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Castle Resistance

Welcome to the castle. This is where the first survivors began to link up. It was a remote location away from the disasters of many cities and towns. It was as if it was untouched. The founders here are mostly or Wolven or Coldblood decent. That's right; Werewolves and Vampires. And, even better, working together. Sure they have a few spats, but they had been fighting for many millennium so they're giving it a break to restore the world.

Castle Grounds

Castle Garden A beautiful view of the castle and the many walkways through this huge amount of land filled with lush garden and fresh grass and trees planted with various fruits. There is a vegetable garden in the greenhouse south. This garden was refurbished about 40 years prior. So please, enjoy the walk.

Castle Main Hall You first walk into a large hall with towering ceilings and lots of space. It still has the original flooring from 1962. Bronze marble pillars line the doorways and overhead is a large mural to enjoy with all its grace and beauty.

Castle Dining hall Everyone's gotta eat. The dining hall has people wait you just like a restaurant, and you will be served with whatever happens to be fresh findings. Vampires usually will only have a glass of blood, werewolves a raw slab of meat. That is, unless the Vampires drink from another, or the wolves are enjoying a hunt. In any case come and enjoy a meal.

Female Quarters Naturally where the females go to get away from those darn rotten boys. You're welcome to enjoy the freedom from the rough day and retire and chat with your own gender; and of course go to your own room and feel at home.

Male Quarters Don't worry boys you get your own area as well. You can come here and get away from those chatter box girls and the stress of their broken nail drama. Enjoy your man time and crash and chat with your own gang; and, of course, go to your own crash pad.

Neuptune Pool

Castle Dungeon I suppose you will just have to enter and see however Beware...

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