he slowly passed the Bansee as she turned to dust as he passed her then walked toward the exit of the Dungeon.

2011-08-06 [Sicarius]: Silver eyes watched the creature's motions, saw the open mouth, the beam of light...the creature's dissolution into dust. She watched impassively as the stranger walked away, then let out a soft sigh that echoed throughout the tunnel. It is unusual for them to simply keen and point at the one who is destined to die...she thought, moving now to the pile of dust and bending down. The pointer of her left hand drew a circle around the pile...a silver light, tinged with purple rose where her finger touched. A binding that would ensure the creature would return to dust upon its being broken...A few ogham letters in the air in front of the circle...Ash, rowan, hazel...Expression, wisdom, honesty...Three times she drew the symbols...Three times did the glowing emerald letters embed themselves in the barrier...Nine symbols now surrounded the outside of the binding circle. 

"Creature of Old, I ask thee rise...
To offer words honest, wise...
Let you speak, and myself clearly see
That which needs to be revealed...
Arise once more, and speak, though sealed...
In circle of Letter and circle of Light...
I ask for thee to rise tonight...
To pass your wisdom onto me
And harm it none, so mote it be...

Softly chanted, respectful in tone, this was her invocation. It had never failed her yet, and the Inspectress was sure it would not fail her now...And now, she waited patiently to see if the being of the Sidhe would heed her call...

2011-09-18 [Itami Cross]: slowly The blonde haired man slowwed his steps to a stop as hee glanced back senceing magic being put in motion but he merely smairked, "its a cursed dungeon...magic will not stop them here." with that said he countinued forward once more vanishing into the darkness as the doors leading to the dungeon slowly creeped shut causeing the sound to echo through out the dungeon as a strange energy began to glow from deep in the water as it began to boil as if placed over a volcano.

2011-09-18 [Sicarius]: Faell sighed, gaze unreadable. I know more of curses than he realizes...she thought, taking down the binding circle in mere seconds. Still, even I know when a thing is futile...there is no spark in the ash...and, were it a real Sidhe, something would have remained...perhaps not enough to bid this one rise...but it wouldn't have felt lifeless... "Rest..." she said softly, turning toward the stairs. "...and I wasn't trying to stop anything...merely get some answers..." It was clear she was addressing the stranger, though she didn't stop moving toward the exit...Out of Darkness...she thought, Into light. And her silver eyes glowed brighter as she ascended the worn steps.

She stopped, feeling the energy shift, then gave a sigh, turning back in the direction she'd just come from. "Luise," she murmured, causing an orb of light to appear throwing out harsh beams, illuminating everything but its summoner. And now we shall see what we shall see...

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