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Anthropia; The New Earth

Owned and Created by: [Yudan333]
[Those who have visited this page have been specially selected by myself. I deem thy worth.]
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The Distant Past

The world wasn't run by chaos...Sure there was fear, but there was always hope and happiness for what was to come in the future. People went to their neighbors and chatted for hours, having stopped just to ask for a cup of sugar or cream. Children played in the streets not caring of their race or the by which way they were raised.

The Recent Past

Times have changed; the world is challenged by bits of fear of terrorism and war across the world. The threats and insults vary. Man is now racist, hateful. They know not their neighbor let alone go anywhere near their property. Children keep to themselves and disrespect their elders.

All seemed to have changed, and now time were at its best for the downfall of mankind.


A advanced corporation which has been waiting for an opportune time to see the human race fall. Seeing the weakness, fear, and hate made it all the more easy to destroy. War broke out. The technology was too advanced for the humans to break or destroy. Bombs were dispensed and the east coast fell. No attempt was made for a resistance. Those who survived lived by hiding and staying out of sight. It took only 4 days to conquer the entire left hemisphere. And within the week, the globe had suffered the wrath of Falcon's army.

The Miscalculation

Falcon had managed to control the entire world leaving very few living. But what he had not expected was that his serum to destroy would slowly kill his own army, which were exposed to the poison in he had crafted so well. In his final moments, he knew he had succeeded in taking the love and hope from the world...

Or had he?

Present Day

The world is in ruin. Some buildings stand. Technology and weapons were wiped out during the war. The Earth is broken. Though all is not lost. A resistance is rising. Those who had been once forgotten in fairy tales have now risen to the challenge: To rebuild the economy and world to make it a better place than the past, in hope the past would not be repeated. Races are coming to the surface: Lycans, Vampires, Anthros, Shape Shifters, Dragons, Elven, Wizards and many more are creating an alliance to rebuild what was lost. They hope to restore the human race or create a world of their own: Anthropia. The new earth.

This RP is hands on and requires actual work from the RPers. You will be making your own rooms and character pages. I will be supplying my own first so you get an idea. NO ONE will get LOST in this rp. I'm making it rather impossible. For every room there are sub rooms to congregate in. If you get lost; then wow, just wow. The idea is to enjoy a RP with no fear of being left behind. This is that kinda of RP

Character Listings:

- You will all make your own page for ALL your characters NO individual WIKI for each character.
Yudan's Anthropians
phantom's characters
Slayer's Characters
Sicarius' Characters
Daniel's Character
Your Journey Begins Here. You will enter into this castle and seek shelter from the world. They will gladly welcome you and send you to your room to freshen up. You will feel as if you were back in the days of Dracula with many people speaking as though they are from the Renaissance festival and the fact you will be living in a Castle. Your hope resides with these people. Enter the Resistance and join the Anthropian colony...</center>
<center>Castle Resistance

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2011-11-10 [Yudan333]: <3 you all *hugs* not back quite yet but was able to get on briefly. no net at home using phone to tether a signal HAHa such a whiz lol

2011-11-10 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: lol, Well, I can't wait for you to get back :D I miss you *huggles*

2011-11-17 [Sicarius]: Yudan!!! *flying tackle* We miss you!!!

2011-12-27 [Yudan333]: I miss you all as well. I am so sorry I am not around so much. I really want to be trust me. But I don't have net yet and I JUST got job but all will be going to rent :-/ I hope I can get net this or next month. I miss you all VERY VERY much. I hope you all know you are my family and me not being here makes me sad. You are all in my hearts *hug*

2011-12-28 [Sicarius]: *hugs* No worries girly ^^ We shall be more than happy to wait for your more permanent the meantime I'll raise a glass of Pepsi in celebration of your good fortunes ^^ (if only because I cannot get any good sake around here...)

2012-04-22 [Yudan333]: ill be posting to all soon i promise

2012-04-22 [Sicarius]: *huggles the Yudan* ^^ No rush! Good to have you back!

2012-04-22 [Yudan333]: Yes i am glad to be back i got sunburn today from kite flying! lol

2012-04-22 [Sicarius]: lol! Wish I could say the same...due to a staff shortage, they have me working almost nonstop.

2012-04-23 [Yudan333]: hope things go okay just think of the Cha-ching $$ lol

2012-04-23 [GlassCasket]: O.o meow

2012-04-26 [Yudan333]: *huggles*

2012-04-26 [GlassCasket]: *Hugs back*

2012-04-27 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: Hey I was wondering if I could play an ex-Warbird, maybe one who left before the end of the world.

2012-04-27 [Yudan333]: wow great video XDDD

Sure you can as long as it has something to do with a actual bird.

Preferably have their name like a bird. ^_^ and find a nice pic. once you get it up lemme know so i can c.
im sure you will do fine hun.

2012-04-27 [Sicarius]: Hooray, new victi- I mean rp possibilities!

2012-04-30 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: Two more new rp possibilities :D The second new addition is the one who brought me out of an rp funk :D

2012-06-02 [Yudan333]: Sweet! ^^ *huggles* I missed you

2012-06-03 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: *huggles* I've missed you too.

2012-06-13 [Yudan333]: ^^ yey

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