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Note: The Minus website is now defunct. One day, when I have the time, I'll replace the minus image links with working ones. - 2019-09-13

I am so fed up with having my communication devices being accessed by a maniac! Angry? This doesn't BEGIN to cover it! Try LIVID!!!!

Enclosing here much info, but "THIS" is only the "tip of the iceberg" of ALL that I have collected, documented, and saved! Yes, I do go back in time because it's what initially caused and is what's behind what I've been put through and am still being subjected to. So to some, it may seem trivial or of no importance, but when trying to resolve something and/or to get something stopped, very often to do this, one must know what instigated the issue or issues in the first place.

I was notified by my computer of this (See image #1):

"Windows has detected an IP address conflict" (2013-06-07 and several other times)...

Then there's this that happened...

My data usage was at 5.386 GB on 2013-06-09 at 3:15 pm (EST), but less than 24 hours later, it skyrocketed to 36.804 GB as per the reading at 2:16 pm on 2013-06-10 in my Verizon Access Manager window.

I seldom use even 9 GB in a 30-31 day period (billing cycle), out of 10 GB allowed before additional charges are levied, but SUDDENLY I used 31.418 GB in less than 24 hours!!???? "I" KNOW "I" did NOT!!! So if "I" didn't, this means that SOMEONE ELSE DID!!! I'd bet it's the SAME SOMEONE ELSE who is accessing, hacking, my computer WITHOUT "MY" PERMISSION EVER!!!!!

So now my bill has almost TRIPLED!!!! Perhaps, I should just forward the bloody bill to Sweden! Linkoping, to be exact! GRRRRRRRRRR

Only one so damn cocky and so sure of himself, convinced that he can do whatever and get away with it, would do this:

A "temperature, date, time" gadget was placed on my desktop on 2013-03-14 by "someone OTHER than myself" AND WITNESSED by someone besides myself! ..And what's even MORE interesting is that it doesn't even apply to "my area" as one can see! It's for Linkoping, Ostergotland, Sweden!!!!! (my desktop - image #2; Full size of here: )

Perhaps, THIS all is why he feels he needs "diplomatic immunity" to come to the US!? (see image #3 - PNG of: ) Why does he think he needs "diplomatic immunity" to enter the US? Moralist law? Could it possibly have anything to do with "invasion of privacy"? Since he has family, immediate family, brother and sister-in-law and latter, a politician for the state of Missouri, US, to be exact... again I ask, why does he feel he needs "diplomatic immunity"?

Gee, I wonder if the crew on Elftown <3 ( ) STILL finds this all SO AMUSING, since several of them sure enjoyed chastising, humiliating, and bullying me!!! ..And I suppose it's funny that he has stolen my works and is slandering my name all over the Internet, too, right? What are your thoughts, Lerune?

..And I suppose it's hilarious too that I can't have a "private" conversation not only on my computer but nor can I have one on my "supposedly" PRIVATE phone, as Laurie Hobart and Andrea Jeffers, just to name two, can indeed attest to, not to mention techs as well. EVERY time the topic of conversation is brought around to involving my, THIS, situation, my phone goes absolutely ballistic! ...And as has been witnessed by MANY.

I put this webpage together, which provides 'some' of the data I have saved, implicating the same "person of interest" with the tampering of my phone:

But... you won't be able to actually "view" it, because the "person it implicates made it inaccessible to the public", but since I SAVE just about everything I can, despite crew members on the site making fun of me for doing so, for saving data, this is the screengrab OF THE ENTIRE PAGE... minus the comments on the page, which I have in 'other saved data', where it also verifies how I was ostracised by several members, including crew, INSTEAD OF ADDRESSING THE ISSUE, THE CONTENT ON THE PAGE, because as is apparent by the comments, it was MORE important to ridicule and attack me than it was to get to addressing the REAL problem. The site owner thought he could "conceal from the public" the page by placing a "password for viewing" on it. I guess he didn't think that I would "save" it. (Image #4; Large full size of: ) Question: If the owner is "not" guilty of any wrongdoing, why then, did he feel the need to "hide the evidence"?? Any time evidence is concealed or gotten rid of, such action automatically increases the likelihood of guilt who it pertains to.

Further more, "while I was in the process of 'creating' the webpage (which took approximately 24 hours to put altogether the data and added text for explaining and which I started doing on "March 1st"), I was sent Helkern Worms, a grab of the 3rd one received (please note in image I am still editing the page on March 2nd and so, has not yet been put through into it's 'first version" and the Helkern Worm warning from Kaspersky in the lower right hand corner)... (image #5, PNG of: )

Also, as I explain on the "Calls To Myself" page, I purchased International calling for the purpose of to call him and give him a chance to explain that the Calls To Myself couldn't be associated to him and I tried about 30-40 times over about a 3 month period, but the ONLY time I was able to make a completed connection was when I did so IMMEDIATELY following a Call To Myself and the completed call is verified with my Verizon bill. (Image #6; PNG of: ) ...And THIS "successful" call "ended the Calls To Myself"...until I'm about to explain next. To further show it's his number, this image is from his site, contact page, : (image #7; PNG of: )

...And since the Helkern Worm warnings didn't deter me from my mission, didn't stop me, a phone number, 634-2295, which... READ CAREFULLY.. --> a NON-WORKING NUMBER "called" my number. (See call log image #8, PNG of: ) Now please note these details: A non-working number can ACTUALLY CALL another, "my" number??? Huh, say what? O.O When one calls this "non-working" number, one will get this recording: "The number you have dialed is not in service."

Well, please now see where NEXT, "my" number then "called MY OWN number", I called myself!! and "twice"!! (he must have had to be sure the procedure he was doing worked) because the second time of "my number calling my 'own' number" immediately follows the first. But... after this? Whenever anyone called me, they were greeted with this on my voicemail: "The number you have dialed is not in service." Sound familiar? So everyone who called me after this, hung up (as it shows in the image) because when they got this message, they naturally thought my number was not in service any longer. Just ask my daughter, Evah Jane Felixia Donnelly, when she tried to call me from Basic, and ask a number of other people, like Andrew Slater, and my neighbour, Dianne. NO ONE could reach me ON MY PHONE because of THIS!!!! ..And this continued for about 3 weeks. All you peeps who seem to think this is some sort of a fun time I'm being and have been subjected to, does THIS sound hilarious and fun!!?????

Wanna' know how it stopped? I was on with AOL, just starting to get them to understand what was going on (that a recording from a non-working number had been somehow placed over onto my voicemail) when suddenly during my conversation I was disconnected and then just as suddenly, the problem resolved itself, almost like there was a third party in on the conversation and thinking that I was getting to the bottom of it, then fixed it, and AOL was STILL trying to understand fully TO fix the problem.

..And THIS info was also placed on and like every other time of my trying to get help from those in a position of being able to help me (the crew), it was blown off with one silly excuse after another along with being made fun of and accused of making stuff up and being told that "I" am the one who's lying. The crew accused me of not showing any data/evidence. So I then began to. Then the next thing I knew, I got a message from the owner of the site telling me that if I continued to tell what I knew, my side, he would then have me thrown off the Internet, that he would them permanently ban me from the site, and so, permanently defile my name all over the Internet. Question: Why did he feel the need to "threaten me to shut me up" IF he wasn't guilty???

Because I REFUSE to simply ALLOW him to get away with his shenanigans, because I am NOT an "enabler" nor a "bystander", then he's making ME pay for HIS WRONGDOING and is stealing MY WORK and SLANDERING MY NAME! ...And members of the crew on, past and present, not only are they not willing to step in and help do something about this, but they enjoyed laughing at, belittling, and calling me all sorts of names besides!!! I'm not sure which are the worst, the one doing it OR those who are capitalising on my subjugation.

Oh, don't think I haven't done anything to try and stop this, because I have. This all was going on with my older computer. So I decided to start all over, a fresh start, and so I purchased a new computer, got an entirely different ISP (Internet access), because several on Elftown liked to put the blame on the fact that I had AOL and that AOL was causing my issues. Well, I wonder what their excuses will be now? They can't blame AOL now!!!! Before anyone says to "reformat", this is in the works, but I have little hope that this will do me any good unless I can KEEP HIM TO HELL OUT OF MY COMPUTER!

THIS is what preempted him to ban me from his site on 2011-08-26, thus slandering my name all across the Internet AND denying me all of MY WORKS, over 10,000 art pieces (including my graphics and my art), plus over 300 poems, plus written works, many, and other stuff of MINE! In this image #9 (PNG: ) at the top is Hans' comment in my site's guestbook and the bottom image is of the banning banner.

I was banned on because of the message (top) that was placed in my guestbook by my friend Hans. The owner apparently was angry (apparently jealous) because of what Hans wrote to me, and so, then went to my Elftown house (profile) and banned me, putting the banner over it, as is showing in the bottom image (which is showing all over the Internet slandering my name) and then, I was signed off of AOL, but NOT by me, but by the same person who has been accessing my computers WITHOUT MY PERMISSION "FOR YEARS" and the data I've collected, points to ONE person over and over again, the owner of Because of this, the owner is denying me access, therefore STEALING MY WORKS... PLUS slandering my name!!!! But I'm expected to not object! I'm expected to not say boo!

Well, my data and evidence RULES OUT "conspiracy theories" as it also PROVES that "I" am NOT lying.. and harassment? Well, folks trot on over to! and this is just ONE page depicting how I was treated by the "Elftown Crew"! ...along with the site owner denying he knows "anything" about the "Calls To Myself" when Hans asked! (See image #10, PNG of: ). ..And please feel free to review previous page versions where I've listed "just SOME" of ALL I did for the bloody site and owner, besides ALSO donating a lot of money to him and his site too! -->

Any and every time I tried to get, especially crew, to listen, I was called a "drama queen", a "psychobitch 3", a "paranoid lunatic", and several other defamatory titles. Instead of listening to me or showing ANY concern whatsover, they rallied around sunrose against me and this is evident time and time again in various places on the site.

Man o' man, have I been rewarded, eh folks!?? GRRRRRRR THIS, what I've been and am being subjected to, is how one gets treated for being so devoted and dedicated to his site! Doesn't everyone just WANT TO march right over there, join, and devote yourselves, too!!?? >.<

As in image #10, here's the guestbook where I was accused of lying about inviting a member to Elftown. (image #11, PNG of: ) Please read the "highlighted area" where a crew member and the person who helped the owner do programming for the site, states:
"And for the record, my screenshots showed that things you said occurred didn't ever fucking happen. Hedda didn't go to your wiki pretending to be someone else, and the only IP that accessed that house was one that everyone from your family uses. But I'm sure he managed to rig that, right? Please. He must have also rigged it so that you never went to the invite page to invite Hans too, right? Because the screenshots showed that as well." Now please see next image, which IS a copy of the invite to Hans I was accused of never sending --> Image #12, PNG of:

..But True's screenshots "showed" that I had NEVER been to the "invite page"! Well, I guess if the owner can fool True, who is very knowledgeable about computers, web design, analytics, programming, etc., then I think it's safe to assume that the owner can pull the wool over others' eyes who know FAR LESS, wouldn't you agree? Since I have the proof that I DID in fact "invite Hans", I guess then, that Hedda DID "rig" something!

Well, now WHO is lying and WHO is telling the truth? The copy of the invite "PROVES" I am NOT! Proves I DID "invite Hans" to Elftown. Oh, but doesn't that banner in image #9 SAY "I'm a liar?" That I'm guilty of making up "conspiracy theories"? Well, collected and saved data and evidence TRUMPS his accusations, "his slandering of me"! I do seeketh and speaketh THE TRUTH!

He sent my friend, Hans an email as follows:
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 13:51:00 +0200
Subject: Re: Elftown will stop emailing you!

So you have listened to Sharon's crap. Guess what: I'm fed up with her
spreading rumours about that there are people conspiring against her
and everyone else there. I and a very few selected people whom I trust
with my life are the only ones who can read messages, and we only do
it to confirm reports of harassment. And no private information is
ever spread out away from this group.

If you want to spread lies about the few ones who can read messages,
then I suggest you simply don't use Elftown for that in case they
happen to see the messages, but we take the privacy very serious and
we are real persons that can be blamed personally if we spread
something unlike that unknown amount of people who can read this

If you hear something more upsetting from Sharon I strongly suggest
that you check with another source before believing her paranoid
version. An example:

Sharon has been on a campaign to talk shit about Sunrose for a long
time. And when I happen to give Sharon a compliment and Sunrose a
little later ended the relation with Sharon, Sharon directly jumped to
the conclusion that Sunrose was jealous! The real reason was of course
that Sunrose was furious about that Sharon kept on talking badly about
her to a lot of people (me included).


Well, I have LOTS of evidence that shows several members on the site, INCLUDING crew especially WERE targeting me, bullying me and when done by a group, it's called "mobbing". I was accused by a guard that I and another member were conspiring to use my idea, "Eye Catching Artworks" to undermine Featured Art. I was accused of interfering when I was simply making sure things got done in a timely fashion. But when other crew members interfered with what I was doing, they were said to be "being helpful". But I have countless examples of how I was treated and I will be disclosing them to the public: diaries, guestbook messages, private messages, forum posts, wiki-page comments, IM conversations, phone conversations, and emails. I will especially enjoy disclosing the items that have since been hidden or deleted, thereby displaying the ones doing so, are trying to "hide" data.

Also notice how he is suggesting that Hans is also spreading lies. It's really amazing that anyone who dare question the goings on by him and on the site by others, especially crew past and present, are then automatically said to be liars, lunatics, and if they stood up for me, well then, they were then "imaginary" too, they were figments of "my" imagination, even my daughter, even my sister, and of course, Hans!

...And yes, sunrose was furious with me... because and what he isn't disclosing, she knew I was becoming aware of what type of person she really is, that she had it on her agenda to get rid of me for a very long time, which I have copies of her "own words" saying so, not to mention the MSN conversation where she trashes Hedda to me (which I will be showing soon), as well as where I was sent "from her" in an MSN conversation, a HAHA.exe file which was a virus of some sort, which I did eventually go to Hedda about at the advice of a guard on the site. (..And I can back this up with proof, which I WILL BE doing.) You see, because I saved data backing up my claims, I was also made fun of and told that only a lunatic would save data. But I suppose when one is party to wrongdoing, the natural defense is to discredit the one with the evidence.

NOTE: Shortly AFTER this email was sent to Hans, Hans' email account: somehow mysteriously went poof! It had both "this" email in it AND the "invite" email. The only one who stood to gain by getting rid of it was the person who "sent THIS email". To get rid of the evidence... this email AND the invite email... or so he thought, because EVERYTHING in and out of this email address was backed up and saved.

About the ending of the relation? She ended it WITHIN MINUTES "just after" he gave me a compliment about keeping his project going, as can be seen in this image #13, PNG of:

She, sunrose, then vice mayor of, ended the relation between her and I, WITHIN MINUTES (within 15 minutes and 36 seconds to be exact) after Hedda, site owner, gave me a compliment about keeping his Elftown Creature Marathon project going, as can be seen in this image. She had tried to get me to walk away from it in an MSN conversation, because she had done so. So when he gave me a compliment about keeping it going, it was more than she could stand, and so, she ended our relationship on the site. One would have to be totally stupid not to see the obvious, but yet, she wasn't jealous? ..There's more!

I created a super wiki-page on another of his sites, CatHug, titled "Just For Y♥U!" for the site owner to honour him and to let him know that he had value as a person and deserved to be cared about. (Back then I admired Hedda, which also made it very difficult for me to think of him as a person who would invade my privacy.) But then after creating it, in lieu of the former vice mayor's attitude I felt towards me, I felt uncomfortable knowing that she could gain access to the page, even though I had password protected it for both editing and viewing. So I thought it then best to delete it, but I could not delete wiki-pages myself and so I had to ask the site owner to, and did, but I did NOT ask or tell him to take ownership of the page, but he did anyway.

On the page I had created a work of his cat Lilo and when the page was ready for him to see it, I placed his name by the Lilo work, which then placed the link to the page in the bottom of his CatHug house (under "Latest appearances in photo albums") AND it then also put it on "wiki-page watch" for him. Now when a wiki-page is deleted, EVERYTHING on the page and all of its versions are deleted.. gone, which means the Lilo image with his name placed by it was then also gone, which should have then removed the link and image to the page at the bottom of his CatHug house. BUT... nope! In fact it is STILL there! (Which I will show the screengrab of shortly.)

Now... "point of interest": The very day that he deleted "Just For Y♥U!" on CatHug (2008-02-25 00:39:48 Last author: Hedda), the same person who ended our relation on Elftown (image #13) cleared out her CatHug house: as well as ending all of her relations, including with the owner. Here are the facts pertaining to as of 2013-05-06:

sunrose: Was last seen 1897 days ago. (Logged out)
Calculated on:
Current: 2013-05-06 00:07:49
1897 days ago = 2008/02/25 (compare to date Hedda deleted the "Just For Y♥U!" wiki-page on CatHug; it's the "same date".)
Vice mayor of cleared out of the SAME DAY the site owner deleted the wiki-page, "Just For Y♥U!" ..As is shown here in this image (screengrab parts depicting the info just pointed out, and yes, I do have the "whole" screengrabs as well.)
Image #14, PNG of:

Now see the link and image linking to the now deleted "Just For Y♥U!" page still displaying in the bottom of his CatHug house:

Image #15, PNG of:

He was royally pissed off at me for asking him to delete it and even threatened to ban me over it! I'm guessing that he was angry NOT because I had created the page, but because I had asked him to delete it and apparently, he couldn't let go of it altogether, considering what's still in his house even though the page is wiped. ..And I think it's safe to assume that sunrose was pissed too, NOT because I asked him to delete it, but because I had made such a terrific page "all for Hedda"! For her to totally clear out like she did AND end her relation with him too!? She HAD TO BE pissed. ..And since she cleared out on the SAME DAY as he deleted it, it's pretty safe to also conclude that he told her about it and wanted her to see it BEFORE he went ahead and deleted it and why, possibly to "piss her off"? How else would she have known it even existed? I must say, I did often get the feeling or impression that he was playing her against me and I against her.

Also, since I'm accused of making stuff up, Hedda and I began a relation on CatHug. Within about a half hour, the vice mayor "resigned from"! Oh but this is just another coincidence too, right? But even more interesting? Since Hedda and I were the "only two" ACTIVE on CatHug that particular morning (my time), how did she find out so fast? ..And "who" told her? Again, likely the same person who also told her about the wiki-page, "Just For Y♥U!", knowing it would piss her off. ..And since she then resigned on Elftown as a result, I guess it surely did!

..And about me talking badly about her? In a MSN conversation with her, there came in "from her" a "HAHA.exe file", which was a virus of some sort. I didn't click on it or open it, because I don't do this with such things, particularly "exe" and "app" files of unknown origin and NOT even with people I know and trust. This took place during the 2nd half of January, 2008 and there's other details as well, like the things she said to me in our MSN conversations, which I will be revealing soon, but touched on briefly in Image #13. But what SHE isn't divulging is her agenda she's had going on since the beginning of "2007" to get rid of me from, by her own words from then, that she said, "I don't care how Artsie is gotten rid of, as long as she is" AND "I don't know what Hedda sees in her anyway". Oh, but yet, I stand accused!

Just "these examples" alone without additional ones I have, clearly indicate she harbours something towards me and HAS for a very long time and it certainly is NOT "friendly". I just had the misfortune of being caught up between the two and so now I must be the one to pay. Well, no, I am not going to stand idly by and allow it to continue.

There's a lot here but it's only a spec of what I do have. Most won't be bothered to read it and/or go through it all, but it's being placed here "for the record" and so I can forward it to where it can be reviewed for investigative purposes.

The site owner:

And some people tell me that I "should IGNORE this"!!! Try LIVING THIS HELL!!!! ...Before you say or think I should just ignore it or just shut up about my subjugation.

Feedback and thoughts PLEASE!! - Evah Jane, Michael Gorman, Rising Byte, Soumitra Bhattacharjee, Mike Manero, Star Mendoza, Faith L. Doerr and anyone else.

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