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2005-07-07 14:47:44
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Temple of the God Of Nature




My temple deep in Harastaag Forest


I am [Dwemer] , the God Of Nature, I use my powers to let things grow, without me, there wouldn't be flowers, trees nor animals. Without me, water wouldn't stream and fire wouldn't burn, worship me, and all will be fine. I have no reflection, alltough i'm still here, you can't see me, but i'm in all that lives, even in you! Also know that if you kill an animal, you kill a part of me, I will not allow that to happen.


Name: [Dwemer] Nature
Nick Names: God of All-That-Lives-And-Grows
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Ability: I use my Grow-Power to let things grow, or let it stop growing. Also I use Ussay to commicate with plants.
Weakness: The human race, they are the only ones who can destroy the nature, and me with it.
Dislikes: The human race, those filty nature-haters bring nature in danger all the time!
Weapon of choice: Wooden Dwemer Staff.
Powers: Grow, Ussay, Warp and all-elmental powers.


Worshippers Of The God Of Nature:

2.[Firenze] Gods and Goddesses should work together in harmony
4.[Ultra Hunger] You recieve my blessing
5.[Sonik] The God of Sorrow is at your service... ^_^
6.[Immortality] Because it is my nature to worship nature


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2005-05-03 [Kosumo]: I'll worship you! worship worship!!

2005-05-19 [Sonik]: *bows down in worship and chants* All hail the God of Nature, [Dwemer]!!!!

2005-05-22 [Thanatos]: *Takes off his leather cloak as he sits down to enjoy a fine meal of fawn*

2005-07-01 [Ultra Hunger]: Oh... I already did worship you

2005-07-04 [Ultra Hunger]: are you mad at me Dwemer?

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