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2011-04-01 - Started editing this page...
I have been over on CatHug editing my wiki-pages there. I was aiming to give Hedda his wish: 2011-03-29 15:02:53 "Stay away from me!"


Hedda was responding to this PM from me:


On the Calls_To_Myself page, the person whom I tried to call so many times and was only able to finally get a completed connection with IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING a "call to myself" was [Hedda]. My online voicemail was being played with WHILE I was putting the page together, but had not yet submitted it for even version 1. I also received Helkern Worm warnings during the time I was putting the page together before submitting AND I have MANY, MANY, MANY Helkern Worm warnings that correlate with VERY interesting circumstances, shall I say? In fact, I have OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODLES of evidence that I have collected, documented, timelined, etc., and there is ONE very common, "common denominator". Guess who?

As can be seen here, I finally get up the courage to address him directly, because the information and ALL the circumstances surrounding those "Calls to myself", then the re-occurrence of and SUDDENLY when I was addressing the topic... is just a little bit, too much to swallow, especially since the playing around with my phone and voicemail put my daughter in hysterics because she could not get ahold of her mother. IF ANYONE HERE THINKS THIS IS AMUSING IN ANY WAY, then I think I can safely assume that such people need some serious help.

But also notice, that I'm still trying to be patient with him; that I'm just asking him to tell me the truth; asking him to give me a chance to understand why and I'm still trying to protect his little secret activity. ..And this has played a major role with this 4 years of hell all along. Because I "like" Hedda (emphasizing 'like' here), I didn't want to see him embarrassed or humiliated, in spite of what he has said about and done to me. Some of his communication with me has been downright mean and cruel. But people aren't able to see what has going on behind the scenes.

..And please don't think that I haven't appealed to him before to come clean with me, because I have several times. Here's one example:

"...And if I am wrong about any of my suspicions, then for God's sake, talk to me, please? Please explain to me why you are the most common, common denominator. Why you seem to be at the root of so many, many what? Just mere coincidences? For so long I kept trying to tell myself that this could no way be you! This could no way be thee Hedda! It couldn't! But little by little I was forced to believe it very well could be and this has caused me almost as much emotional turmoil as the instances themselves. I just couldn't imagine to have to face the fact that the very person I have come to think highly of, the person that I always tried to respect, the person I stuck up for, the person I gladly did lots for through doing for your sites because I believe in them and in you and the potential of both, so disillusioned me and I did not want to accept this and I still have a part of me that doesn't want to believe it. But if, and I really want you to understand this.. if you are guilty of being behind any of the stuff I've been experiencing, then please allow me to state that I want you to give me a chance to understand why. If you will, I promise I'll listen to what you have to say and I'll do it with an open-minded approach. I will not judge you and if at any point you start thinking or feeling that I am, then by all means you had better let me have it, because I'm giving you my word here and I have every intention of keeping it. ...And I also promise that I won't think less of you. In fact you can only gain more of my respect if you are honest, if you show me that you are human after all, because humans do make mistakes. I should know, I make humdingers!"

My AOL Call Alert call log:


Now here is the screen capture I took while I was still putting the page: Calls_To_Myself together. As can be seen, I have not yet submitted it, when I received a Helkern Worm warning, which tells me it was known what I was doing BEFORE I had even submitted the page:


Anyway, back to the warnings... Everything was going along pretty well and I had edited some pages, when suddenly, bam!, I was prompted with this warning from Kaspersky.


The CatHug wiki-page:

Just to show how many pages I had been editing, before I received the warning:


Here's the Kaspersky report showing all of the CatHug wiki-pages I went to that I was given the warning, several of which I had already been to and had just edited:


Here is one of the pages that I HAD already edited and I had it still in a 'left open' tab. Then when I clicked and opened it in another tab, I then got the warning from Kaspersky:


I also then wanted to see what would happen if I went to other places on CatHug....

CatHug's Myaustreet - WARNING RECEIVED!:


Went to my CatHug house and diary - OK; no warning:


Went to another house on CatHug - OK; no warning for this house either:


Speaking of houses... [Sir_Hans] captured this for me. He thought it to be a tad "interesting", since Hans ONLY watches the house of "119747", so whomever comes up under "interesting people" are those that are also watching the same 'house' as Hans is. Hans made sure he got all the screen captures needed, even showing that it is "only I" that he watches, [Artsie_ladie] ALSO only watches "119747". ...And [Hedda] also watches "119747":


....And just in case anyone may be thinking that this was just this once? Here are just 'some' more, from an account the ONLY person being watched with this one as well, is "119747":


For those that don't know how it works in regards to "Interesting people", here's a little insight and confirmed from [Hedda], himself:


Now here's a PM from [Hedda]:


Of course he doesn't look at my house! He watches it to NOT look at it. This makes perfect sense, doesn't it? I mean, who ever looks at a house they are watching? How silly! Agree? *giggles*

Oh and the little, red heart episode... He didn't and he didn't? Well, he did and he did. Hans was with me the day after Valentine's Day and he was sitting right next to my computer, on my big chair's arm to be exact. As soon as the guestbook notifier said I had "a" message, I went to my house, because I just about always go to my house when I have a guestbook message, probably to see whom it may be and even though the last visitors' list doesn't work like it used to, I still do it, habit I guess.

When I got to my house, I scrolled down far enough to see my badge slot and the very first thing I noticed was the ADDITIONAL little red heart next to the "Inspector's link". I already had one in the middle that "I" placed there, but this one was off to the right by the Inspector's link. When I saw the additional, little, red heart, I said to Hans: "Oh wow, I've got another little, red heart. How'd that get there? ..Oh I also have a new badge, an Inspector's badge! Woo!"

I then went to my guestbook where I had 'one' message and then I saw that it was [Hedda] that had been in and gave me the new badge AND it was at this time I knew then just whom had placed the little, red heart in my badge slot. It was Hedda! 'Course I became a little too happy about that he had, I guess, because Hans was NOT happy! "Oh whoopdy-do! a silly, little heart from his highness." There is NO WAY that I'm going to agree to something that contradicts not only what I KNOW to be the truth, but Hans, whom sat right next to me, witnessed the very same thing! Try telling Hans that he got annoyed for NO reason!

Also try telling Hans that I didn't invite him as well. I was accused of lying when I said I had invited a member and the statement was something similar to: "I suppose Hedda made it look like you weren't on the invite page, too." Well, I guess [Hedda] did do exactly this after all, since I have proved that I did invite a member and the member being Hans.

Allow me to reiterate, however. The person that accused me of lying is not/was not the bad guy. It's just that [Hedda] is this good at making things seem different than what they are. If [Hedda] can fool True, whom is a pretty darn, smart cookie, well then, it stands to reason that people not in the same league, which are most, including myself, can be even easier fooled.

This doesn't mean that the people being fooled and/or manipulated are stupid. This is NOT what I'm saying or even trying to imply. It just means that most people tend to want to believe that most other people are basically good, honest, and decent people and I would hope for humanity's sake, that this is still true. Take con artists for example. A really good con artist, a master at his/her trade, can fool a hell of a lot of people, before, if ever, they are caught on to. I think it's pretty safe to assume that most have heard somehow, somewhere in their life, about one con artist or another, that was finally caught.

..And what does a person generally do when they think or know another person is onto them? Do they embrace such a person? Hell no! They will do everything in their power to prevent the truth about whatever it is they are doing or have done from coming out in the open. Elementary. A very common counter-play is to discredit the person or persons that can, therefore may, let or is letting the cat out of the bag. This is what has been done here in regards to me.

..And I've been told by [Hedda] that I am delusional, etc., for the last time. My patience with him has now run out. So now, everyone is going to be witness to allllll I've gathered, timelined, and documented, etc.. ..And if this isn't quite enough? Well, then I'll let Hans take over the reins and Hans can deal with [Hedda] on his level. Considering it was Hans MSN email account that went poof (and he has since found out how, which was the main reason it was set up using my computer), Hans is not exactly a happy camper and for a number of reasons.


May God Bless You and Have a Great Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

By [Artsieladie]

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