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Rough accounting atm but will be adding data depicting and supporting my accounting....
Yes, we do. ..And I do try to be careful. He was friends with my friend Suzette. He was always very sweet and pleasant. He began liking and commenting on my posts and always pleasantly, always supportive and in agreement with them and I got the feeling he would like to get to know me better. He doesn't have a profile pic but a great friend of mine on FB doesn't either. His profile said where he was from, India, and he was a Master of Yoga for nearly 30 years and so many of his likes were having to do with Yoga.

Then one day he messaged me out of the blue. We were not yet friends but his message still came through into my inbox. He addressed me as Sharon in chat. His first half dozen or so messages all had blue roses. After a couple chats he sent me a friend request. I then accepted.

He was very nice and told me what a nice lady I was with a heart, loved my poetry, yada-yada. I could tell he was very interested in me. We continued chatting and his interest in me became increasingly evident between both the chat AND his comments he left on my posts. I asked him if he would tell me about Yoga because I wasn't very knowledgeable about it. He never answered me about Yoga. I thought he had missed that I had asked.

I did think to myself that if Hedda were watching as he does, Hedda would soon find a way to express his displeasure about a man getting or trying to get a little too close to me, since Hedda has done this before. In fact I mentioned this factor to my sister on my phone that I was afraid Hedda would pull something because Ramanjit was being VERY friendly towards me.

Then suddenly Ramanjit asked me if I thought the guy stalking me would mess with his account. I told him I couldn't say/be sure but I wouldn't pit anything past him. Ramanjit told me that his friends were angry because there were messages sent to friends that weren't supposed to.. something like this. Ramanjit was very vague with the details. So I asked him to explain further that there might be clues I would recognise that were familiar. He then told me to nevermind, it wasn't important and that he didn't know anything about computers technically. Our chat resumed.

I told Ramanjit abiut the guy who was invading my privacy and I told him how extensively, hacking my computers and gaining access to my phones. I said I have absolutely no privacy, that the stalker knows EVERYTHING I'm doing and saying, and that I was so tired of being subjected to it after going on for 7 years and counting. Ramanjit never said it was wrong, it was terrible, nor did he ask me why or ask me how did I know. He just told me to ignore him. Of course I told him that it was pretty difficult to ignore a person clicking your phone when you're trying to have a conversation on it or to ignore knowing he's been in my FB and email accounts and messing with my websites, etc.. Again Ramanjit told me to ignore it/him.

Then one day he addressed me with Artsie in chat. I asked him why the change. He said he was being in the moment and then he went back to calling me Sharon. Hedda always called me Artsie, but sometimes others do too.

Then one day Ramanjit addressed me again with Artsie. I didn't say anything and this name he then continued to address me with.

Our communication had become almost daily. If I didn't reply to him in a timely fashion, he became concerned. Our conversation progressed on a more personal level and I told him more about this guy stalking me and invading my privacy. He said again he didn't know anything about computers.

Since things were getting more personal I decided to tell him that there was this guy who I loved but no matter what I did I couldn't get this guy to talk to me and if he did he was nasty. I said that I was a fool to love a man who treated me so badly. Ramanjit told me to follow my heart. I said but he keeps hurting me, keeps spying one me, so I think I need to find a way to get him out of my heart. Ramanjit just kept telling me to follow my heart, to let things be. He said love is love and you can't change love. He asked me what the man's name was who I loved. I told him he didn't know him so his name didn't matter.

I wanted to talk him, naturally, so I suggested we talk on Skype and I asked him if he had a Skype account. This is when he told me he couldn't because he didn't have any privacy because he was married. O.O So I thought, hmm... married? Why is he so interested in me, if he's married? But... I also have close friends who are men and who are also married. But I couldn't help but wonder why he threw this out there just when I asked him if we could talk on Skype.

I was experiencing some feelings that something wasn't seeming quite right, but nothing concrete that I could really put my finger on. Just because Hedda stalks me and has set up alias accounts to communicate with me before, I couldn't just automatically assume that every person I talk to, become friends with, and get to know better are all aliases of Hedda. But at the same time, I can't dismiss the possibility either. It's a very fine line I have to walk.

I said to him that it seemed I was sharing with him more about me but he was keeping himself a mystery. So he said what is it I'd like to know. So I asked him some general personal questions like what are some of his fav' foods, his hobbies, fav' colour, and again I asked him to tell me a little about Yoga. He only said that his fav' colour was purple but was now black. The rest he never answered.

Since he is 'supposedly' a Master of Yoga for nearly 30 years, but yet when I asked him about it, he avoided it altogether? ..And not just once, but twice thus far. Wouldn't a Master of Yoga want to talk about that which they are 'supposedly' so knowledgeable about? Something just wasn't adding up. ..And what was the problem with telling me what foods he especially likes to eat and what his hobbies are?

My gut feeling was beginning to get strong. But I have hoped to work things out with Hedda in the hopes of getting this what he's subjecting me to stopped, so I began trying to straddle both possibilities. On one hand this could just be Ramanjit but on the other hand it could be actually Hedda. But I really wanted to know who it was I was really talking to.

Throughout our conversations he was all about following one's heart, letting Love be as it is. At some point I decided to ask Ramanjit why he thought that a man who was clearly interested because he kept watching everything I did would just watch but would never actually talk to me. He said he wasn't the person to ask.

So then I sent him the YouTube link to the song that Hedda had requested be played for "Artsie_ladie" which is: "Only You Can Love Me This Way" by Keith Urban. Ramanjit said there was nothing wrong because the man I loved was telling me that he loved me but instead of telling me in his own words, he used the song to tell me instead.

I told him yeah, but this guy I loved was driving me crazy trying to figure what was really going on with him. I said that it's frustrating as hell. Ramanjit told me to just follow my heart, just let the love be love. I told him I can't follow my heart because the guy has a brick wall up that I can't get past.

Throughout our chats, Ramanjit added in Spanish words here and there. Since he was from India, I was curious, but maybe it was to add a special touch. But to my knowledge, Hedda was learning Spanish.

At some point he asked to see a photo of me to know what I looked like. I told him I didn't like having my pic' taken but I used one and I sent him the one I have on FB. He gave me many compliments. So then I asked him to see a pic' of him. He said he was the same way. He didn't like his pic' taken either. It took him awhile to send me one. Finally he did.

He sent me a pic' of a man who looked quite old. From this point on in our conversations he would every now and again refer to himself as being an old man.

I shared with him some poems I wrote, some he inspired, which he liked that he had inspired me. He shared with me YouTube song links. At some point things began getting more personal and he asked me to send him a photo showing myself to him. I told him I could/would never do such, that I would never take a photo compromising myself and upload it to the Internet. He said it would be just to him, no one else would get it. I told him still I would never do such. What's private about me is and stays private and behind closed doors.

He let it go and as things were on a more personal level, he sent me a YouTube video/song link, "Addicted To You". In fact he sent this to me at least twice, but I think three times and the last time he sent it, he pasted in the lyrics to the song as well. Remembering what he had said about a man using a song to say what he wanted to say and how personally things had progressed, I took it to mean that he was feeling "Addicted to me".

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2014-05-14 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Artsieladie: Interesting what you just wrote Rak. I'd like to know why a man is so obsessed with me that he can't keep his nose out of my life and invades my privacy and my life most profoundly; hacks my computers and gains access to my phones ...and has been doing so for 7+ years. :(

Rak: Good Evening Artsieladie Donnelly !!!
This is a serious case of online stalking !!! The person concerned suffers from some kind of mental dis-order which is called Erotomania ... a type of delusion in which the affected person believes that another person, usually a stranger, high-status or famous person, is in love with him or her.
Even though these advances are unexpected and uncalled for. Any denial of
affection by the victim of this delusional love is dismissed by the patient
as a tool to conceal the forbidden love and hardens his attitude even more. This
is a serious matter and the patient must be treated for his mental ailment. <3

Artsieladie: Thank you Rak. I know it's serious. He is a computer programmer with a Masters in Computer Science. It all began when I was active on one of his sites. I did a tremendous amount of work on two of his sites particularly, with one I was the moderator of. Then gradually he broadened his stalking horizons, hacking my computer, thus gaining access to my passwords and so to all my online accounts and he gained access to my phone. When I went to those running his site for help, they all turned on me and then ostracised and bullied me profoundly.

He has been known to hack into other people's accounts and then he talks to me "as them" until I figure out that I'm really speaking to him and not the person the account belongs to. He did it with AOL/AIM and with Facebook for two examples. He also sets up alias identities and then befriends me. When I figure out who it really is, the alias disappears.

I recently uncovered one here on FB. The clincher was when I went to a friend in a private conversation and told my friend the red flags. Right at this time, he stopped talking to me, but was still very much active on FB. He just wouldn't talk to me. Knowing the person stalking me would be able to gain access to my private conversations and would then also know what I was piecing together about his alias FB account, this is why he stopped talking to me.

I finally sent him a message telling him directly that I had figured out who he really is and that if he didn't come clean with me, I was going to expose him. Then he became totally inactive on FB. Finally 3-4 days later he responded. Said he had been sick and couldn't even be on the computer but I knew better because I saw the posts he was liking and commenting on (saved info). But he wasn't in the least upset that I had told him who he really was. He was upset that I had said publicly that he had tried to get me to send him a nude photo of myself and not once, but twice and he told me that because I told others about it, this was unforgivable. Yet, exposing him for being an alias didn't seem to phase him in the least. He unfriended me but he did not block me.

I told my same friend in a private conversation this and I said to my friend that I was going to reply to his message and I was 'thinking about' blocking him. While I was writing my reply, he then blocked me so my reply would not go through. Then my friend's FB account was shut down and not once but 3 times. It seems my friend's account was reported as being a "fake account". So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put the pieces together and figure out "who" it was behind my friend's FB problems. But he's tried to intimidate those close to me before to try and get them to stop supporting me. It's the way of the stalker, to isolate their victim as much as possible.

He is extremely jealous. I have a very close friend, Hans. He emailed him and told him that I am crazy, I'm a liar, etc.. and then Hans' email account was deleted. ..And THIS is just the tip of the iceberg. :(

Rak: Good Morning Artsieladie Donnelly ,
I have gone through your tale of woes w.r.t the stalker !!!! One thing is clear that he is a paranoid and likes you !!! Those who r suffering from this kind of mental disorder can go to any length to harm their victim from emotional blackmailing to physical assault !!!! The more u try to get away from him would make him more harder to harm you thru his ingenious ways !!!
Those who suffer from this kind of mental disorder care a hoot to societal norms or civic ways !!!!
U must fix this problem lest it may go out of your hands and u may be personally harmed !!!!

Artsieladie: Thank you Rak. I have taken measures to get free of him and have also taken steps in the hopes of getting this horrific situation stopped.

I purchased a new computer and got a different ISP and never went to his sites with my new computer. If I went to his sites, I only used my old one. But within a very short time, I began to witness several of the all too familiar tell tale signs that he had gained access to my new computer as well. To say I was sick about this would be a gross understatement because I had spent a considerable amount of money thinking a new computer, new ISP, more security measures, etc., would have done the trick but all of this didn't do anything to deter him.

I have gone to the FBI, filed a report with IC3 (cyber crime unit of the FBI), and have even spoken with FBI agents, and all I got told was to get rid of all of my many accounts and start new, with new passwords too. I explained that this wouldn't do me any good because he has access to my computer and so when I type in a new password, he then has all my new passwords too. In fact whenever I change my passwords and I am then logged in to whatever account it is with the new password, I'll get suddenly logged out and this he does to show me that he has my brand new password too by logging in "as me" with the new password which then logs "me" out.

Besides, why is it always about what "I" should do to try and get away from him? Why should "I" have to or be expected to give up my accounts, my computer, my phone? I'm not the one committing the crime! He is in essence "burglarizing my life". If a burglar breaks into one's home, the Police or the FBI don't tell the victim to just pack up and move! ..And if the burglar then breaks into their new home, they aren't then told to move again! No, the burglar is apprehended, arrested, and put into jail.

I have filed Police reports as well, have contacted my state's Attorney General, my state's Senators, the National Center for Crime Prevention, my ISP fraud and crime department, etc.. Basically, it seems no one wants to take it into serious consideration because he lives in a foreign country and it's too much effort, too much red tape. But the fact that his sister-in-law is the Representative for the state of Missouri, 94th district might also be a factor in why federal agencies don't want to touch it. This is just speculation at this point but it's not like there haven't been cases where backs are scratched mutually for the sake of keeping secrets kept hidden.

He is self employed. From his 'actual' FB account he has me blocked but then uses alias and other accounts to communicate with me. How twisted is this? I haven't tried to talk to 'him' in a long time because as himself, he would always get extemely nasty and insulting towards me. He even threatened me that he would have me thrown off the Internet if I continued to tell, as he put it, 'my side of the story' and he did so because he knows that with 'my side of the story' comes data and evidence that supports 'my story'. People don't usually threaten another to basically shut up their mouth, if that another doesn't have something substantial on them to expose them. Just with his threatening me alone, is an admission of guilt by him.

Then when I posted data and information that implicates him with the tampering of my phone, he hid the page from public view. So another admission of guilt on his part because if what I have is bogus and is lying on my part, he wouldn't have felt compelled to hide it. People who are guilty hide evidence that exposes/incriminates them.

I am told by my ISP and Dell Techs that I have a VERY SERIOUS problem but I'm always told it's out of their hands to help me to get something done to stop it. I've spoken with people who have knowledge similar to his and I'm told I have a VERY SERIOUS problem because he has likely taken all sorts of measures to keep track of me, like back doors and secret accounts in my own websites for examples. ..And this would explain why I get a window that pops up telling me that someone else is editing my site while I am, which is definitely strange because "I" am the ONLY user on my website.

I get notices from my computer telling me that another computer is using my IP address. As a way to punish me once he made my data usage go through the roof which cost me a LOT of money. I average about 8-9 GBs of data usage per month and if I work a lot on my websites then the average is 10-11.5 GBs per month. But as a punishment to me because I posted information exposing him, he made my data usage jump almost 32 GBs in less than 24 hours and about half of these 24 hours I wasn't even connected to the Internet! But "I" had to pay for the extra data usage anyway. The fact that "I" wasn't the one who actually used it didn't make any difference to my service provider.

I would love to be able to contact someone inside both Facebook and Google and if they would listen, I could then explain to them (complete with data to back it up) just what I have experienced and what I am constantly being subjected to. But I do not know how or exactly who in either. Their help forums/pages are of no help to me because I've tried and both Google and FB ignore such.

The FB account in question I've referred to is: Ramanjit Garewal

Rak: Good morning Artsieladie Donnelly,
I am at loss to say anything !!! I am really flabbergasted and aghast to read the horrific details , wherein a person is allowed to encroach into the private life of an individual with impunity !!! <3
I have heard and read stories of red tap-ism, and failure of state machinery to book a cyber crime offender but this beats all of them !! It seems that he is allowed to pirate your account with alacrity !!! <3
If this is the state of affair in the most civilized country like USA where human rights gets precedence over all other things , than what would be the plight of people of other countries who are not so lucky like you !!! :)
Think of countries like Nigeria, Lenanon, Pakistan, India, Phillipines, Indonesia ....etc where either there is civil war or serious law and order problems !!! <3
Anyways i have full sympathy with you and sincerely hope that you will find a way out to deal with mind boggling and devastating continuous personal mental harassment and torture !!! <3
Will u please answer few of my queries to satisfy my curiosity ?
Is he an Asian?
Were u having an affair with him at any point of time?
Have u ever thought of filing a case against him in the country in which he now resides ?
Is there any organ of UNO dealing with serious cyber crimes against civil liberties, ?
Please the last possibility as well !!! U seem to have taken care of all the avenues yet the relief is alluding u !!!! :)
I hope u will at last get yourself free from the tentacles of unscrupulous man who seems to have been running a corpus of most hideous crime against humanity at large !!! <3

Artsieladie: The only thing it seems that takes precedence here in the US is supporting the greedy big corporations. As an American I am absolutely sick about what our country has become. Those running it are literally running its once upstanding status into the ground and they're sucking the American People dry. Civil rights and liberties is a fake front in reality. But it seems by what I learn from what's going on in other countries, the same infection of greed is present. If the People of the world don't unite soon and oust all the self serving zealots, I fear for all, Rak. :'(

What is really so horrific is our FBI and NSA have all the resources to stop him but aren't willing to bother themselves to see that he is stopped.

He is Swedish. No I have never had an affair with him, have never met him in person, but I was at one time VERY active and VERY dedicated to his sites. At one time I respected him because he owned the sites I once loved so much, hence the reason I was dedicated to them.

I've thought about having the issue addressed in his country, but this would require that I go to Sweden which would require a considerable amount of money that I do not have unless I were to use my house as collateral and since it wouldn't be something with any guarantee of being successful, I can't risk losing my house for him as well.

He has already cost me my health, is slandering my name all over the Internet, has stolen approximately 10,000 pieces of my works, art mostly plus written, and he's doing all this because of what Hans, my friend that he despises, wrote in my website's guestbook which was: "What would I do without you in my life? You complete me.." Immediately following this what Hans wrote, he banned me from his site where all my work is, thus denying me access to all my work, thus stealing my work.

People on his site running the site, past and present, KNOW what he's doing is wrong, but refuse to help me. They are more concerned with ostracising me and calling "me" crazy. One such person part of this scenario is Nana and a prime example of the mentality I've had to put up with when trying to get help with this matter and can be witnessed on these two posts of mine:

Because I collect, save, log and document data that pertains to my situation and all those involved in ostracizing me, I am accused of being crazy for doing such, such is described as "creepy", and by collecting "publicly available" information, I'm also accused of "invading their privacy"! Please note on the last comment of the 2nd link where Nana provides a link, insinuating that "I" should seek psychiatric help but no where does she say that what he is doing is wrong and merits "mental help" and in one of her comments in the first link, she refuses to acknowledge what he is doing even though she has seen the data and evidence implicating him with lying and with the tampering of my phone particularly.

I am constantly being told to get over it. One can't get past or get over something that is still going on. :(

Rak: My dear Artsieladie Donnelly ,
I am really shocked to learn about the fine correspondence between you and People of Elftown !!! It's a perfect example of how callous and indifferent a reputed org. can be !!! No one seems to be concerned with your ordeal or predicament !!!
Don't mind my words, it is nothing short of saying " off ""!!! It's none of our business !!! :)
We brag of high moral standards and upload quotes to educate ppl of fine sense and sensibility !!! <3
All is just facade a sorry show off !!!
I wont allow myself to be disillusioned or lose faith in humanity !!! There r few good ppl in this world because of which this world is going on !!! don't lose hope. Keep fighting for a just cause.
Think of approaching Sweden embassy in your country for any help if they can provide one to you !!! I guess, u can approach Sweden cyber police through internet and lodge complaint online by attaching a CD loaded with sequential facts datewise.
U need to be precise and matter of fact in your attachment !!! <3
Thank u for considering me worthy of exchanging these personal details at such a length. Wish u a good day and good luck !!! ,3

Artsieladie: Thank you for picking up on the treatment I have received from the site's staff. Yet, those involved have tried to say they have been 'understanding'. NOT once has any staff member EVER been willing to see things from my standpoint. Just ONE staff member acknowledged to me that he is clearly doing something he shouldn't and this staff member said that I am owed a HUGE apology by the staff members who have ostracised me and definitely by him and the former vice mayor, who is apparently helping him to cover up the truth.

I will keep fighting this HUGE injustice in spite of those who are hellbent on silencing me. If I go silent, then I would nix all hope of ever getting this stopped because silence will only nix any chance I have of reaching the person(s) who will be able to help me. ..And if he can do this profound invasion of my life, God only knows what else he's likely doing that's unethical, immoral, and illegal and to God knows how many other people. I highly doubt I am his only victim. Silence about wrongdoing only "helps/enables" the wrongdoer/wrongdoing. I am no enabler.

I will look into pursuing the avenue you've suggested. At this point what do I have to lose, right? :) Thank you for listening, for not trying to shut me up, like so many others do and have done. Most people aren't really concerned until or if something terrible hits home with them. Then if or when it does, suddenly the whole world must then care. I didn't ask for this, didn't expect this. In fact I never saw it coming. But still I have been given NO choice. I have to LIVE this horrible nightmare whether I like it or not.

I will not forget what you have shown me here, Rak and this is that you are a person of good character, with a beautiful heart. I thank you for being my friend and for your patience and understanding, not easily found these days. ((hugs)) <3

Rak: If i could be of any use to you i would have whole heartedly tried to be by your side, fighting against the unjust, unethical and immoral people or the system !!!
I agree that we wake up only when something horrible hits our lives !!! Than we either seek help from the entire world or just take refuse in our most sacred places !!!
I would never tell u to "shut up" or "FORGET or FORGIVE" as this has not stopped !!! It is still being hurled at you mercilessly w/o any remorse and regrets !!
Please rankle and shake the brains of those who have been either passive or callous all along !!!
The best ppl r FBI in cyber crime and human right !!! Try to contact the high ups in their system through human right volunteers and kick them out of their hibernation of inaction !! This is how things r known to move in my country as well !!
Please remain in touch with me, if u so feel like !!! When two thinking brains join together they make it eleven not two !!!
I feel honored to be in your august company on f/b as a friend !!!
Please do explore the possibility of approaching Sweden embassy, UNO, and human right commission or Judicial intervention !!!

Artsieladie: Thank you so much, Rak! <3 The support of friends is invaluable when you are in a serious situation. Even if friends can't actually do something to help stop something, just knowing you're not alone makes a world of difference.

He has caused many people to believe the worst about me with the help of the former vice mayor but a wrongdoer does whatever they deem necessary to discredit their subjectee to keep their wrongful activity a secret and will turn away as many as possible supporters of their victim, both to destroy the victim's support system and for the purpose of discrediting the victim, which then gives the perp clearer sailing to continue to abuse and torment their victim.

..And the perp will also use a variety of intimidation tactics for the purpose of scaring people away from supporting the victim, which was behind what he did to one of my best friends. It was NO coincidence what happened to her. If this supposedly "Ramanjit" character wasn't gaining access to my "private" conversations, he wouldn't have even known what I had discussed with her "in private", the red flags about him. Since he is accessing all my private information, THIS links him directly to the "Ramanjit Garewal" account.

I will explore as you've suggested. Thank you. ((hugs)) <3

Rak: My pleasure !!! <3 Artsieladie Donnelly !!! <3
Best of luck !!! U have strong case in hand !!! I find in you a spark which often is found missing in most of the women in our society !!! I know u can definitely pin him down with your perseverance and persistent meaningful efforts !!! <3
{ HUGS }}} <3

Artsieladie: Thank you Rak. <3 Yes, I do have a strong case because I'm smart enough to collect, save, and document data and evidence and I will continue to do so until I get this stopped. Without this data I wouldn't have a case. This is why he and others involved ridiculed me for doing this because they didn't want me to have what I have against him and them.

I am a survivor. I have overcome many obstacles in my life and I apply much effort into being a person of morals, values, and integrity and there's no way I will ever concede what I've worked hard at to achieve to a bunch of thugs, who's only credit they can give themselves is knocking someone down they know is being unfairly ostracised and who are so willing to join in on the sick game.

My Mother although a tiny lady, was a virtuous woman who always told me to tell the truth, to have guts, and stand up for what's right, even if it meant I wouldn't be liked for it by the majority.

I have tried all angles I can think of, even appealing to him directly that if he would stop invading my privacy, stop slandering my name and stealing my work, this could be all put to rest. But he isn't willing to do this because he's getting too much enjoyment out of abusing and tormenting me and also having his partners in crime cheering him on. But even the great Napoleon and Caesar met with their demise and so will he and so will those who have enjoyed ostracising me as well. ..And the weapon that will do this is the TRUTH. <3

Artsieladie Donnelly !! <3
Cheers !!!! And Bravo !!! I am with u !!!
In India We say "SATYE MAV JAYETE " { In the end only truth triumphs !!! <3
Buck up !!! U have in you do it !!! <3

Artsieladie: Yes it does!! ..And only those who try and hide it become belligerent and aggressively insulting because they are afraid of being exposed. ;) Thank you, Rak! With encouragement like yours, how can I not? :) <3 I like "SATYE MAV JAYETE" and I will be sure and remember this and I will be saying this in the future as well. Thank you for sharing these great words. :) <3

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