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The Elfpack Chat is a real-time IRC chatroom, with members of Elfpack and moderated by the Chat Bosses, who are OP's in the chatroom.


Elfpack Chat, FAQ

Q) I don't want to use the below widget, what server is the chat located on?
A) The Elfpack chat on the server, with the channel name #Elfpack.

Q) What does "OP" mean?
A) Operator. It's another term for Moderator or Boss.

Q) I sometimes see people who are not listed as one of the Chat Bosses with OP-status, why is that?
A) Sometimes, a Chat Boss may decide to give another highly-trusted member a temporary OP status that lasts until they log out. This is generally due to the assigned chat bosses not being there to moderate things.

Q) I'd like to be a Chat Boss, how do I become one?
A) Well, before even asking this question you should make sure you're active and talkative in the chat. The current Chat Bosses will contact members they feel would make good new bosses, should their be a need for them.

Q) I don't know how to use this chat, I'm completely confused.
A) You just type your username into the chat-box widget located below. For a list of commands you can use in the chat, look below the chat widget.

Q) Someone's being an asshole and there's no OP on. What do I do?
A) The answer to this is also located below the chat widget. ;)

Q) This doesn't work for me! What do I do?
A) There's many different ways to access IRC online. You can message [Stephen], our chat-technician if you need help.

Q) I have a question not on this list!
A) You can either ask in this comment box, or message one of the Chat Bosses directly.

The Chat Bosses are the official OP's of the Elfpack Channel and moderate it.



General Information and Useful Commands

Command                              What it does
/me <action>                         Performs an actions. IE: Stephen dances.
/nick <newnickname>                  Changes your nickname into the entered nickname.
/ignore <nickname>                   Ignores all messages from that nickname.
/unignore <nickname>                 Removed an ignore from a nickname.
/query <nickname>                    Sends a private message to that nickname.
/whois <nickname>                    Looks up information about nickname.
/join <#channel name>                Opens another channel in a different tab. (IE: /join #Elftown to go to Elftown chat)
/clear                               Clears the chat box.
/away <message>                      Displays an away message when someone uses the "/whois" command on you.

Don't be an asshole!
Don't flood the channel with spam, don't harass people, don't try to get everyone to have sex with you, etc. Doing so will get you kicked/banned.

Try to write correctly
You don't need to use perfect English, but no one feels like trying to decode your typing. Some typo's and grammar messups are OK, but at least try to type normal text.

Listen to and respect the mods!
What they say is final. In the chat, the mods are just like the Elfpack Guards.

If someone is being an asshole

If there's no mod on and someone is being an asshole, do the following:

1) Type "/whois <harasser's nick>"
2) Find the "hostmark" of the harasser. (It should look like "24-180-208-36", just with different numbers)
3) Copy what the harasser is doing (screenshot is even better) and the harasser's hostmark. Send them to [Stephen] in a PM.
4) Type /ignore <harasser's nickname>


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Username (or number or email):


Login problems?

2011-09-06 [AuroraLumos]: your wigit mibbit link failleeedd.... At least for me anyway :(

2011-09-06 [Stephen]: o.o'

Failed as in how? There's been people logging in and out of it all day since I went to sleep.

2011-09-06 [AuroraLumos]: Works nao... maybe my laptop was just being special as per usual

2011-09-06 [wolvie]: i won't work for me but i think it's my lousy internets @_@

2011-09-06 [Stephen]: What happens when you try?

2011-09-06 [wolvie]: it opens for a moment I type in something nothing happens then it goes back to the choose a nickname page

2011-09-06 [Stephen]: o.O'

That's interesting. I have no idea why.

2011-09-06 [wolvie]: yes xD it's probably my internet it's not the best since I "borrow" it from my neighbor xD

2011-09-06 [AuroraLumos]: Haaaa sneaky, I wish I could "borrow" internet from my neighbours in Swansea. They're all protected properly though. ^^'

2011-09-06 [wolvie]: hey it works now xD

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: xD

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: nope it keeps kicking me off and going back to the nickname page @_@

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: Weeeird. o3o

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: i give up !_! it hates meh

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: Naaah.

Keep trying! ;)

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: never! >.<

2011-09-07 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I wonder how many people are gonna have me on ignore in this thing...

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: no reason to worry about it if they do they do big deal *shrugs*

2011-09-07 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I wanan be a chat boss!

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: You're not even in the chat. =P

'Sides, unless it gets more popular I'm not sure we need more than three bosses. I'd be willing to accept a fourth if they're super active and can be logged on the chat most of the day in case the other bosses aren't there.

2011-09-07 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: :) How about boss-in training!

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: how about nose inclined?

2011-09-07 [Ritsuka-Kun]: rawr

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: shut up kitty! noone loves you!

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: xD

Wolvie keeps joining and leave. Ritsuka didn't stay long enough for me to respond. =(

2011-09-07 [Ritsuka-Kun]: lol i chatted but i has rp's to respond to xD to bad it doesnt keep us logged in

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: it keeps kicking me off :O so i gave up it just randomly knocks me back to the nickname page then says my nickname is taken

2011-09-07 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: lol java and this do not mix

2011-09-07 [WonderTweek]: I can't make it work for me, I type things in, but they never show up :c

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: @Ritsu: Just open another tab to keep the chat open in a tab.

@Wolvie: That must have something to do with your ping timeout. There's not much I can do to help you. /= 
BTW, it says your nickname is taken because you don't exit the chat normally, so you stay logged in for a few minutes -- thus you try to log on a nickname that's already online.

@Jimmy: Huh? I use Java actively and I don't have any issues.

@Aiden: Try refreshing away from the page and then coming back to test it again.

@All of you: Jeeze. So many problems on a simple widget that all you need to do is type a username. D: There's been traffic going through for the past 18 or so hours, so I'm not sure why some of you have issues. I'll (probably) post up a second iframe-client that you can use to get in, just because there seems to be so many issues with this one.


2011-09-07 [wolvie]: it's weird it works great for me if I use google chrome but when on internet explorer it doesn't work @_@ it clearly hates me xD

2011-09-07 [Eyes of the Reaper]: Internet Explorer is the best browser...for downloading other browsers. That's about it. IE is horrid. I used to use Firefox but it had a problem (it started using 90%+ of my resources) so I switched to Chrome. Rarely ever do I have a problem with Chrome.

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: I like chrome if I have a good internet connection but it annoys me on elfpack it scrolls to the comments section at first then randomly goes back to the top as the page loads so it annoys me xD

2011-09-07 [Eyes of the Reaper]: It does that for me, too. My laptop is a lot worse than my PC since my laptop goes to the bottom of the page and freezes there for a good 10-15 seconds. :/ Not sure why it does that but since I mostly just read comments on pages, it's not a big deal for me.

2011-09-07 [wolvie]: *nods* it doesn't do it if I have a better connection but I dunno it greatly annoys me so I use internet explorer more often then not

2011-09-07 [AuroraLumos]: ewwww IE o_O
I'm on Firefox :3 (chrome's pretty good, but it's crashed on me badly a couple of times so I'm just sticking with that works best on my laptop)

2011-09-07 [Stephen]: Internet Explorer is the best browser...for downloading other browsers.

LOL. Well said, Allie! +1

I use Firefox. I've pretty much stuck solely to Firefox since it came out.

I don't know if it still does, but Firefox use to have a problem with a memory leak and keeping it open for too long would cause it to slowly eat more and more resources. Restarting Firefox solved that. :P

2011-09-08 [WonderTweek]: \o/

2011-09-09 [~*Mystik Warrior of te Holy Hookah*~]: EP,EP,EP. RAH RAH RAH

2011-09-09 [Stephen]: o_O

2011-09-09 [~*Mystik Warrior of te Holy Hookah*~]: ok pe pe pe, har har har?

2011-09-09 [~*Mystik Warrior of te Holy Hookah*~]: we need a bugs bunny wiki

2011-09-09 [kittykittykitty]: Then go make one! :D

2011-09-10 [Stephen]: Kitty! Join the chat!

2011-09-11 [~*Mystik Warrior of te Holy Hookah*~]: well im not that ambition lol

2011-09-15 [---Blind Spot---]: i want some booty

2011-09-15 [~*Mystik Warrior of te Holy Hookah*~]: froggy went a courting he did ride uh huh

2011-09-16 [Stephen]: o_O

2011-09-16 [~*Mystik Warrior of te Holy Hookah*~]: yea i know lol so lets talk of cabbages and kings

2011-09-18 [GlassCasket]: Rise Against=SEX

2011-09-18 [~*Mystik Warrior of te Holy Hookah*~]: ride boldly ride for your search for el dorado

2012-03-04 [GlassCasket]: trolololol

2012-05-03 [Stephen]: Hm.

Is it just me, or does the chat seem to not load using the widget?

2012-05-03 [GlassCasket]: Works for me O.o

2012-05-03 [Stephen]: Haha, I ended up fixing it. =]

2012-05-03 [GlassCasket]: thats becuase your feking epic brah!

2012-05-03 [Stephen]: lol, thank you.

2012-05-03 [GlassCasket]: no prob bub

2012-05-13 [---Blind Spot---]: Seeeeeeex the number six sex six

2012-07-01 [* Sk8ter *]: Wats up everyone

2012-07-10 [Stephen]: :3

2013-01-31 [GlassCasket]: IT'S ALIVE!!!

2013-02-12 [Schlachter]: This thing is absolutely pointless... what kind of normal user would want access to an IRC??

2013-02-17 [Stephen]: No one, which is the problem. :P

But it's the best we can do atm. :P

2013-02-18 [Schlachter]: I need time really... time or volunteers... I have neither!

2013-02-18 [Stephen]: You're starting to sound like me. (;

2013-02-18 [Schlachter]: Well we're doing the same thing man! What do you expect XD lol

2013-02-18 [Stephen]: Haha, true.

2013-03-23 [WonderTweek]: Everytime I log into this chat, no one is here.

2013-03-24 [Schlachter]: I am here. This char was a bad idea though... I agree.

2013-04-10 [Stephen]: Yeah, I wish we had a better way to do a group real time chat. ):

2013-04-11 [Schlachter]: That will be available in the App. We get it for free if I code it anyways.

2015-02-06 [AdamTheChespin]: You could use They allow multiple rooms and stuff. And a mobile app.

2015-09-22 [---Blind Spot---]: Hello guys I'm back

2018-11-17 [crazy-ass]: Hello everyone guess whos back back again lol

2018-12-12 [---Blind Spot---]: tell a friend

2019-08-04 [kittykittykitty]: Tell some men? Rub my back..

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