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Welcome to the admin page where you can view the current badges for all the official people on Elfpack.

Elfpack Workers

This is the Warden. He's in charge of the Council and all workers. He makes large decisions, like adding new Guards and Council members, and is the big boss of Elfpack.
The Deputy Wardens are the Warden's right hand, and help the Warden with many important things. If the Warden isn't present, the Deputy Warden can act as temporary Warden if needed.
The Council members help to keep Elfpack alive and kicking. Elfpack would not survive without them!

The Guards Captain is the person you can appeal to if you think one of the Guards are being unfair or breaking the rules.
The Guards Sergeants are the people that handle message harassment reports, place member bans, and make sure all the Guards are keeping to their work load.
The Guards handle any other problems on the site, such as keeping peace on wikis.
The Magician is the person who programs and runs Elfpack, making changes and tweaks to improve the site. Additionally, he can make a corrupt Warden disappear! *poof*

Custodians are the "Wiki-Bosses" for Elfpack; they're the masters of HTML, knowing all the codes, tricks and tips.
If you were naughty on Elftown and got yourself banned, the Ambassadore Exilios will try to help you out.
Elfpack Chat moderators are the big bosses of the chat room.
The Daily Goofs maintain Goofy Elfpackers Elfpacking! and fill the site with goofiness!

The Elfpack awards crew moderate the Elfpack Awards, EP's award ceremony (complete with fabulous trophies).
Daily Jokers are the moderators of the Elfpack Jokes who post the best jokes onto Mainstuff.
The Giffie-Pet Staff are in charge of 'them little cute pets' you can get in your house.
The Graphic Bosses are in charge of all the site Graphics, including members' graphics submissions.
These are the wonderful Volunteers who try everything they can to help Elfpack keep running smoothly and think of new ideas (though all Elfpack members are welcome to think of new ideas!).
Mainstuff Bosses handle what goes on the front page and what doesn't.
Poem Bosses run Elfpack Featured Poem and put your poetry on Mainstuff for the world to see.
These are the Public Relations specialists, advertising Elfpack outside of the site.
The Role-Playing Crew are dedicated role-players who oversee role playing wikis and contests.
The well-trained Toggery Committee help Toggery players with any aspect of the game.
The Trivia Staff attempt to boggle your mind with new Trivia questions.
Tutorials volunteers aim to help you around Elfpack and to learn a few new things along the way.
Volunteers with this badge are quite new or do things when they can. They are part of the Crew without being on the Council.
The Vanguards help new and old members find their way around Elfpack, while also monitoring the Help and Index pages.
The Harbringers are the writers and editors of the EP Independent.
These are the Badge Makers, the creators of the wonderful badges which adorn Elfpack houses in exchange for contributions to the site.

Honorary Badges

These Donors are the heroes who donated money and other stuff to Elfpack to help keep it running.
These are the Rats: the sneaky people of Elfpack who are known for reporting wrong-doing to the Guards.
Stalkers are the sneakiest creepiest members... they are always watching you...

Grandmaster Contractors have created an awful lot of wikis and features for Elfpack.
Goofy Elfpackers Elfpacking! Grandmasters are the goofiest members of them all.
Grandmaster Poets pick up this pin by penning plenty of poetry.
The Grandmaster Trivia experts have impressed us with their many Trivia wins.
Grandmaster Jokers are members whose jokes appeared on mainstuff many times, and made it into the Hall of laughs.

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2012-11-11 [Stephen]: It looks alright so far, although it's pretty blank.

Try using the table tag to align the page so you can fit more badges per line.

<table> is the tag. If you make a |, it'll make a new column in the table.

:) I'm sure there's more information on the tag in the help pages, if not I'll add it. Hahaha.

2012-11-15 [Stephen]: Hope you don't mind I edited it.

I did that, because it's easier to show you what I mean than to try to explain it. :)

2012-11-16 [sammie h!]: Thats better lol x

2012-11-16 [sammie h!]: Can you ask someone to make the banner please, and if this is going to be official can I use the template? x

2012-11-16 [Stephen]: I'll have a banner made for you if you can get it past the approval process.

Official graphics aren't allowed until the page is approved. =3

2012-11-17 [sammie h!]: Ok then, am I still aloud to put the badges onto here though? X

2012-11-19 [Stephen]: Indeed you are. :)

2012-11-20 [sammie h!]: Thanks

2013-01-28 [Stephen]: For the descriptions, I don't suggest copying what I wrote on the page directly. You should try short 2-3 line long summeries, and some of them (Such as "The Guards handle the rest (; ") under the Guards badge, don't make sense on their own.

2013-01-28 [sammie h!]: I just copied that from the guards page lol. (:

2013-02-01 [Stephen]: I figured. (;

Write your own summeries. x3

2013-04-01 [Stephen]: Looks a bit better, but keep the information coming. :3

2013-04-01 [sammie h!]: What do you mean? :)

2013-04-10 [Stephen]: Describe the badges better. :3

2013-04-11 [sammie h!]: Will get on that on monday I think. :)

2013-04-12 [sammie h!]: 22 changes made. :)

2013-04-13 [Stephen]: It's starting to look a lot better!

2013-04-13 [sammie h!]: Point out what badges to change and I will do them. :)

2014-04-02 [Stephen]: If you can shorten the descriptions without making them not helpful, that'd be nice. Since these are mostly spread out across the site and there is a link to each page in the description (I like that, btw), the actual blurb about the badge can be smaller.

2014-09-14 [kittykittykitty]: I edited the blurbs a little, managed to shorten most of them. [Stephen] any thoughts on the layout between page version 11->12? I like it better when the layout varies to fit monitor size (having a row of 2 down the middle looks silly with a wide monitor)

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