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Elfpack Suggestions

Ever had the feeling Elfpack is missing something? No matter what? Just come in here and suggest your idea!


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2007-02-21 [Hedda]: It has moved a little further down on the TODO-list... But it's still there.

2007-02-21 [Hedda]: I'll probably start to save versions of the house. That should save people who delete their descriptions by accident too.

2007-02-24 [kittykittykitty]: I think that would be good :) But maybe not save ALL the versions like a wiki, but the previous one or two? :/ Personally I wouldn't like that as some things like wiki-links and images I might want to remove completely

2007-02-25 [Hedda]: I could make sure that the older stuff can only be accessed by the member. So others can only see the most recent diff, but not previous versions. It will of course be a little bad when people update their house one time and right afterwards fix a minor problem somewhere else in the house.

But I have no solution to that.

2007-02-26 [Elisa]: Actually, this sounds great! :) Thanks! But since the "minor problem" changes it'll still be the most recent change that will be seen and that makes it work good, as far as I understand.. But start saving houses is a good start! ^_^

2007-03-07 [FireGypsy]: Please put your suggestion on the wiki-page Elfpack Suggestions Page by editing the wiki and adding it at the end of the suggestion list ^_^

2007-03-08 [zoloftzantac]: Did you delete a suggestion? If he didn't edit the page then he may not be watching it and then he will never get your comment :/ (there are very few watchers)

2007-03-08 [FireGypsy]: If you look on the suggestions page, he added it ^_^

2007-03-08 [Elisa]: I thought my suggestion was up already, how embaressing...

2007-03-11 [zoloftzantac]: [Elisa]: Burnout is talking to someone whos comment she deleted.
(she how deleting comments with out any good reason can confuse people?)

2007-03-11 [kittykittykitty]: It confused me also :P

2007-03-12 [FireGypsy]: I didn't delete anything....?

2007-03-12 [zoloftzantac]: well, I think somebody deleted something. my point was meant to be more general about how deleting comments creates later confusion

2007-03-12 [iCh3wi]: I deleted my comment cuz i thought that my suggestion went here but burnt directed me where to go so i moved it. sorry to cause confusion ^_^

2007-03-12 [zoloftzantac]: bad monkey, now [FireGypsy] must spank you with a rubber hose while she wears her thigh high leather boots (and we all watch ofcourse)

2007-03-12 [iCh3wi]: Sounds kinky, might be fun *shrugs*

2007-03-13 [FireGypsy]: *swings around her rubber hose* <img:mood5-gif.gif>

2007-03-13 [iCh3wi]: :D!!!!!!

2007-03-15 [Elisa]: Ooh, well that explains things. :P But I put up the suggestion again, so I think this time things would be in order. :)

2007-03-16 [iCh3wi]: We have a Hawaii Grotwth Rate wiki? Kick arse!~

2007-05-07 [dragonus]: Just a suggestion but woulden't it be easier to just make the music thing the same as on myspace. That way people woulden't have to see a popup page they can just play the music to hear it. Just an idea you don't have to do that if you don't want to I just thaught it may make it a bit easier that's all.

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