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Elfpack's Sexy Santa Contest


Welcome to Elfpack's seasonal contest to find our sexiest Santa (and Miss Santa) wannabes! This iconic Christmas character is not just for kids, so don your Christmas hats, strike a sexy pose and snap a picture for us! Santa might even have a surprise in his sack for the winners ;)

We will accept any Santa-themed outfits: a whole santa outfit, just the hat, or perhaps a handsome reindeer or elf.

We encourage suggestive pictures, but keep it clean enough for mainstuff! Please make no more than 1 submission, although you may take several pictures of the same outfit. It doesn't have to be you in the picture, but you must have been involved with making or putting together the outfit to enter it here (so feel free to dress up your partner, your dog, etc.)

Deadline: 2nd January 2014

Voting will take place for a 2-week period after the closing date.
Deadline may be subject to change, so don't delay!



1st-<img:stuff/epcontest2.gif> 2nd-<img100*0:/stuff/contest2nd.gif> 3rd-<img100*0:/stuff/contest3rd.gif>
(The partial badges can be upgraded for placing in another contest!)

The winning entry will receive a Competition winner's badge, 6 Togs, and a Giffie-Pet Slot Token, allowing an additional giffie-pet.
The 2nd placed entry will win the 2nd place badge, 4 Togs, and a Unique Giffie-Pets ticket.
The 3rd placed entry will win the 3rd place badge, 2 Togs, and an Exotic pet ticket, allowing an Exotic pet from the Giffie-Pet Store.
All proper entries will be awarded with .5 (one half) Tog!

Graphics on the page are from Christmas_Graphics-By-Artsieladie




<img:stuff/RedButtonByArtsieladie2013-11-04_11x11.png> Each member may enter one costume. You can enter several pictures of the same costume, but this counts as one entry only.
<img:stuff/GreenButtonByArtsieladie2013-11-04_11x11.png> You must be involved with making or wearing the costume. No random pictures from Google, please!
<img:stuff/RedButtonByArtsieladie2013-11-04_11x11.png> Due to the 'sexy' theme, no images of children may be entered. Sorry to all the younger folks, but you'll get a chance in our next Elfpack Contests.
<img:stuff/GreenButtonByArtsieladie2013-11-04_11x11.png> Make sure your entry follows the uploading art rules. That means nothing overly lewd!
<img:stuff/RedButtonByArtsieladie2013-11-04_11x11.png> Upload your image to Elfpack. If you don't know how, check Uploading images. You can ask for help with this in the comments if needed.
<img:stuff/GreenButtonByArtsieladie2013-11-04_11x11.png> Be respectful to other entries, and other people on the wiki. Failure to comply will result in the Guards taking all your Christmas presents away.
<img:stuff/RedButtonByArtsieladie2013-11-04_11x11.png> Most importantly: have FUN! (or we'll send you a lump of coal for Christmas!)


Post your entries here:

Elfpack's Sexy Santa Entries


Need more Festive contests? [Faith.Hope.Love] is running THREE unofficial contests at Elfpack-Christmas-Competitions.

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2013-12-20 [kittykittykitty]: *cuts the ribbon* The contest is now open weeey! I hope we have a few people who are brave enough (remember they don't have to be supersexy pics, don't be shy) ;)

If you need some inspiration, check out the wonderful [Big Brother] from our last sexy santa contest at Elfpack’s Sexiest Mr. Santa Claus Contest -> <URL:stuff/BB_x-mas.jpg2.1.jpg>

2013-12-22 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Nice page! ;) Thanks for the mention about the Christmas Competitions and the maker of the graphics. :) I'll be watching but not participating. I stay "behind" cameras. lol :P

2014-01-03 [kittykittykitty]: Looks like we had no brave people for this one. Ah well, next year perhaps (probably with a more genereric theme).

I tend to stay behind the cameras too, though if there'd been any other entries I would have made one for this xD Maybe I should have done it first to encourage other people.

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