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Nienka in the Dungeon

The blue eyed young female looked around and groans rubbing her head from the rather violent fall. She looked around the darkness and was unable to make out just where she was however she could feel the dankness as though she were in a cave. She gave a small whine as she tried to get up but her legs failed her. Her white tan fur was now rather dirtied. She began to think to herself, I was just up walking the garden. Then I slipped... how did I end up here.. and where is here?

Her thoughts stopped when she peeked up to hear footsteps. She quickly forced up to her paws but stumbled as she had to hold one up from being injured. She slowly backed into a corner and shuddered I'm scared... but I need to not be scared.. if I show I'm not maybe it will go away.. She straightened best she could looking like a fine husky; a dirtied one at that. She then bared her fangs, "Who's there!" She barked as her mind sought the strangers with her words.

Slowly the King stopped as he stood before her in full glory wearing the same armor and cape he wore when he saved her so long ago, "I knew i heard your voice..Nienka..I told you to stay in the garden." he slowly moved forward as his cape flowed behind him slightly as his boots splashed as he stepped in the water then moved up beside Nienka as he began to rub out her dusty fur slowly and gently before he stood admiring his work then slide his hand through his hair, 'damn...she had to fall down here...i hope i can get her out without any trouble...well at least theres she's safe here...'

She looked up to the male whom had spoke and tilted her head wondering how he knew her name. When he came closer she was now cowering toward the back of the wall however as he brushed her she kept still and eyes closed tightly. Upon having him back up she looked to him and still stood back, I don't know how you know my name but I don't know you... She watched him cautiously; what had happened to his dear friend?

'her memory is gone...maybe its for the best...she should have to choice in life.' Slowly The king turned and began walking away as his cape flowed behind him peacefully, "came..ill lead you out...this place is not safe." as he said this a strange energy flared up around him making his cape flow up as it fluttered like crazy and he walked on making the purple glow of his energy glow through out the tunnel as he remained quiet, hurt by the fact that she forgot him but happy that she forgot all the pain as well. Slowly the king's blue eyes began to glow as the world around him darkened and spirit's walked past him and he spoke, "keep Quiet...and dont breath...hold your breath."

She watched him and narrowed her eyes as he began to walk away. She was quick to follow as she bit his leg lightly, HEY! I asked you a question! How do you know my name?! have we met before?! She felt she was being ignored which she hated, especially when it came to asking a question which had some sort of meaning to her. She looked to him and narrowed her eyes as he told her to silence and not breath. She didn't know why but when she looked forward she grumbled before taking a breath and still waited his answer.

Slowly he glanced back at her as he saw her face then sadly looked away as he walked past a Bansee yet again then spoke directly into Nienka's head, 'it dont matter...i miss took you for another Nienka i knew before...but your not her.' slowly he looked ahead then mumbled to himself, "not anymore at least.' He quickly began to walk a tad faster as he saw the hall leading to the door getting in sight. he slowly felt a pulse shoot through his body before he glanced back seeing a odd dark figure behind Nienka that seemed to focus on her then at him as he spoke in his mind, 'who is that..he seems familiar....and how does he see Nienka? my energy should be cloaking her..'

She followed him with her paws lightly padding on the ground as she avoided puddles to the best of her ability. Seeing him stop she walked a bit past him before turning her head to see him staring back. She was now getting light headed from holding her breath and couldn't hold it any longer I can't any longer... She took in the dank air which made her shudder at the scent then watched him. She turns and walked to his side, What got rats? She looked around where he was not seeing anything in the darkness. She however could feel as though something was after her. She got chills and lightly whined thinking to herself, Feels like.. my step father... like he is locking his eyes on me wanting me dead.

Quickly The King balled up his fist as the dark finger charged forward and slammed his fist hard into the figure's skull sending it flying back as his fists glowed white then he turned slamming his fist into a Bansee which had appeared behind Nienka, "RUN! go to the gate! dont look back! Go!!!"
Quickly The king ran forward as he clotheslined two bansee's then looked up as he crossed his arms infront of him as the dark figure brought down his claw as five slash marks appeared on the king's fore arms as blood oozed down into the ground before the king pulled his hands back then slammed both into the dark figure's chest sending it flying back as the water he stood began to turn black and the began to swirl around his feet holding him in place.

Quickly The king raised his right arm up in the air as he yelled out, "Imperial Technique: Imperial Fist!!!" as he yelled this out he slammed it hard into the ground sending the water crashing up to the top of the tunnel as the king vanished in the walls of water and a huge shockwave shout through out the dungeon sending water and the spirits in multiple directions.
The water began to turn to steam as the King walked forward then stopped as the steam thined revealing the Drak figure standing before him, their face a few inches apart as they stared into the others eyes and the king spoke to the figure with his mind, 'I wont let you have her...ill fight to protect all in this building.' as he said this the Dark figure let out a loud blood curling yell making it echo through out the Dungon.

Nienka watched him seem to panic and she shuddered seeing him charge. She was quick to back up and wanted to ask what he was doing or what she could do to help! But seeing his gaze when he yelled she couldn't help but turn and indeed do just as he had said; run. She heard the yelling of him as she had ran down the hall now she didn't know if she was lost or not and she still hadn't gotten him to answer her more truthfully. She had heard his remark and wondered what he meant by 'not anymore'. She would have to ask him.
She came to a stop and looked back lifting her ears as she stared into the darkness of the dank dungeon. She could hear thunder from over head knowing it was most likely raining. She softly whined then hearing the roar that echoed she now wondered if she should go back and see if he needed help. She lowers her head sniffing catching whiff of blood which struck her and she began to whine as her head surged with a memory of a man forcing blood into her orally.

Quickly the king brough up his arm as he blocked yet another punch then pushed back as he brought his other fist forward sending it crashing it to the dark finger's cheek sending its head spinning around so he was faceing backward but it then simply turned its head back to faceing the king before it yelled sending out a huge shockwave causeing the King's cape flowing wildly behind him as the water began to blow back heading toward Nienka. quickly the dark Figure slammed his knee into the King's gut causeing the king to crouch over holding his gut as blood splattered out of his mouth before he felt a the finger's fist slam into his face sending the king flying up about five feet off the ground before sending its leg into his chest sending the king flying back before crashing down on the ground hard causeing the cement to crack as water flowed around him soaking his armor as his head layed just out of the water.

Slowly the dark figure walked forward as the King opened his eyes then began to stand as blood ran down his chin as The dark figure blurred appearing beside him as it sent its claw flying toward The king's neck but was stopped by the king, which had grabbed its wrist before the king looked up at it smileing, "sorry..but i got no more time to waste playing with you." as he said this he stood as his power flared and his cape flew off his body revealing his sleeveless armor shirt as his power seemed to grow even more powerful as his power seemed to flow through out not only the dungeon but the castle as well causeing it shake slightly, "my cape was a power limiter and help me hold back my true power and to slow my speed and weaken my strength...without power is stronger then that of a demi god!" with that said he slammed his fist into the dark figure's chest and out its back before the dark figure seemed to crack as light began to shoot through it then it vanished in a flash of light. Moments Later, The king walked forward appearimg infront of Nienka now wearing his cape once more as a bit of blood ran down his skull and mouth from the fight as well as on his forearms which had already began to heal.

Nienka let her eyes drift over the floors which were hard to make out due to the lack of light in the rather low down room; if it was even considered a room, more like a corridor in which could lead to ones demise. her bright blue eyes looked back over her shoulder and she lifted her ears as she lightly sniffed the air still smelling the rank and dampness of this sewer like dungeon. She huffed her lungs lightly as if searching for more breathable air though she found another scent. Blood. The male in which was back there.

She lowered her ears upon seeing him come closer and seeing the blood on him she sadly stood on her back legs and licked his chin trying to reach his face best she could to clean him. When she was far too short she willed her body to shift into the full anthro husky form. Being nearly his height with fur all over her human like body besides her tail and ears she looked like a dog upright. She licked along his face and head down to his lips then sniffed lightly at his mouth. Why was it so familiar? She trailed her tongue into his mouth and gave a kiss in order to take the blood from his mouth. She then pulled back and looked to him with the bright blue eyes, "Who are you... really." She asked as if desiring help she added a soft sad gaze, "Please..."

The king felt her lean up as she licked his chin then placed her paws on his chest as he shivered tryinng to ignore his attraction for her as he closed his eyes tightly then opened them wide as he felt her lick his face as he allowed his eyes to travel down her fur like husky but his thoughts were quickly stopped when he felt her tongue enter his mouth and he lightly pushed his tongue to hers before he felt her pull away and speak making him sigh slightly, "its a long story...and not one for the faint of be honest its better if you didn't know."

Nienka watched him and her eyes lightly widened when she had felt his tongue trying to probe her own. She was a bit shocked to feel his warm mouth kissing her own. She was almost sad she had pulled back so early; she wouldn't have minded finishing the warm kiss. Her body leaned back as she stared at him and raised a brow, "Well if you say so but what may i call you? You didn't really give me a name.." She rubbed her head a bit feeling a tad dizzy from all the fumes in the air as well as the dampness.

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