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Welcome, to the Elfpack Vanguard page. The Vanguards of Elfpack are the small and elite group of people who help new, and sometimes old, members learn new things, and answer questions. Not to be confused with the Guards, the Vanguards are not at all enforcers of the rules; they are instead the ones who will help you to learn more about, and explore, Elfpack. The Vanguards monitor the help and index pages, and ensure that members don't get lost between the cracks in Elfpack.


(Badge Credits)

Malevolent [Stephen]
Obsessed [Orestez]
Chaotic Evil [Morgoth]


Contacting a Vanguard

<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_purple_blob.png> The most effective and suggested way to ask a Vanguard for help, is to simply leave a comment on this page.

<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_purple_blob.png> However, if you're new or completely confused, you can also send a private message to a Vanguard and they'll guide you through Elfpack.


<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_purple_blob.png> The Council and Volunteers
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_purple_blob.png> The Hell of the Insane
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_purple_blob.png> How to Gain an EP Title
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_purple_blob.png> Apply to the Crew
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_purple_blob.png> The Wiki-Index
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_purple_blob.png> The Help-Index

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2011-11-27 [Stephen]: o3o

You killed my page! D=

2011-11-27 [Amalaswinta]: [Stephen]: you try and save this page (without editing anything) and see if that fixes it?

2011-11-27 [Stephen]: I just did, it didn't fix it.

I can't figure out why the tags at the top are broken. o_x

2011-11-27 [Amalaswinta]: weird huh... for some reason templates just don't hold up sometimes...

2011-11-27 [Stephen]: Well, all the template HTML is working. (For me anyway..)

I don't know why the banner HTML is broken, or why there's half of a divider html at the top. There's no text that should make it appear.

2011-11-27 [Amalaswinta]:

this is what the top of the page looks like for me

2011-11-27 [Stephen]: Yeah, same for me.

I just removed the banner and now it looks OK, though bannerless.

2011-11-27 [Amalaswinta]: weird... that's exactly what happened to some pages I tried to edit, soon as I changed something (like the banner) it got messed up...

2011-11-27 [Stephen]: I facebook'd Hedda..

2011-11-27 [Stephen]: He's coming.

2011-11-27 [Amalaswinta]: cool :)

2011-11-27 [Stephen]: (This page is currently being edited by Hedda and is not editable right now.)

Woot. xD

2011-11-27 [Amalaswinta]: excellent

2011-11-27 [Stephen]: o3o

It's working!

2011-11-27 [Amalaswinta]: yay!
but now of course I really would like to know what caused the glitch...

2011-11-27 [Stephen]: Same. xD

2011-11-27 [Amalaswinta]: by the way: have you seen my female badge yet?

2011-11-27 [Stephen]: On the showcase? I saw the one you showed yesterday when I said to keep both yours and Glen's, but if there's another new one then I haven't.

2011-11-27 [Amalaswinta]: go have a look ;)

2011-12-03 [sammie h!]: I am trying to put my wiki Support our soldiers link next to my tag on the top of my page, how can I do it, without running out of space, as I need to put the wiki link next to the tag

2011-12-03 [Morgoth]: I believe I'm the guy who you seek. I can make it happen, but why would I want to?

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