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The Warden is the leader of the Elfpack Prison. He's the boss of the Guards and Council. As such, the Warden takes care of picking, training, instructing, and guiding new Crew Members and Guards. He also generally makes sure everything on Elfpack is running smoothly. Additionally he does many other secret, sneaky things (like appoint new Stalkers)!

The Deputy Warden acts cooperatively with the Warden, aiding in decision-making and otherwise doing various dirty work. When the Warden is absent, she is acting Warden until the Warden returns.

Do not ask the Warden or Deputy Warden for a job or badge, apply to the crew instead!


Deputy Warden

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Malevolent [Stephen]Roaring [kittykittykitty]


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2005-05-07 [Sunrose]: Oh is that the new trend?

2005-05-07 [The Crimson King]: Trend? Giving you shit is not a trend..It's part of the balance of your authority

2005-05-08 [Sunrose]: Is this you giving me shit then? Because I don't see it...

2005-05-08 [nebs2204]: carm down sun

2005-05-08 [Sunrose]: I am calm! xD

2005-05-08 [nebs2204]: ok u didnt sound it

2005-05-08 [Sunrose]: Don't worry :)

2005-05-08 [1st Font]: OMG DEBBY stop Freaking out on people!!! Jesseee!!! CALM!

2005-05-08 [nebs2204]: she said that she is

2005-05-08 [Sunrose]: omg f u [1st Font]! MUAHAH! YESH! hmm! ^^

2005-05-08 [nebs2204]: woooooo

2005-05-08 [1st Font]: DEBBY omg you used my puesdo name!!OMG u chair licker!!

2005-05-08 [Sunrose]: Wtf are you talking about? @.@

2005-05-08 [nebs2204]: i dont no whos side im on ?? :S

2005-05-08 [Sunrose]: Me neither!

2005-05-08 [1st Font]: omg can i be on the winning side please?

2005-05-08 [Sunrose]: *whining side. You made a typo..

2005-05-08 [1st Font]: lol shut up

2005-05-08 [Sunrose]: No, I was just right! HA!

2005-05-08 [1st Font]: What about you back side?

2005-05-08 [Sunrose]: What about it?

2005-05-08 [nebs2204]: no i mean out of u 2 ?

2005-05-09 [libby_666]: HI

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: omg, no chat on this wiki!!

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: Its ok I banned her mwhaha

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: *giggles* :P

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: Mwhaha, power abuse!!!! tell the warden!

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: omg yes! ban the warden!

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: YESH!!! what a great idea mwhaha

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: we have to think of a plan of attack to take over the WORLD!

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: omg, you can't even edit a wiki right! :P

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: I fixed it you spoon licker :P

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: OMG you beleted it!

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: Muahahah!

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: FINE!!! I shall storm off now :P

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: omg be that way!

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: wotever loser

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: At least I lose proudly!

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: yes? what do you want loser! read your messages

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: I am asshole!

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: YOU LIKE ASSHOLES!!!

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: Nuh-uh! There's poo coming from there!

2005-05-09 [Dragon Martial Arts Babe]: Canyou warn ppl to be careful when tallking to [Viral Dirt Disease]? She's calling me and my friend whores and sluts and stuff like taht...

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: You can just block her, since it was you who started messaging her in the first place :)

2005-05-09 [nebs2204]: hello

2005-05-09 [nebs2204]: what hav i missed

2005-05-09 [1st Font]: lol debby is being nasty!!! go debby!

2005-05-09 [nebs2204]: ooo sounds fun y did i miss it

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: ^^

2005-05-09 [nebs2204]: ^_^

2005-05-09 [Sunrose]: The Guard already spoke to you about that :)

2005-05-09 [nebs2204]: yer i no sorry sun :)

2005-05-10 [The Crimson King]: [nebs2204] you need to settle the hell down you damn pop-tart.

2005-05-10 [nebs2204]: what :(

2005-05-10 [The Crimson King]: Don't frown, it makes the parrots angry.

2005-05-10 [nebs2204]: o ok :D

2005-05-10 [The Crimson King]: Don't smile either, you must be submissive around the parrots or they'll write dirty letters to your loved ones.

2005-05-10 [nebs2204]: ok sorry :|

2005-05-26 [eddie_05]: lol im kinky r u ?

2005-05-26 [The Crimson King]: By kinky, do you mean eating a sandwich? Then yes, yes I am.

2005-05-31 [Ihsahn]: sandwhichs are yummy :D

2005-05-31 [The Crimson King]: Sandwiches think you're "yummy" too.

2005-05-31 [Ihsahn]: i bet they do ;)

2005-05-31 [The Crimson King]: I bet you do.

2005-05-31 [Dwemer]: Erm, sorry what in the name of apollo are you talking about ?

2005-05-31 [The Crimson King]: Does it really matter? I suggest you stay out of this.

2005-05-31 [Dwemer]: Well ok ''Mr. Sandwich''

2005-05-31 [Sunrose]: Minions are not supposed to argue without my permission! >:(

2005-05-31 [Ihsahn]: <.<

2005-05-31 [Sunrose]: :p

2005-05-31 [Ihsahn]: =p hehehehe

2005-05-31 [The Crimson King]: Who the hell is arguing?

2005-05-31 [Dwemer]: *sigh*

2005-05-31 [The Crimson King]: I'm sorry, are you bored?

2005-05-31 [Dwemer]: I just finished call of duty, so yes.

2005-06-01 [poo fungus]: hello im trying to gain an ep title

2005-06-01 [Ihsahn]: well what do you know I am too!!!

2005-06-09 [Twizted_Soul]: hello, sunrose. im not sure if you are the one that i have to speak to about this but i need to find out how to make my wiki official. if you could help me with this then it would be great.

2005-06-09 [Sunrose]: What is your wiki?

2005-06-20 [djxmonster]: keeps an eye on Mainstreet  Should be Mainstuff (Not a forum member, sorry :P)

2005-06-20 [Sunrose]: Thanks! ^^

2005-08-26 [Emo skater]: wardens r cool!!!!!!!!!

2005-08-30 [The Crimson King]: 'nahh', they're ...alright.

2005-09-06 [Ultiem]: wardens are cool.....when they arnt mad

2005-09-19 [Dwemer]: Are you trying to say something [Ultiem] ?

2005-10-08 [cheezbdabomb]: ha people are cwazy! i like you!

2005-11-09 [aarron]: can u choose me to be a guard because i can do the job

2005-11-24 [The Crimson King]: I wish text could have complimentary audio so it could say "NO" really loud.

2006-01-23 [dark_xxx]: ok

2006-02-15 [Dirtydawg™]: dear sunrose im sick and tired of my friends being herassed and ppl getting awy with it, i wanna become a guard or someone that can help ppl when they need it

2006-02-15 [Sunrose]: Your friends either didn't report it or haven't been behaving very well themselves...

2006-02-16 [Dirtydawg™]: can u help he?

2006-02-16 [Sunrose]: Help with?

2006-02-17 [Dirtydawg™]: i wanna become a guard or someone that can help ppl when they need it

2006-02-17 [Sunrose]: You can help people without being a Guard :)

2006-02-17 [Dirtydawg™]: like how? i kinda just wanna be a guard, have wanted to for a long time

2006-02-17 [Sunrose]: Like answering questions, help solve problems by giving advice.

2006-02-17 [Dirtydawg™]: ive been with EP for over a year and id like to be more than just a member, i wanna feel responcible

2006-02-17 [Sunrose]: Wanting responsibility is not the same as being a responsible person though :)

2006-02-17 [Dirtydawg™]: thats the thing, i am responcable just cant do anything about it

2006-02-17 [Sunrose]: You can always start with yourself. Like being responsible enough to only put up things you created and to use proper English. These things are pretty important :)

2006-02-21 [rivin456]: can i become a guard because i am alwasys on(exept when im at school)

2006-02-21 [Dirtydawg™]: look what i started

2006-02-21 [Sunrose]: Lot's of things I can find that don't have to be there :)

2006-02-21 [Dirtydawg™]: like what?

2006-02-21 [Sunrose]: Like animated gifs, ascii art, celebrities and random images :)

2006-02-21 [Dirtydawg™]: is that a bad thing?

2006-02-21 [Sunrose]: *sighs* go play..

2006-04-18 [Ultiem]: Errors spotted: councilmembers & guardwork need to be spaced

2006-04-18 [Sunrose]: What are you talking about??

2006-04-20 [farting-phantom]: Can I have a job of some sort?

2006-04-21 [Ihsahn]: can you apply to the crew?

2006-04-21 [eyes of frost]: Lol. *Tackles Sunrose and starts ticking the feet!*

2006-04-21 [Sunrose]: O_o;

2006-04-21 [Ihsahn]: Hey only I can do that!

2006-04-24 [eyes of frost]: No no. But I can too. You see, I am her stalker. MUAHAHAHAhA!!!

2006-05-19 [Voice of the Voiceless]: XD [Sunrose] is like the warden from the movie 'Holes' lol.

2006-05-20 [Sunrose]: Sigourney Weaver? O.o

2006-08-21 [Dead Inside.]: Ohhh. Pretty... *Touch's Electric Fence and is burned to a crisp* That's not the way to be a guard is it...

2006-12-13 [zoloftzantac]: Just now notices that there is a secret Wardens forum ...

2006-12-13 [Sunrose]: It's more than 2 years old :)

2007-02-15 [tazz]: Sunrose i just wanted to let you know that [+ Panzer King +]
has (raceisum )= white power

2007-02-15 [Ihsahn]: instead of stating it on a wiki, you should report it to the Guards

2007-11-21 [zoloftzantac]: *cries*

2007-11-23 [Bookwyrm]: -pats- Why does it cry?

2008-02-27 [djxmonster]: wait.... no warden??? Lets all run amok!!! go on! run!

2008-02-27 [Bookwyrm]: Amok! :D Amok, amok...amok amok amok! -dances around-

2008-02-28 [Ihsahn]: ()|-| |\|()35 4|\|4rc|-|Y!!!!

2008-02-28 [Bookwyrm]: Y35! 4|\|4rc|-|Y!

2008-03-01 [Sunrose]: How can you ask someone who doesn't exist to have a job or badge? =P

2008-03-01 [Bookwyrm]: By asking hypothetically. O.o Or perhaps nonexistently. -nod-

2011-08-24 [---Blind Spot---]: so he's dead?

2011-08-24 [Stephen]: Yes, sadly [Ihsahn] passed away.

2011-08-24 [---Blind Spot---]: like for real for real?

2011-08-24 [---Blind Spot---]: as in real life, or he stopped comming here or did he resign from elfpack for good or something?

2011-08-24 [Stephen]: No, he passed away in real life. Go read the secret service comment over his house. He passed on August 18. =(

2011-10-17 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Stfu fail troll

2011-10-17 [Stephen]: ....?

2011-10-17 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Um...yeah...He's a bad troll *nod*

2011-10-17 [Morgoth]: Wait... Chad? THE Chad?


2011-10-18 [Stephen]: Who's Chad?

2011-10-18 [Morgoth]: Why, one of Bob's Diner's oldest and least valued customers, of course. He's the ninja bard puppy fellow we killed for a while until he got banned from ET.

2011-10-21 [Stephen]: [---Blind Spot---] is Chad? Huh, he seems nice.

2011-11-04 [Morgoth]: Hmm... I think I'd make a pretty great warden.

Gimme your job, Steve.

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: I think you'd be the death of this site. :3

2011-11-04 [Morgoth]: But, of course. The phoenix can't rise again until it has fallen first. See? *shoots a bald eagle*... *it doesn't get up*...

Huh. Well, you get my point anyway.

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: Yes, I do.

You'd shoot the server then go "Huh." when Elfpack exploded into flames and died. :(

2011-11-04 [Morgoth]: Come on. Who embodies the spirit of Elfpack better than me? Now fire yourself and give me your job. And then ban yourself for troubling me with your nonsense in the first place.

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: If I fired myself, I wouldn't have the priv to ban myself.

Although, now I'm curious if someone *can* ban themselves. Tempted to try it out on my test-account.

2011-11-04 [Morgoth]: You should. Inquiring minds want to know.

2011-11-04 [Stephen]: Well, there's no "ban" button on your own house, so I'm assuming you can't. You could technically IP-ban yourself, but with any priv under 100 you're anti-banned, so it wouldn't effect a Guard. You'd have to IP ban yourself, then set your priv at a number over 100, I believe, in order to ban yourself. :P

2011-11-08 [Bookwyrm]: YOUR TITLE ISH TOO LONG.

2011-11-08 [Stephen]: WELL, YOU INVADED MY PAGE!

2011-11-08 [Bookwyrm]: You're special enough without your own special page. <3

2011-11-08 [Stephen]: There, new title. QQ

I still have my Ambassador page at least. :3

2011-11-08 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: <<

2011-11-08 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Nice title, Stephen

2011-11-08 [Stephen]: Jerkface. </3

2011-11-08 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: ily2

2011-12-07 [---Blind Spot---]: hey guys whats up?

2011-12-07 [Stephen]: Hi. :)

2011-12-08 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: sickness :"/

2011-12-08 [Stephen]: That's no fun.

2011-12-08 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: nope, waiting on my boss to arrive to send me home

2011-12-28 [---Blind Spot---]: notice i took something from borat lol

2011-12-29 [Stephen]: xD Nice.

2012-03-25 [sammie h!]: Give sammie your opinion for all crew and council members

2012-04-30 [sammie h!]: I see no wardens online lol x

2012-04-30 [sammie h!]: ALways when you need them ha ha x

2012-05-01 [---Blind Spot---]: like now

2012-05-02 [sammie h!]: Yep lol

2012-05-02 [Stephen]: If a Warden isn't online, just ask Ama questions. :)

2012-05-02 [sammie h!]: I did, to which she didn't reply, why are you now Part time. :)

2012-05-02 [Stephen]: If you read my diary, you'd know. =]

2012-05-02 [Stephen]: Also, she may have not replied because she was busy, or she may have felt it's a matter that I personally should look into. :)

2012-05-02 [sammie h!]: Well I have created a wiki which I would like to become official but want you tot take a look first, pm me and I will send you a link. :)

2012-05-02 [Stephen]: If you want me to review it, then you should put it on the Contractor's Office. ;)

There's a system for pages to become official. :)

2012-05-02 [sammie h!]: Can you send me the link for it as I can't seem to find it. :)

2012-05-03 [Stephen]: It's on the calender on Mainstuff. ;)

2013-03-21 [sammie h!]: I see we will be going down to one Deputy Warden soon if [Orestez] doesn't get back lol, the [kittykittykitty] will Rule Elfpack..... as a deputy lol. :)

2013-03-21 [kittykittykitty]: The power... the power! YeeeESSSS *rubs hands together in glee*

2013-03-21 [sammie h!]: Sings, she's got the power. Lol

2013-03-24 [Stephen]: =P

2013-03-24 [sammie h!]: Let michelle be another deputy warden, she would be good. :)

2013-03-24 [Stephen]: I really don't need two Deputy's, to be honest.. we're not that busy. :P

2013-03-24 [sammie h!]: Slackers. Lol

2013-04-21 [---Blind Spot---]: im a stoner

2013-04-21 [---Blind Spot---]: i dont slack when i smoke a spliff

2013-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: Tokers Unite knock yourself out. Please.

2013-04-22 [Stephen]: lol.
Kitty, I totally love you.

2013-04-30 [Dead Inside.]: Okay. I lost my elftown password and I tried to have it emailed to me but it wont send it. My elftown user name on ET is [dorkfish69]. If anyone can help me or knows anyone that can help? Thanks

2013-04-30 [Stephen]: I would directly message [Hedda], were I you. :P

2013-04-30 [Dead Inside.]: Yeah. I dont want to bother him with my bullsh*t. Aka piss him off again >>

2013-04-30 [kittykittykitty]: Unless you were really naughty, I'd hazard a guess that he wouldn't actually remember being pissed off at you (unless you decide to bring it up) :P Finding the password/email would only take him a few seconds. Don't be scared :D

2013-04-30 [sammie h!]: Lol, [Hedda]'s a nice guy, but I will try and ask someone on there, do you remember which email you used, if so, pm me it. ~:)

2013-05-01 [Stephen]: @[Dead Inside.]: All account issues are always handled by [Hedda] and no one else. By rights, the general staff isn't allowed to mess with that, and only a Guard Captain even has the ability to help with password problems.

Hedda is a really easygoing guy, overall. He just doesn't like bullshit, long messages, or idle chatter. Message him with the problem, all related information, and he'll help you.

And do not ask him if you can ask him a question. :P

2013-05-08 [sammie h!]: Can anyone tell me the RSS feed for ELfpack? :)

2013-05-11 [Stephen]: Never pushed that button before.

If anyone, other than [Hedda], knows it offhand I'd be amazed. (;

2013-05-11 [Morgoth]: For Elfpack? What part of Elfpack? Are you looking for the feed from a wiki in specific?

2013-05-11 [sammie h!]: No Hun, for the actual site, it's so then I can design an app for me.

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